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Cheap Volunteer Abroad Programs 2017

Cheap volunteer abroad programs 2017

Traveling abroad isn’t cheap, right? It could be cheaper than you think. With the right know-how you can easily travel and volunteer abroad on the cheap, while also doing something meaningful. As the world’s trusted and affordable volunteer travel organization, International Volunteer HQ offers cheap volunteer abroad programs to allow you to experience just that.

To give you a sample of the affordable volunteer travel opportunities available to you, we’ve listed 10 cheap volunteer abroad programs for 2017 below…

Volunteer in Peru from USD$180

“Peru as a destination offers two exciting IVHQ program options: Lima and Cusco (both from which travel to Machu Picchu is perfectly do-able… a common “must do” on many a Bucket List). Our Lima program is one of IVHQ’s longest-standing programs and offers volunteers our cheapest program fees and the chance to engage in community-driven projects. Volunteers in Lima can enjoy the attractions of an urban city and there is a lot to see and do! Explore the depths of the catacombs underneath the central plaza; enjoy family market days, surfing around the coastline and traverse the paths along the cliffs of Miraflores. If you prefer more rural placements, then perhaps volunteering Cusco appeals to you. Both the Andean Immersion and Jungle Conservation options offer very unique experiences, set outside of Cusco central in Amazonian jungle or Sacred Valley locations. For those seeking Course Credit, the Spanish Service Learning Course is also available to Cusco-based volunteers.” - Dallas Boyd (IVHQ Latin America Program Manager)

Cheap volunteering in Peru with IVHQ

Volunteer in India from USD$250

“India appeals to travelers for so many reasons including the food, the history, the architecture and the culture. A vast country, India has the Himalayas to the north, beaches to the south, desert to the west and tribal lands to the east. In fact no matter where you are, there is something to see and something to do. Based in two locations; Delhi and Dharamsala, the our volunteer programs in India have something to offer everyone. Help children without access to education on the Slum Teaching project, or provide assistance to local staff at one of our Childcare placements. If you are looking for some medical or nursing experience as a university student, get in touch with us about the Healthcare projects, offered in both destinations. Volunteers can join IVHQ on a trip to the Taj Mahal and come with us on a stunning cultural tour by being a part of our orientation week. You can let our local staff help you plan a trip to Rajasthan, go trekking, and visit nearby temples and waterfalls. Or if you are more interested in peace, there are meditation classes available in the nearby monasteries. A culturally special country, India has something for everyone.” - Kathryn Pilon (IVHQ Asia Program Manager)

Volunteer on the cheap in India with IVHQ

Volunteer in Romania from USD$335

“Go beyond the ‘Iron Curtain’ and get inspired by the Romania of today. Explore a hidden gem filled with impressive mountains, beautiful forests and regal castles. Often-overlooked tourist destination, Romania is a great destination for nature lovers or for those captivated by history. Based in Transylvania, volunteers can provide care for the thousands of displaced children, have a unique opportunity to work alongside trained physical therapists and care for those with Special Needs or help young teenagers gain better employment opportunities by teaching English. Whatever you choose to do while volunteering in Romania be prepared to make friends with locals eager to feed you and embrace you into their families.” - Louise Frame (IVHQ Europe Program Manager)

Cheap volunteer abroad programs in Romania with IVHQ

Volunteer in Sri Lanka from USD$285

“Sri Lanka has a tranquilizing beauty that always encourages visitors to prolong their stay. With an abundance of wildlife, rain forests, ecological diversity and no shortage of tourism activities, Sri Lanka is the ultimate volunteer destination. Volunteers are either located in the ancient city of Kandy, otherwise the Rural Community Development project is based in both Hanguranketha in Nuwara Eliya and in the surrounding areas of Sigiriya, in the Central Matale District. The Wild Elephant Conservation project is based in the Wasgamuwa National Park. Sri Lanka has a wide range of projects from Teaching local monks, to Temple Renovation, to working within a Wild Elephant corridor in the highlands. With an affordable and easily accessible rail network, weekend trips are very easily arranged and volunteers may choose to participate in a mountain hike, go whale watching or explore a local tea plantation. The Sri Lankan culture is one that makes you feel right at home and like you never want to leave!” - Kirsty Jamieson (IVHQ Asia Program Manager)

Cheap volunteering in Sri Lanka with IVHQ

Volunteer in Zambia from USD$270

“With friendly locals, daily markets, amazing wildlife and easy access to nearby Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, Zambia is an often overlooked jewel of Africa. Based in Livingstone, volunteers can take part on Teaching, Childcare, Elderly Care, Medical and Community Development projects and immerse themselves in African life and culture daily. There are not many places where you can spend your evenings watching the sunset over the Zambezi, a stone’s throw from Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World), or spend your weekends relaxing in a hammock at the volunteer house, exploring Livingstone, bungy jumping, river rafting and other extreme sports or take part on a once in a lifetime safari experience.” - Claire Chambers (IVHQ Africa Program Manager)

Cheap volunteer teaching in Zambia with IVHQ

Volunteer in Kenya from USD$270

“Kenya is a popular destination for volunteering and it is easy to see why. The program offers amazing opportunities for volunteers to give back to the local communities, working on our Teaching, Childcare, Special Needs Care, Sports Education, Women’s Education and Music projects in a range of rural and urban areas around Nairobi. A popular project for adventurous volunteers is the Maasai - Teaching project which offers the opportunity for volunteers to live with a traditional Maasai family and teach at a local rural school within the Maasai community. While on the program almost all IVHQ volunteers take time to check out the natural wonders at their feet by going on a safari with other IVHQers. A safari through the Maasai Mara is a truly unbeatable experience and it is a must-do for any volunteers traveling to Kenya. Kenya is perfect for any volunteers looking to support meaningful projects within a friendly and relaxed environment.” - William Rowland (IVHQ Africa Program Manager)

Cheap volunteer abroad programs in Kenya with IVHQ

Volunteer in Ecuador from USD$270

“Ecuador may be small compared to its neighbors, however within its compact land area, it packs in the natural attractions - including the Amazon Jungle, snow-covered mountains, beautiful beaches and an endless choice of adventure activities. If you are not sure where to travel to in South America, try volunteering in Ecuador! Our program is based in south Quito, where volunteers can have a real experience living with local families and is popular for those volunteers who want to take initiative, don’t mind working long hours, and would like to get their hands dirty. Work hard, play hard is the motto here, and the volunteer opportunities are among the most rewarding of all our programs. The projects include Street Children Work, Administration Support, School Support and Kindergarten.” - Lydia van den Assum (IVHQ Ecuador Program Manager)

Cheap volunteer abroad programs in Ecuador with IVHQ

Volunteer in Guatemala from USD$299

“Based around the quaint, colonial city of Antigua, our Guatemala volunteer program enjoys the backdrop of three major volcanoes, the ambiance of romantic restaurants, cobblestone streets, and a constant flow of happening events. All within walking distance, the home stays and the program offices offer a communal environment designed for networking and making new friends from around the world. Free WiFi is available in the gardens along with a computer lap and Spanish classes offered on the rooftop verandas. Volunteers will never run out of things to do, places to go, and sites to see in their free time. Be ready to keep a busy schedule between volunteer work, the optional language courses, and the social opportunities including salsa dancing, movie-nights, guacamole-making classes, and photography walks. Not to mention, the world renowned beach in Monterrico or the Iximche Mayan ruins are examples of exciting weekend getaways. During the week there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the surrounding towns and pueblos of Antigua, and volunteers are encouraged to use their experiences and education to help with projects such as Elderly Care, Childcare, Teaching English, Construction and Renovation, Eco Agriculture Conservation, Medical, and Animal Care/Animal Rights. We’re happy to point you in the right direction so we can find the best match for your skills and cultural interests.” - Hannah Hill Parker (IVHQ Guatemala Program Manager)

Cheap volunteer abroad programs in Guatemala

Volunteer in Cambodia from only USD$350

“The power of one of Asia’s most magnificent early civilizations still holds sway for why tourists and volunteers alike are drawn to Cambodia – the absorbing Khmer temple of Angkor Wat. Volunteers on the Cambodia program will soon realize that there is a lot more on offer than they first think. What better way to experience life in the local Cambodian culture by living in the communities of the people, helping out with teaching, childcare or working with a local NGO. Be prepared to be swept up by the Khmer charm while experiencing the many settings of Cambodia, where volunteers have the chance of being placed in the intriguing cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, or just outside in their rural surroundings. There are no shortages of activities in the weekend for the keen outdoor enthusiast or the volunteer who is looking for some R&R.” - Reeve Barnett (IVHQ Cambodia Program Manager)

Cheap volunteer abroad program in Cambodia with IVHQ

For more information on what your IVHQ fees cover, and to compare prices across our range of over 35 programs worldwide, browse our cheap volunteer program fees.

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