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Discounted Humanitarian Flights

Discounted Humanitarian Flights

We make flying for good easy

Finding flights online can be stressful, time-consuming and straight up confusing. With years of extensive volunteer travel experience behind us, International Volunteer HQ makes booking flights easy and affordable for our volunteers.

To provide our volunteers with the most affordable humanitarian flights, we’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading travel booking sites to offer discounted flights to all of our 40+ countries.

Benefits of booking your flights through IVHQ:
  • Discounted prices for IVHQ volunteers
  • Find the best flight deals from over 90 global airlines with one search
  • Your airport pickup is included in your Program Fee
  • 24/7 support line with agents ready to help if your travel plans don’t go to schedule

Why search for flights through IVHQ?

Discounted fares

Our partnership with StudentUniverse gives you access to discounted flight fares.

Group Travel Deals

Book flight deals for groups through one account manager at StudentUniverse.

Safety first

Feeling safe and comfortable in your booking is key to an enjoyable journey.

24/7 Support line

Because luck isn’t enough, StudentUniverse has a 24/7 support line with agents ready to help if your travel plans don’t go to schedule.

Planning made easy

We do the research so you don’t have to! Simply use IVHQ’s reliable booking portal on StudentUniverse for instant access to affordable fares.

Airport pickup included

We ensure your arrival and departure will fit with your volunteer program. We know all of the tricks to keep your trip affordable and easy.

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Important information - read before booking your flights

Important information

Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking your flight to participate in an volunteer program with International Volunteer HQ:

  • We strongly recommend waiting until your registration has been fully confirmed by IVHQ before booking flights.
  • The airport you need to fly into is listed in your IVHQ Program Guide within the Arrival section. Click here to log into your MyIVHQ account.
  • For most IVHQ programs, you should arrive no later than the day before your program start date. However, some programs differ. Please check the specific arrival instructions for your program in your IVHQ Program Guide.
  • Should you wish to arrive earlier or depart later, extra nights of accommodation may be booked through your IVHQ Program Manager at an extra nightly cost (subject to availability).
  • Double check your departure and arrival dates, times, and cities. This is particularly important when crossing time zones and when booking overnight flights.
  • You should plan to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to your international departure. Be sure to factor this time into your itinerary planning.
  • When you arrive at your destination, you will be greeted at the airport by a representative of the local IVHQ team and transported to your volunteer accommodation. Your transfer from the airport and accommodation during your volunteering is covered by your IVHQ Program Fee.
  • If you plan to arrive at your destination prior to your volunteer program, we can arrange for you to be picked up on the day before your program orientation. Please contact your IVHQ Program Manager to arrange this.
  • Give yourself plenty of layover time between flight segments: at least one hour for domestic and 2 hours for international flights. Flight delays happen. Plan as if you will be delayed to minimize the risk of missing your connecting flight.
  • Review all the terms and conditions that apply to your ticket prior to purchase, particularly around refundability.
  • Your flights will be booked through StudentUniverse, who can help you with all flight-related enquiries. By using the quote widget above and mentioning IVHQ when you correspond with StudentUniverse, you’ll benefit from the best flight prices that are available for IVHQ volunteers.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all IVHQ volunteers - click here to read why.

The vast majority of volunteers take out travel insurance specifically for their IVHQ program. We’ve partnered with CISI to offer specialist travel insurance for volunteers who hail from more than 150 countries around the world. Learn more about IVHQ Travel Insurance here..

If you are travelling with a group of 10 or more and would like to request a free, no-obligation flights quote from StudentUniverse, click ‘Groups’ when you visit the International Volunteer HQ Booking Portal. This will give you access to a dedicated account manager who can offer negotiated discounts with over 80 airlines globally.

For emergency assistance regarding your flights booking while traveling, please contact the StudentUniverse Customer Care Center support number: +1-800-272-9676 within the US, +0808-234-4107 within the UK and +1-617-321-3100 from everywhere else.

How to get started

Pick a destination + project and apply for free
Meet your personal volunteer travel expert
Pay the Registration Fee to secure your place and upgrade your MyIVHQ account
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