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International Volunteer HQ's Impact

IVHQ is a pioneer of impactful, affordable volunteer travel. We believe that travelers anywhere in the world should be empowered to make meaningful contributions to the communities they are visiting, and we take pride in making this happen.

Our volunteer programs enable socially-conscious travelers to have a meaningful impact, to foster cultural exchange and to expand their skills and horizons - this is IVHQ’s global purpose. We believe it’s important to monitor and transparently report on how we’re delivering against this purpose, so we’ve developed a comprehensive Impact Report to talk about the global impact that IVHQ and our volunteers have had in the last 12 months.

The report outlines the aims and objectives of our volunteer programs and summarizes some of the biggest achievements from 2015. This report also discusses the values and commitments that underpin our organization, and explains what makes IVHQ tick.

Some of IVHQ’s achievements from 2015 include:

  • Helped volunteers to contribute more than 800,000 hours of support to community projects abroad
  • Enabled volunteers to spend more than 200,000 hours supporting education and literacy projects
  • 3-day risk and sustainability audits performed on all 32 programs
  • Launched 5 new programs in Europe, Asia and the Pacific
  • Created 30 new jobs in communities abroad
  • Invested US$24,000 in community initiatives through the IVHQ Fund
  • Created 5 new skilled jobs at our New Plymouth HQ
  • Supported more than 60 groups from universities and businesses to contribute to our programs
  • Offset 170 tons of carbon through a certified carbon neutrality program
  • Invested over US$8.5m in communities abroad through IVHQ Program Fees
  • Grew our overall volunteer numbers to more than 50,000 since 2007

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