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Info for Faculty & University Staff

Information for Faculty & University Staff

Are you looking to lead your students on a safe and affordable service learning program abroad? International Volunteer HQ and our internships division, Intern Abroad HQ, partner with universities around the world to give both students and faculty a voice abroad. Choose from:

  • 300+ volunteer projects across 52+ destinations worldwide
  • 200+ in-country and remote internships across 20 destinations
  • Customizable group programs with flexible start dates

The quality and reputation of our internships and volunteer programs has led us to be named the Top Volunteer Abroad Provider for four years running by Go Overseas and Top Rated Intern Abroad Organization for 2021 by GoAbroad.


We help students gain relevant experience overseas, learn about a different culture, and give back to causes they care about. Our experience and scale allows us to offer volunteer and internship programs for student groups or individuals that are:

  • Low cost, accessible & inclusive

    Our programs start at just $20/day for a fully organized trip with accommodation and meals included, and we have a strong diversity and inclusion mission.

  • Tailored to meet your students’ needs

    Year-round start dates, customized itineraries for groups, with local transportation and in-country tours organized for you.

  • Safe, reliable & supported

    Comprehensive health & safety, risk management, Covid-19 protocols, and responsible travel policies in place.

  • Support ethical & responsible travel

    We’re a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral, and our internships and volunteer programs align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

If you’re seeking a hassle-free way to provide your students with a life changing experience, get in touch to schedule a call with our Campus Partnerships Team today!

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Who we work with:

Every year we facilitate international internships and volunteer programs for thousands of high school, college, and university students. These are some of the organizations whose students we have hosted:

I chose IVHQ because of their approach to Responsible Volunteer Travel, the level of support I received, and the affordability of their fees. All of my students had access to information ahead of time and the local team were EXCELLENT on the ground. As a faculty leader, I was completely satisfied and I very much feel that our project was suitable for our group, with all of us growing and learning exponentially from the experience. Michelle Osmond,
Faculty Leader for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Group from Algonquin College, Canada
Volunteered in Guatemala

As a group it was very easy to navigate IVHQ’s information to find the best fit for us. The on-site staff in Guatemala provided a unique volunteer experience for our group by setting up medical campaigns in different communities. We were able to gain multiple perspectives on Guatemalan healthcare system, which was one of the major goals of our trip. I was in contact with the IVHQ Groups Manager throughout to plan a group service trip, and they went above and beyond in every way possible. Extremely helpful and on top of things - I would definitely volunteer again with IVHQ. Erik Thomas,
University of Michigan
HEAL (Health Engineered for All Lives) Group Leader
Volunteered in Guatemala

Thank you so much from the Missouri State University Group! We can’t wait to start planning our next trip. Our week in Costa Rica was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone! It was so beautiful being out in the mountain and and helping the families on the coffee farm. I loved working with IVHQ, they were always there to answer our questions, even if they were silly or something we missed from the booklet. We had a great time! Amanda Gabbard,
Missouri State University Group Leader
Volunteered in Costa Rica

Over the past 3 years, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar has worked with IVHQ to arrange annual group programs. Our students find their own preferred overseas locations and propose these to us for review. So far, our student groups have volunteered in South Africa, Morocco and Thailand. I have found IVHQ’s service to be superb. We typically have a few unique situations that aren’t necessarily covered on their website. However, in having a dedicated Groups Manager, any additional information we require is provided in a timely manner. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar,
Volunteered in South Africa, Morocco & Thailand

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10 reasons why so many organizations choose to work with us:

1. We are the most affordable

Our low cost fees start from $20/day and include all the essentials your students need, including accommodation.

Our volunteer fees at a glance…
Destination Price for 1 week (incl. accommodation) Price for 4 weeks (incl. accommodation) Price for 12 weeks (incl. accommodation)
South America (5 destinations) From $250 ($36/day) From $810 ($29/day) From $1939 ($23/day)
Central America (2 destinations) From $220 ($31/day) From $975 ($35/day) From $2335 ($28/day)
Africa (9 destinations) From $250 ($36/day) From $760 ($28/day) From $2120 ($26/day)
Europe (7 destinations) From $360 ($51/day) From $960 ($35/day) From $2400 ($29/day)
Asia (10 destinations) From $250 ($36/day) From $640 ($23/day) From $1620 ($20/day)
The Caribbean (3 destinations) From $395 ($56/day) From $1275 ($46/day) From $3930 ($47/day)
North America (2 destinations) From $320 ($46/day) From $880 ($32/day) From $2210 ($27/day)
The Pacific (3 destinations) From $425 ($61/day) From $1006 ($36/day) From $2417 ($29/day)
The Middle East (1 destination) From $645 ($92/day) From $1665 ($60/day) From $4385 ($53/day)

*All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$299 in addition to the Program Fee. This covers all pre-departure support services

Looking for international internships for your students? Explore your options here.

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2. We organize everything including accommodation

Our Program Fees cover the cost of your students’ accommodation and meals during their internship or volunteering trip, which ensures these have been sourced and vetted by us. We arrange everything and can attend campus events upon request to talk to your students first-hand.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals*
  • Airport pick-up*
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • In-country program orientation
  • Pre-departure support from your Program or Internship Manager
  • Personalized preparation tools, guides and checklists
  • Access to our preferred insurance and flights partners
  • Discounts on language lessons, tours and activities
  • Certificate of International Volunteering or International Reference Letter

* Meal and airport pick-up inclusions vary by program

See what you get

3. We create custom itineraries for faculty groups

Every year, hundreds of faculty members trust IVHQ and Intern Abroad HQ to deliver their programs around the world. Our tailored approach starts with understanding the needs of the faculty member by providing detailed estimates and custom itineraries. Plus, our low cost fees and flexible payment schedules make volunteering or interning abroad very accessible for students.

From the moment you make an inquiry with IVHQ, our dedicated Group Support team will work with you to help your planning, including:

  • Understanding your budget constraints
  • Finding a destination and placement best suited to your group’s preferences, skills, and budget
  • Arranging any custom accommodation requirements
  • Putting together weekly schedules (volunteering or interning, accommodation, meals, trips, etc.)
  • Organizing local transportation
  • Booking tours

We’ve facilitated over 1,000 trips with a wide range of student groups with specialist interests and skills, ranging in size from 8 group members up to 100.

See how we work with groups

4. Our volunteer and internship programs work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Are you looking for service learning options that support your university’s commitment to the SDGs? Each of our internships and volunteer programs are designed to work towards one or more of these goals, giving students the opportunity to supplement their studies, while participating in efforts which address vital social and environmental issues.

Learn more about our ethics

5. We’re Climate Neutral and a Certified B Corporation

As a certified B Corporation since 2015, our impact on volunteers, local communities, and the planet is regularly audited and held to the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards. Our business operations have been certified as 100% carbon neutral since 2019 and we were the first international volunteer and internships provider to declare a Climate Emergency. Our approach creates enhanced awareness of the need for sustainable travel and responsible community engagement.

Learn more about our B Corp commitments

6. We have comprehensive safety & risk management policies

All IVHQ and Intern Abroad HQ programs adhere to comprehensive risk management and health & safety requirements. All of our placements and accommodation have been vetted by our local teams and are regularly audited. We also give faculty the opportunity to visit our volunteer programs as part of university requirements and familiarization trips.

Read our Risk Management Policy

7. We enforce additional Covid-19 protocols

Our experience of hosting volunteers and interns throughout the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-22 means we know how to keep everyone safe. We’ve always followed best practice and industry-leading health and safety procedures, and all of our local teams implemented enhanced procedures to minimize risks from Covid-19. This includes evidence of a negative PCR or Antigen test for all volunteers and interns upon arrival, plus strict disinfecting and physical distancing.

See our health and safety measures

8. We champion diversity, accessibility, and inclusion

IVHQ and Intern Abroad HQ’s low cost fees, flexible programs, and commitment to diversity enables students of all backgrounds to volunteer or intern abroad. We’re proud to have helped students of 100+ different nationalities, including those from minority and LGBTQ+ communities, to gain experience overseas in just the last 12 months. All of our teams adhere to a strict Non-Discrimination Policy.

See how we deliver on diversity

9. We follow responsible travel practices

We think it’s important to consider what it means to travel responsibly and to identify the potential ethical issues that can arise when taking a volunteer trip or internship abroad. That’s why we have clear codes of conduct for working with children and vulnerable adults, animal welfare, selecting care facility placements, making donations, and cultural exchange.

Learn more about our responsible practices

10. Our volunteer and internship programs maximize learning outcomes for students

Whether your students are looking to explore a career field or diversify their studies, our programs facilitate important personal and professional development. We give students the opportunity to:

  • Travel abroad affordably and safely
  • Fully immerse themselves in a new culture and build cultural competencies
  • Explore a career field and get experience without any commitment
  • Fulfill service learning hours and gain course credit

The medical mission trip organized through IVHQ was absolutely amazing. Having the chance to go to India and provide healthcare to communities in need was an eye-opening and fulfilling experience. We were able to provide blood glucose and blood pressure screenings and triage general ailments. Learning about the culture and seeing the health disparities firsthand gives you a greater appreciation of just how valuable volunteering efforts across the world can be. Lalita Prasad-Reddy,
Chicago State University,
Medical Campaign in India

Our university brought some students to volunteer in Kenya and little did I know that I would be getting so much out of this trip. I have learned so much from this experience and believe it has transformed me into a better version of myself. It has opened my perspective and view on the world. Overall this trip exceeded all my expectations and I cannot thank the IVHQ team enough for the great memories and everlasting happy memories. Mariam Naiser,
American University of Kuwait Group Member,
Childcare volunteer in Kenya

This 2 week trip changed my life. I learned so much about myself, love, life, and the world around me. It opened my eyes in ways I could have never foreseen. We were able to effectively screen 1296 adults and children for malaria and then properly treat every single positive result. If that is not incredible I don’t know what is! The local team worked tirelessly to ensure we had everything we needed. All of the food was wonderful and I enjoyed our accommodation as well. I can’t praise IVHQ enough! Hannah Koch,
Group Member from Roanoke College,
Medical volunteer in Ghana

Our Group traveled to the IVHQ program in Zambia. We went to a location that needed our help and we were able to give it our all. We learned a lot and our efforts were appreciated by everyone. I have become more confident in myself and my abilities, and more sensitive and respectful of other cultures. I have also improved my communication skills as a whole. My favorite moments were being able to do construction work and interact with a wide range of people, from students, to organizers, to construction workers. I highly recommend this program. Basmah Azmi,
Northwestern University in Qatar Group Member,
Volunteer in Zambia

This was my first volunteering experience, and I absolutely loved it! It has taught me so much about life and showed me that there is so much more out there. It made me grow as a person and it made me think about my future a lot. In these kinds of experiences, you get to really know yourself. I recommend IVHQ to anyone; they are helpful, you can trust them 100% and they are there for a good cause. If you are unsure about whether to go; my answer would be: DO IT! It will be the BEST experience of your life! Giving always feels good. Stacy Mercier,
Université de Moncton Group Member,
Returning Mondial Solidarite Group,
Volunteer in Guatemala

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