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IVHQ Program Fee

IVHQ Program Fee

Your Registration Fee + your Program Fee provides access to a fully hosted volunteer experience with IVHQ

All volunteer programs offered by International HQ are fully hosted experiences. Your entire in-country experience as an international volunteer is organized for you by our knowledgeable local teams, making it the most affordable, convenient and hassle-free way to volunteer abroad.

Your Program Fee covers the cost of hosting you on an IVHQ program and gives back to the local community, as it is directly invested into locally-driven initiatives and employment opportunities for local people. Program Fees vary according to your chosen program and duration, with payment due 30 days before your scheduled start date or within 48 hours of registering if your start date is within the next 30 days.

How is IVHQ so affordable?

What's included in your Program Fee

Accommodation for the duration of your program
Airport pickup*
In-country program orientation
Organization of your volunteering placement
24/7 in country support
Discounts on language lessons & tour and activity add-ons
Supports the local community

Every IVHQ program also attracts a Registration Fee which secures your place on an IVHQ program and covers pre-departure tools, guides, training and dedicated support from your Program Manager.

*Meal and airport pick-up inclusions vary by program

How your Program Fee gives back to the local community

Our experienced in-country teams are made up of local people who select small businesses and local organizations to provide you with quality services throughout your program. Here are a few examples of your Program Fee benefits and contributes to the local community:

Creates more job opportunities within the local community
Creates more job opportunities within the local community
Supports long term employment for local people
Supports long term employment for local people
Feeds directly into the local economy to support communities
Feeds directly into the local economy to support communities
Helps keep volunteer projects running sustainably so they can meet their long terms goals
Helps keep volunteer projects running sustainably so they can meet their long terms goals

What to expect from your fully hosted experience


We understand the importance of having a safe and comfortable place to come back to at the end of a day's volunteering. We also know that the atmosphere of your 'home away from home' can set the scene for the rest of your experience.

Your Program Fee pays for your accommodation for the duration of your IVHQ program. All accommodation options are carefully selected by our local teams. IVHQ's Program Managers regularly visit our programs to ensure all accommodation is clean, comfortable and safe.

As IVHQ programs cater to a wide range of ages and travel styles, we offer a variety of accommodation options to meet the requirements of families, retirees, teens, solo travelers, couples and more:

  • Most programs have a volunteer house with dormitory-style sleeping arrangements, or in some cases a hostel.
  • Many programs offer homestays with a local family, which is a truly authentic way to immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Numerous IVHQ programs also offer accommodation upgrades to either a private room, a hotel close to the volunteer accommodation, or in the case of Bali, a private villa. These come at an affordable additional cost.
  • Some conservation programs, such as Zanzibar and Victoria Falls, may include a few nights accommodation in rustic wilderness camps.


One of the greatest ways to explore a new culture and country is to eat like the locals - but it can be hard to know what to try without the knowledge of someone who lives in the area. To make things easy for you, your Program Fee covers the cost of your main meals*, which in most cases are cooked by an in-house chef.

Because we choose to partner with local people, your chef will usually be cooking food typical to the country you are staying in. This is an authentic way to get a taste of the wonderful flavors of the region and immerse yourself fully in the local culture.

Most programs will include options for vegan, veggie, gluten free and other diets - but you should note any dietary requirements in your application so we can make sure the program caters to your needs beforehand. Check out the best programs for volunteers with plant-based diets here.

*The number of meals provided varies from program to program. Most programs cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, while others cover just your evening meal or breakfast.

Airport pickup

We know how overwhelming it can be when you arrive in a new country on your own, don't speak the local language and aren't able to use your cellphone. That's why all IVHQ programs begin with a member of the local team picking you up from an agreed meeting point. For the majority of programs, you will be met at the airport and taken to your volunteer accommodation, introduced to your fellow volunteers and given time to settle in. On some programs, you'll be picked up from a different meeting point - details on this are included in your Program Guide that you'll receive once you have registered. Your transfer to your program accommodation is included in your Program Fee.

When you've finished your program, we can also arrange a convenient and affordable airport dropoff for you with our trusted providers at a good price.

In-country program orientation

We know it can take a little time to ease into your new surroundings and get used to the change in culture. That's why we provide an in-country Program Orientation for all volunteers.

This is covered by the cost of your Program Fee and enables you to get recommendations for free time activities, guidance around using transport and accessing nearby amenities as well as identifying any risks that are specific to the area.

This is usually a full or half day and includes a detailed briefing about the program and its objectives from an experienced member of the local team who knows the area well.

”This experience is life changing. IVHQ is safe, reliable and they care about their volunteers’ safety. During orientation, you will most likely receive a list of word translations that will help you navigate the country. IVHQ will be there every step of the way as they check on you during your program, making them an excellent choice for placement and support. Not only will your life change for the better but you will build relationships with the community that will last forever.”

Where do you want to explore next?

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Volunteer placement

It's important to us that all volunteers join a project where they can make a personal impact and contribute towards long term goals.

Your volunteer placement has been carefully selected by our local team, as they know the area and community where your program is situated inside out. These teams are in the best position to identify where volunteer support is most needed and to align volunteers with appropriate community-driven projects.

All local teams are trained by IVHQ and work closely with our team of Program Managers to ensure projects are running effectively and delivering the intended impact. As a certified B Corporation, we are committed to reviewing our social and environmental impact and continually optimizing our processes and practices.

24/7 in-country support

The safety and wellbeing of IVHQ volunteers is, and will always be, our top priority. Our local teams are available 24-hours a day to provide direct support and you will be given contact details for these team members so they can be reached quickly and easily. This is covered by the cost of your Program Fee and ensures that you are safe, comfortable and enjoying your experience for the duration of your program.

Our local teams are also taking additional health and safety measures during Covid-19. They regularly check in with volunteers to ensure everything is going well and your IVHQ Program Manager will also be accessible via email or phone if you have any questions or concerns.

Discounts on language lessons and tour & activity add-ons

We want to make sure you get the most out of your volunteer adventure in a hassle-free and convenient way. That's why your Program Fee gives you exclusive access to discontinued IVHQ add-on activities and tours, in destinations where we offer them. These are booked and organized for you by your Program Manager and the local team.

In the lead up to your trip, your Program Manager will be on-hand to help you craft an epic itinerary around your volunteering, including booking add-on excursions, language courses, extra nights accommodation and other incredible travel experiences. they can also help you with logistics such as booking insurance, organizing flights and packing smartly.

Supports the local community

IVHQ programs are all run by experienced in-country teams, made up of local people. They select small businesses and local organizations to provide you with quality services throughout your program. Therefore, your Program Fee:

  • Creates more job opportunities within the local community
  • Helps local people secure long term employment
  • Feeds directly into the local economy to support communities that have been financially impacted by Covid-19
  • Helps keep volunteer projects running sustainably so they can meet their long term goals
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