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Mission Trips

Mission Trips with IVHQ

Every year, International Volunteer HQ supports more than 15,000 people to volunteer abroad on mission trips in more than 50 destinations around the world. Since 2007, IVHQ is proud to have helped more than 115,000 volunteers complete mission trips across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Middle East and the Pacific.

IVHQ’s short-term mission trips are ideal for high school students and teens, college students, adults and families, as well as those seeking medical mission trip opportunities. With a focus on increasing access to education, healthcare and social support services, taking a mission trip with IVHQ enables you to support locally-driven projects that are delivering vital support to underserved communities around the world.

If you’re looking for the best recommendations for mission trips 2021 or 2022, see a selection of IVHQ’s popular mission trips below.

What is a mission trip?

Mission trips are an international volunteering opportunity focused around collaborating with local communities to provide support where it is most needed. As an international volunteer with IVHQ, you are able to make a tangible impact within your host community by providing your time and expertise, working closely with like-minded international volunteers and local community members. By engaging in meaningful mission work and mutually-beneficial cultural exchanges, you will gain more from your mission trip than you would have ever imagined.

Mission Trips to Africa
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IVHQ offers an extensive range of mission trips in Africa with 8 destinations to choose from - Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Morocco, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Get involved in a range of volunteer programs, such as teaching, childcare, community development, medical mission volunteering and more.

Mission Trips to Asia
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IVHQ’s volunteer programs in Asia include 15 different destinations, featuring six Southeast Asia volunteer programs. The programs are based in Bali, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

South America Mission Trips
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South America has many different mission trip opportunities, including teaching English, supporting construction projects, wildlife volunteering, or medical mission work. Projects are based in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.

North America Mission Trips
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From volunteer opportunities in San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans which support the homeless and assist in sustainability and community service projects, to volunteering with animals, teaching English, or providing care to children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Mexico.

Central America Mission Trips
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On a mission trip to Central America, you can play a hands-on role in supporting important community projects while being immersed in a new culture, working alongside local people and learning from unique local traditions. Projects are based in Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Mission Trips to the Pacific
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On a mission trip to the Pacific, you will experience the vibrant culture and passionate communities of Fiji. Or you can support marine conservation efforts in the Great Barrier Reef as a volunteer in Australia. We also offer opportunities to discover the untouched beauty of New Zealand while taking part in enviormental volunteering.

I recently returned from a great mission trip to Sri Lanka. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I was extremely lucky with my home stay and lived in the jungle next to the longest river in Sri Lanka. The family were extremely welcoming and took good care of me. The food was fantastic and the family did everything possible to keep us well fed. I chose to help in a disabled childcare center and because I am a therapist I was able to do physiotherapy with the babies and small children. I was so happy with the project I stayed the entire 3 weeks. All in all I had a wonderful, and sometimes challenging experience. As a mature volunteer I felt prepared for whatever experiences life brought up and I was well prepared and well travelled. I would recommend this type of trip to anyone who wants to travel alone. Ruth Cartwright, 62 (Mission Trip in Asia)

How long can I go on a mission trip for?

You can choose to join mission trips with IVHQ for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks. You also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of volunteer projects, including Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Community Development, Construction and Renovation, Turtle Conservation, Wildlife Conservation and more. These projects are available year-round, so whether you want to take a mission trip in summer, over spring or fall, or for an alternative winter break, IVHQ has an affordable mission trip to match the causes you care about.

Why volunteer abroad on a 2021/2022 mission trip with IVHQ?

With highly affordable program fees and more than 13 years of experience in facilitating international mission trips, IVHQ is proud to be the organization of choice for thousands of individuals and groups looking to take short-term mission trips in 2021 and 2022.

International Volunteer HQ offers the world’s most affordable, safe and impactful short-term mission trips in more than 40 different destinations, including Bali, Costa Rica, South Africa, Peru, Guatemala, Vietnam, Portugal and Jordan.

I felt very suited to the work I was doing, and left feeling very fulfilled. I felt that the locals who I was working with were appreciative of my time and effort. I could see how my physical presence and assistance was helping the community. I have learned so much about the world, people, different cultures and lifestyles and my horizons have definitely expanded. I returned home with a newly found sense of confidence in myself and a stronger sense of direction for my life. My trip with IVHQ transformed me and absolutely changed me for the better, I feel like I’ve become the person I want to be. Ella Capek, 21 (Mission Trip in Africa)

My experience in Ecuador was great and it exceeded all my expectations. Volunteering opened my mind to several things and changed my perspective about many subjects. The help we gave to the children was very valuable, and I feel the connections we made with them really made a difference. Juan Hurtado, 19 (Mission Trip in South America)


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