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IVHQ Webinar

IVHQ Webinar: Everything You Want To Know About Medical Volunteering Abroad

Interested in volunteering abroad with IVHQ but don’t know where to start? Make sure you reserve your spot for our next webinar Everything You Want To Know About Medical Volunteering Abroad on Thursday November 3rd at 5pm PST.

During our webinar, we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions from IVHQ medical volunteers and address the following topics:

  • How to choose your medical volunteer destination
  • The requirements to become an IVHQ medical volunteer
  • How hands-on are the IVHQ medical programs?
  • What equipment should you bring?
  • The difference between Medical projects, Healthcare projects and Medical Electives projects
  • How many volunteering hours will you recieve?
  • Who will you be working alongside?
  • Should you bring medical donations with you?
  • How to connect with other IVHQ medical volunteers and prepare for your trip
  • What to expect in general as a medical volunteer, including accommodation, WIFI access and food
  • Where to find IVHQ reviews online

Join us at 5pm on Thursday the 3rd of November (PST) by registering your interest below:

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