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Volunteer with IVHQ

Every year, thousands of people choose join volunteer programs with International Volunteer HQ as Peace Corps alternatives. We understand that the 2 year commitment of the Peace Corps isn’t for everyone. In fact, IVHQ was founded in response to our Executive Director’s struggle to find volunteer opportunities abroad that didn’t require a 2-year commitment (and that didn’t cost the earth).

For those who can’t commit to 2 years with the Peace Corps, IVHQ offers affordable, safe and responsible volunteer travel opportunities for 1 to 24 weeks in over over 35 countries, including Costa Rica, Bali, South Africa, Kenya, and Fiji. Established in 2007, IVHQ has grown to become the world’s leading Peace Corps alternative, offering a variety of projects for volunteer travelers, including Teaching, Childcare, Community Development, Medical, Construction and Renovation, Turtle Conservation and Wildlife Conservation.

In contrast to the Peace Corps, which is funded by the US government, IVHQ volunteers fund their own volunteer travel experiences - made possible through the affordable volunteer program fees that we provide. With volunteer program fees starting from $180 for 1 week, you will not find a more affordable and trustworthy Peace Corps alternative.

Discover what makes IVHQ the best Peace Corps alternatives…

Shorter-term volunteer opportunities

While allocating 2 years of your life to volunteer service may be possible for some, if you’re a student, young professional, or parent with a young family, we understand that short term volunteer abroad programs may be more viable.

If you’re interested in short term Peace Corps alternatives, you can participate on volunteer programs with IVHQ for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks. IVHQ is committed to providing a sustainable volume of volunteers to our programs, so while you may be participating on a short term volunteer abroad program, you can feel confident that future IVHQ volunteers will be building on your efforts. With programs available year-round, you also have the freedom to choose when you wish to begin your program.

Whether you want to volunteer for 2 weeks in India, or for 2 months in Kenya, IVHQ can tailor a program just for you as an alternative to Peace Corps.

Volunteer with IVHQ

Awesome choice of volunteer destinations

While Peace Corps volunteers can apply to be placed in up to three different countries, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be selected for your top choice. On the other hand, IVHQ allows you to choose the country in which you wish to volunteer and places you in that country.

Our volunteer programs are established in partnership with local organizations in communities with clearly defined social and environmental needs, allowing volunteers to choose from a range of projects in genuine need of volunteer assistance. If you’re seeking organizations similar to Peace Corps that enable you to support meaningful volunteer work abroad, you can feel confident that IVHQ will be the best Peace Corps alternative.

Whether you want to be Bali or Brazil-bound, the choice is yours!

Volunteer in Bali with IVHQ

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Opportunities for everyone

Peace Corps opportunities are only available to those with relevant work experience and education, and most opportunities require a 4-year degree. While you may not have the specific skills and experience to meet the requirements of a particular Peace Corps program, IVHQ will certainly have a program that you can make a valuable contribution to.

We make volunteering abroad more accessible by opening our programs to everyone and offering an extensive range of project opportunities to suit a variety of skill sets. If you are looking for Peace Corps alternatives for college students or Peace Corps alternatives for high school graduates, you can feel confident that IVHQ offers the best range of projects to align with your unqiue skills and interests. In your online application form, we ask you to specify your skills and experience relevant to your chosen project and our local team will use these details to align you with an appropriate placement, ensuring your skills can be employed effectively. You can learn more about our range of programs like Peace Corps here.

From Marine Conservation in Madagascar to Teaching in Ghana, IVHQ offers an extensive range of volunteer abroad projects.

Volunteer in Madagascar with IVHQ

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We organize everything

Adjusting to life in a foreign country can be challenging, especially if English isn’t the local language (and if you’re traveling alone). Here at IVHQ, we make the your volunteering journey as stress-free as possible. We support you every step of the way, from advising you on visas and vaccinations, to organizing everything from your airport pick-up, right down to your volunteer orientation, accommodation and meals.

We’ll even organize your water taxi transfer if you’re volunteering in Madagascar!

Volunteer in Madagascar with IVHQ

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You are not alone

Peace Corps volunteers can expect to live on their own and work independently, while IVHQ volunteers can expect to be placed and accommodated with other international volunteers. Our volunteers also have the 24/7 in-country support of our local staff, who can help with everything from travel recommendations to unlikely medical emergencies.

Volunteer in Peru with IVHQ

You can come with your loved ones

Although the Peace Corps has the capacity to place couples abroad, these options are limited and each partner must qualify for assignments in the same country. For those wishing to volunteer together, IVHQ hosts couples, friends, families, and even volunteer groups together!

Better yet, you don’t need to be volunteering on the same project on order to come together together - if your mom is a qualified doctor and you’re a keen caregiver, she could join a Medical project and you could join a Childcare project, and you’ll be reunited in the evenings at your volunteer accommodation!

Find out how to volunteer abroad as a couple or to volunteer abroad as a family with IVHQ.

Volunteer with IVHQ in Peru

You can take a volunteer vacation

As an IVHQ volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a deep appreciation and understanding of your host country through living and working with local people and having the weekends free to explore! Our local teams will be more than happy to provide you with recommendations of the must dos, ensuring you tick all the boxes before you depart!

Volunteer with IVHQ in South Africa

Photo: @angelicaearle via Instagram

For those interested in serving the Peace Corps later in life, IVHQ provides the perfect platform to prepare and inspire you for your future endeavors. In fact, a number of IVHQ volunteers have carried on from volunteering with IVHQ to join the Peace Corps in later years!

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