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3 Years Of Determination | Former Professional Rugby Player’s Volunteer Journey

Does volunteering in Kenya really make a difference? See the IVHQ volunteer who’s spent 3 years building a school for local kids.

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The Ultimate Short-Term Volunteering Guide

Interested in short term volunteer abroad programs? Here’s your guide to the best short term volunteering opportunities overseas…

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Volunteering in Argentina: Buenos Aires vs Córdoba

Discover the key differences between IVHQ’s popular volunteer programs in Buenos Aires and Córdoba

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The 14 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2019

Here are the 14 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for 2019. These programs have been decided by volunteer reviews and IVHQ volunteer travel experts for every type of volunteer, whether you’re a high school student, college student or older adult

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How to Give Back This Christmas: The Best Christmas Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in volunteering abroad over Christmas? See these recommended volunteer programs…

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Volunteer Abroad For College Students in 2019/2020

Volunteer abroad for college students - discover why you should do it and IVHQ’s recommended volunteer abroad opportunities…

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13 Of The Best Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs in 2019/2020

Discover the best summer volunteer abroad program for you in 2019. To make your planning easier, IVHQ has compiled our best summer programs based on popularity and reviews in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

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Cheap Volunteer Abroad Programs 2019/2020

Looking for cheap volunteer abroad programs in 2019 or 2020? Consider these affordable volunteer opportunities that still provide high value with International Volunteer HQ

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Top Schoolies Volunteer Programs 2019

We reveal IVHQ’s top Schoolies volunteer programs for 2019…

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Where to Volunteer in Africa 2019/2020

Discover the best places to volunteer in Africa with IVHQ this year. This is the perfect guide to help you find top-rated Africa volunteer opportunities on meaningful projects.

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