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Best Hidden Travel Gems with IVHQ

Best Hidden Travel Gems

If you’re looking for adventures that go beyond the bucket list and away from the typical tourist hotspots, this Hidden Travel Gems Guide is for you. We’ve rounded up our favorite authentic travel experiences that enable you to truly connect with cultures and communities in an immersive way.

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Medical Mission Trips with IVHQ

Best Medical Mission Trips 2024 & 2025

Top medical mission trips with IVHQ for medical professionals, dentists, college students and pre-med students in hospitals and clinics in over 15 destinations around the world. Plan your medical mission trip here…

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Best Environmental Conservation Programs Abroad for Eco Volunteers with International Volunteer HQ.

Best Environmental Conservation Programs for Eco Volunteers

We’ve rounded up our favorite Environmental Conservation programs abroad to help you find the program that best suits your skills, goals and personal interests.

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How To Volunteer Abroad For Free with IVHQ

How To Volunteer Abroad For Free

Discover how to plan a free volunteer abroad trip, find free international volunteer programs, and explore tips for cutting your travel expenses…

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Volunteering in Bali As A High School Student with IVHQ.

Volunteering in Bali: Lessons From A High School Student

As an 18-year-old high school graduate, I had eight months to shape my life however I wanted before university. I decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, and participate in a volunteer service program in Bali.

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Teen Volunteer Abroad Programs with IVHQ

Teen Volunteer Abroad Programs

Discover the best volunteer opportunities for teens across 50 destinations worldwide and get tips for volunteering abroad as a teenager…

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Alternative Spring Break 2024 with International Volunteer HQ

Alternative Spring Break 2024

Deciding what to do for your alternative spring break in 2024? Discover these top alternative spring break volunteer trips abroad…

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How To Volunteer Abroad For Cheap with IVHQ

How To Volunteer Abroad For Cheap

This How To Volunteer Abroad For Cheap guide will set you up with cheap ways to volunteer abroad + budgeting tips to make your affordable travel dreams a reality.

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Volunteer Vacations for Seniors with IVHQ

Volunteer Vacations for Seniors

There’s a whole world of opportunity for senior travelers yearning to get off the beaten track. Unbeknown to most, volunteering abroad can provide senior volunteers with a unique, enriching experience whilst exploring the most amazing places…

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Top IVHQ Summer Abroad Programs 2024 & 2025

Best Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs for 2024 & 2025

Discover the best summer volunteer abroad program for you in 2024. To make your planning easier, IVHQ has compiled our top 20 summer volunteer projects based on popularity and reviews in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

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My Life-Changing Volunteer Trip to Tanzania As a Teen with IVHQ

My Life-Changing Volunteer Trip to Tanzania As a Teen

When I was 16, I volunteered with IVHQ on the Childcare Project in Arusha, Tanzania teaching English in schools. It was such an incredible experience for me and I would highly recommend this program to anyone!

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Best Peace Corps Alternatives with IVHQ

Peace Corps Alternatives & Programs Like Americorps

Can’t commit to 2 years in the Peace Corps? Discover why thousands choose to volunteer abroad with International Volunteer HQ as a Peace Corps alternative…

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