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Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation

Affordable Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Abroad Projects

Are you looking for meaningful travel opportunities that put the focus on marine conservation? Maybe you’re passionate about ensuring the future of the world’s oceans, want to support sea turtle conservation or simply explore the world’s last frontier in a responsible and positive way.

IVHQ’s affordable Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation volunteer projects offer international volunteers with the opportunity to provide vital support to ocean conservation organizations around the world that are focused on the protection of fragile ecosystems and threatened marine species.

Whether you want to gain real-world experience and expand your international perspective on marine biology, or explore the natural world in a meaningful way, ocean conservation volunteer projects are a smart choice. These projects are available year-round and are perfectly suited to volunteers who are up for a challenge and enjoy physical outdoor work.

If you’re looking to volunteer with animals abroad, consider the top sea turtle conservation projects in Bali, Costa Rica or Guatemala. Sea turtles are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems and as a marine life conservation volunteer, as part of the sea turtle volunteer rescue effort you’ll be working to support the protection and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtle species.

If you love being in the water and want to gain a rare perspective of life below the waves, you can give back your time on one of our unique scuba diving volunteer opportunities. You can volunteer in Belize and experience life on a private Caribbean island; spend your days gathering vital raw data and diving in Madagascar; or tackling increasing ocean pollution on the Environmental Scuba Diving project in Portugal.

On all of our scuba diving volunteer projects, you can gain PADI or SSI certification as an add-on before you start your volunteer work.

Program Highlight: Belize Marine Conservation Program

Based on a small island 16 miles off the coast of Placencia in Southern Belize, IVHQ offers a dive-based marine conservation volunteer program for volunteers ranging from 1 to 8 weeks. Work alongside local professionals to help protect a fragile reef ecosystem and gain dive certification if required.

If you’re passionate about marine protection but prefer to work on dry land, consider a coastal conservation project. These projects give you the chance to support the restoration of key coastal habitats, take part in beach clean-ups and increase environmental awareness through community-led campaigns. Explore these opportunities in Bali, Italy, Madagascar, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Why is marine conservation volunteer work important?

Our oceans are vital to life on earth, they store carbon, regulate the Earth’s temperature, shape coastlines and are an invaluable source of food for humans. Not only that, but the ocean is the last frontier of exploration, it’s a largely undiscovered kaleidoscope of colors and marine life that leave us in awe.

Overfishing, inadequate protection, pollution, habitat destruction and warming ocean temperatures are threatening the Earth’s largest habitat. As a marine conservation volunteer abroad, you can work on projects that protect threatened wildlife, save marine animals, restore balance to vulnerable ecosystems and work with the local communities that depend on them.

You can join Marine Conservation projects and sea turtle volunteer opportunities in South and Central America, the Pacific, Caribbean, Asia and Europe with International Volunteer HQ. Learn more about these opportunities below.

Volunteer Project Review by Lindsay Lohr

On my very first day in Costa Rica, I got to experience releasing a baby sea turtle into the world - watching it crawl into the ocean to live its precious little life! That's not something that everyone gets to experience in their lifetime and I am so proud that I have. I’d recommend the trip to anyone and everyone. Just make sure you are in it for the right reasons. You are there to work; that is your purpose there as a volunteer. Keep an open mind and heart, with a willingness to put in the time and effort your community needs, you will have a life-changing time too. I’m sure of it.

IVHQ Volunteer - Lindsay Lohr
Nationality: American
Age: 21
Destination: Costa Rica

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