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The 10 Best Study Abroad Programs For Volunteers In 2019

Want to combine volunteering with studying abroad? Discover the best study abroad volunteer programs for 2019…

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Volunteer in Europe 2019

Europe is a popular volunteer travel destination and with opportunities to volunteer in Romania, Italy, Portugal and Spain, IVHQ has you covered…

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Budget Friendly Volunteer Abroad Programs

Discover a selection of the most budget-friendly volunteer destinations, along with the key in-country costs to assist with your budgeting…

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Where Your Travel Personality Says You Should Volunteer In 2019

Planning on volunteering abroad in 2019? Here’s where your travel personality says you should volunteer…

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Best Vegan Travel Destinations 2019

Traveling as a vegan is now easier than ever with vegan-friendly destinations like Bali, Peru, New Zealand, Jamaica and India being well suited to vegan travelers…

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Which New Destination Is Calling Your Name In 2019? (TRAVEL QUIZ)

Where should I travel next? Take this quiz to discover which new destination and volunteer travel program you should experience in 2019

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QUIZ: What Is Your Europe Travel Destiny For 2019?

Take this quiz to discover which destination in Europe is in your destiny for 2019!

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Best Digital Detox Volunteer Destinations For An Off-The-Grid Vacation

Put down the phone, forget those WiFi networks and make real life connections. Find out how …

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How To Pack For A Volunteer Trip

Top tips on how to pack smart and ensure you can make the most of your time volunteering abroad …

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Best Dental Volunteer Abroad Programs & Mission Trips 2019/2020

IVHQ offers affordable volunteer abroad programs for Dental students, dentists and dental hygienists. Work is based in hospitals, clinics and community centers alongside medical professionals. As a volunteer dentist with IVHQ, you will have the opportunity to volunteer in Peru, Guatemala, India, Tanzania, or Bali….

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