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QUIZ: What Is Your Europe Travel Destiny For 2018?

Take this quiz to discover which destination in Europe is in your destiny for 2018!

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Volunteer in Africa 2018

Take a quick look at all IVHQ’s volunteer programs in Africa to assist you in choosing your perfect destination and project in 2018 …

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Where You Should Volunteer In 2018 As Picked By IVHQ

Choosing where to volunteer abroad in 2018 just got a whole lot easier thanks to these top 10 destinations handpicked by IVHQ’s volunteer travel experts…

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Top Alternative Winter Break Trips 2018/2019

Where are the best destinations for alternative winter break trips? Discover our most popular (and warm!) winter break volunteer abroad programs…

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QUIZ: Where Should You Teach English Abroad In 2018?

Interested in teaching English abroad? Not sure where to start? Here’s a good place…

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Volunteer in Asia 2018

Discover 13 popular volunteer programs in Asia in 2018 with projects covering everything from Teaching English to Wild Elephant Conservation…

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Top Five Travel Adventures You Need To Take In South America

Taking a volunteer trip in South America? Learn where the top five travel adventures are that you need to take when volunteering through South America…

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Volunteer in Central America and South America 2018

Whether you’re traveling solo, with a friend, family, or as group, IVHQ is the volunteer travel provider of choice for those looking to touch down in South America or Central America in 2018…

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QUIZ: Where Should You Volunteer Abroad For Summer 2018?

As summer approaches, many of you are turning to IVHQ to ask where you should volunteer abroad this summer. So we’ve developed this quiz to point you in the right direction…

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What You Need To Know About A Volunteer Holiday Abroad

Volunteer holidays are possible for singles, families, university students, high school students, over 40s and seniors. Discover where you can visit on your next holiday…

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