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IVHQ Video Tour: Peru - Lima

Let's hear from our video team, George and Kate, on location in Lima:

Next, we head south to Peru and our first stop is the capital city of Lima. Here the volunteers live with a local Peruvian family in a large house in the suburb of San Miguel, located about 30 minutes from the centre of Lima.

Monday 3 December 

The first placement we visit in Lima is Semillitas Orphanage, a government funded home for children with special needs. The orphanage is separated into three sections, which house children and teenagers of various ages. Today five new IVHQ volunteers have arrived to Lima so we join their induction and are given a full tour of the orphanage. Volunteers working here provide invaluable help to the staff by assisting in a range of ways, including serving of food, teaching, therapy and general nursing of the children.

Visiting the childcare placement in Lima, PeruWe then head to Divino Jesus Orphanage, where two volunteers are assisting in the day-to-day care of the babies and infants.

San Antonio Orphanage is our last stop this morning and here children up to the age of 14 are living. Today we visit a classroom where a Canadian volunteer is helping to teach the children English.

We then head back to the volunteer house, where we eat an amazing lunch cooked by the family, which includes the delicious Peruvian specialty ceviche.

In the afternoon we visit Hogar La Punta, a home for girls who have suffered some form of abuse when they were very young. Here IVHQ volunteers help by teaching them English and just spending time getting to know the girls. Today the girls are teaching the volunteers some traditional Peruvian dances. 

Tuesday 4 December

IVHQ volunteer teacher in LimaToday we take a bus ride to Pachacutec, a very poor area located in the Ventanilla Municipality. This settlement consists mostly of small shacks with no electricity or running water. Here the local school has approximately 1000 students in attendance, ranging from grade 1 through to 6. There are currently no English teachers in the staff here, so volunteers are providing this important service. Volunteers also have the opportunity to teach Physical Education to these children.

This morning, we observe a number of different classes being taught by IVHQ volunteers. This includes not only teaching English to the local children, but also private classes to adults in the area who want to learn. Previous experience teaching English is not required at this school and simple games such as hangman or songs can facilitate class sessions.

Visiting the sites of Lima while volunteering with IVHQIn the afternoon we take a tour of central Lima visiting the historic centre, another UNESCO World Heritage site. Here the beautiful buildings, which date from the 17th and 18th centuries, are typical examples of Hispano-American Baroque.

We also take a walk around the trendy neighborhood of Miraflores, where volunteers often head experience the many shops, bars, restaurants and parks.


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