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Stand Up Against Poverty Event

The local IVHQ team in Cambodia, recently organized events on the 17th and 19th of September with the support of the Salvation Centre Cambodia (SCC). The first event, which took place on the 17th of September, volunteers and local staff raised funds for the SCC and brought awareness to the issues of global poverty to community members and visitors of Phnom Penh. The second event, which took place on the 19th of September, included activities taking place at an SCC school in a poor local community. In 2000, world leaders promised to try to end extreme poverty by 2015 and pledged to support the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Now, it is also up to us to convince those leaders to fulfill their promises. Ten years have passed and many countries are nowhere close to fulfilling the MDGs. This activity was organized “to make noise!” Our volunteers from Hong Kong, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Cambodia, the USA, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK stood up together to prove to world leaders that they care and they are willing “to make noise!” for as long as it takes to fulfill the promises to end poverty and support sustainable development. On Sunday, the 17th of September, our volunteers started to collect donations from local businesses, tourists, and Cambodians. They also handed out flyers inviting people to join the activity on the 19th of September. A second flyer was created to raise awareness about the MDGs and the promises made by our world leaders. By educating and working with tourists and Cambodians, we stood up hand in hand and made noise in the streets of Phnom Penh. We are proud to say that despite heavy rains, our volunteers persevered and collected 480US$. The money will be used for school materials, including school uniforms, for the children of the SCC school in Som Reang Mean Chey community. Some of the funds were also used to buy plants and food for the SCC. The volunteers, supported from IVHQ Cambodia and Salvation Center Cambodia staff, visited the school in the morning on the 19th of September. 50 students at the SCC were invited to spend time with the volunteers and will receive the new clothing soon. The activity began at 9:00 AM with a discussion, and then the volunteers taught the students children's songs in English and played games. A garden was also created by the children, teachers, staff, and volunteers. This was followed by measuring the students for their new uniforms. At the end, the children received food and water. The uniforms for the children will be created by a local income generation program within the same community. In this way, we were able to positively impact the community in multiple ways – with support to the Cambodians working in the tailoring program. In the future, the children will learn how to take care of the garden by themselves, learning gardening skills and therefore another method of self-sufficiency. IVHQ provided financial support and recruited many of the volunteers to come to Cambodia. The local IVHQ team in Cambodia mobilized over 20 volunteers to take part in these events. Thank you to everyone that was involved!

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