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Volunteer in Peru - Cusco

Volunteer in Peru with International Volunteer HQ, the world's most affordable and trusted volunteer organization. IVHQ has a wide range of volunteer abroad projects available in the ancient Peruvian city of Cusco and surrounding valleys, including Teaching English, Childcare, Medical, Construction and Renovation, Animal Care, Jungle Conservation, Special Needs, Andean Immersion and Spanish Service Learning Course.

Volunteer in Peru, Cusco with IVHQ - Watch the video now

At a glance...

  • Available year-round
  • 10 meaningful project options
  • Projects based in Cusco and the surrounding valleys
  • Accommodation in home-stays or communal dormitory-style rooms
  • Between 25 and 60 volunteers start in Cusco each month
  • Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, breakfast and dinner during volunteer program period and in-country 24/7 volunteer support
  • Program fees from $285 for 1 week
  • One week mini adventure available

The first day I arrived at my placement I was nervous, but the girls laced their fingers into mine and in a heartbeat I knew it would be heart-achingly sad when I had to say goodbye.

Michelle Bedford
Why volunteer with IVHQ?
  • Most affordable fees - as the world leader in affordable volunteer travel, we're able to keep our fees low by partnering with a local organization in Cusco to support meaningful community projects and local employment.
  • Superior support - your experienced IVHQ Program Manager, teamed with our local team in Cusco will ensure you feel supported every step of the way - from planning to volunteering.
  • Responsible projects - we're dedicated to ensuring that our projects are responsibly-run and have sustainable positive impacts that are supporting local needs.
  • Online training - as soon as you register on an IVHQ program, you will gain access to our interactive volunteer training to ensure you're well prepared for your program.
  • Safety-first - volunteer safety is a top priority for IVHQ and we have clear standards for risk management on each program. You can feel confident that you are placed with trustworthy institutions, organizations and families that have been screened by our local teams.
  • New friendships - as an IVHQer, you'll always be in the company of friendly locals and like-minded volunteer travelers who will quickly become your life-long friends.
  • Epic weekend adventures - you'll have your weekends free to explore Peru with your new-found friends.

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Quadding in the Sacred Valley in Peru to check out Moray and the salt mines. #maximocusco #ivhqcusco #ivhqperu #ivhq
| #Peru #Cusco #quebonito #wanderlust
*Another long caption alert. Sorry, I can't share these photos without telling the stories behind them* We are volunteering at a clinic down in the town of Pisac, about a 45 minute bus ride away from the main city of Cusco. Our clinic is one of the more technologically advanced of the area (according to their standards), government-funded, directed at the indigenous people of the area who are at or close to near poverty. For some of the patients, this clinic is the only medical care they can receive for miles. With the exception of one doctor who is in and out, none of the workers or patients speak a lick of English. I'm not an emergency nurse, but today, after a morning of triage, vitals, and crude "wound care" (for wounds best suited for the burn unit at home), we were informed that there was a major accident nearby due to a rockslide caused by the rain, and would have patients arriving shortly. Everyone rushed to prepare -- spiking IV tubing, cutting up cardboard boxes to make into neck braces and splints. Our first trauma victim was a woman with a deep head laceration, several facial fractures, and dislocated leg, and whose 14 y/o daughter was unfortunately killed in the accident. It's strange being a nurse in a place so far from home, communicating completely in Spanish, using tools that are so rudimentary and old-school they're almost foreign to me. But some things are the same as at home, too. Letting your patient squeeze your hand, looking her in the eye to get her to stay calm, taking time to explain what's happening amidst the chaos even if you don't know if you're saying it right. You're still a nurse, no matter where you are. Today was definitely an experience. #nursing #domore #medicalvolunteer #travel #wanderlust #cusco #peru #IVHQ #maximoperu
#IVHQ #cusco #orphanagehome #neverstopexploring
The Andeans and I are looking at all the alfalfa that needs to be picked and brought back to the farm to feed their Guinea pigs (a Peruvian specialty). #Cusco #Peru #IVHQ #MaximoPeru
#loveinglife #cusco #makeadifference #tired #maximoperu #cusco #beautiful #travel #adventure
I can't believe that tomorrow is my last day working at the dog shelter and then I have my last day in Cusco on Saturday. Peru, thank you for the memories. #travelperu #cusco #ivhq #mustlovedogs #dirtyclothes #volunteer #timeflies #vancouverbound
Today was my last day at Villa Maria! While teaching English was very challenging at times, in the end the experience was so incredibly rewarding!! Today I'm very sad to say goodbye to the directors and these little bundles of energy! #travelperu #cusco #tefl #ivhq #badatgoodbyes #unforgettable #futureteacher
A few years ago, I decided to do a #solotravel and #volunteer in #cusco with @ivhq. I can definitely say, it was one of the best travel experince I've had. Volunteer aborad program is a great immersive way to connect and contribute to local community while making new friends. Had a lot of fun during the 3 weeks and got the opportunity to visit #machupicchu. Trully an impressive place to visit.
Met the emperor himself. He was chill #emperorcuscoisthatyou #cusco #llamas #IVHQ
#outfitoftheday #Peru #Cusco #travel #style #onpoint #travel #CTPeru #IVHQ #travel #wanderlust
#summer #cusco #shot #travelling #machupicchu #ivhq #friends #volunteer #world #photography #photo #summer #fun

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