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As the Western world gets wrapped up in the gift-giving festive season, there’s no denying the significance Santa's presence plays. The reality for those in the developing world doesn’t quite paint the same picture and the celebrated Santa character is nowhere to be found... It’s in this world that you’ll find the Real Santas of IVHQ.

This Christmas, we want to celebrate our IVHQ Real Santas - volunteers whose actions will spread joy to developing communities beyond just one day of the year.

In the lead up to Christmas, we’ll be sharing the stories of our IVHQ #REALSANTAS and the impact their actions are having on communities in need around the world. Follow @IVHQ on Instagram and Twitter and search for the hashtag #REALSANTAS to celebrate those volunteers giving vital gifts of education, healthcare and upliftment to developing communities. 

real santas International Volunteer HQ

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