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What's It Like To Teach And Volunteer In Costa Rica with IVHQ?

What's It Like To Teach And Volunteer In Costa Rica?

This week Hannah Pitts, our Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship recipient, shares how she’s settling in to life as a volunteer teacher in San Jose…

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Why I'm Volunteering with IVHQ On My Career Break

Why I'm Volunteering Abroad On My Career Break

IVHQer Hannah Pitts talks about why she took a year off from her teaching career and how volunteering abroad fitted into that plan.

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Which IVHQ Study Abroad Program Are You Best Suited To

QUIZ: Which Study Abroad Program Are You Best Suited To?

Looking to combine volunteering with studying abroad? Take this quiz to find the best study abroad program for you…

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How Volunteering with IVHQ Changed Me

How Volunteering Abroad Changed Me

Following the advice of a careers advisor to gain some life experience before progressing on to the next stage of his career, Craig Puttnam made the decision to backpack and volunteer abroad for 9 months. Follow Craig’s journey, as he shares some valuable advice for aspiring international volunteers…

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My Take On Volunteering In Guatemala with IVHQ

My Take On Volunteering In Guatemala: Take Two

After getting to know everyone at the project and settling into Antigua, everything becomes exciting as you start to realize your importance to the project and the students’ lives…

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Why I'll Return to Volunteer in Argentina with IVHQ

Why I'll Return to Volunteer in Argentina

In January 2015, IVHQ volunteer Sherry Valencia embarked on a journey to volunteer in Argentina and shares why she knows she’ll be back…

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My Take On Volunteering In Guatemala

Here's My Take On Volunteering In Guatemala

Follow my journey volunteering in Guatemala as an English teacher…

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IVHQ Couples Volunteering Abroad Q&A

Couples Volunteering Abroad Q&A

Speaking from experience, IVHQer Ashley shares her tips for couples volunteering abroad…

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Where You Should Volunteer In Asia

Here's Where You Should Volunteer In Asia

Laos is incredible. Follow my journey as I capture the IVHQ Laos volunteer program for the IVHQ Video Tour…

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An Insider's Look at Volunteering in the Philippines

Volunteering in the Philippines - An Insider's Look

How is everyone so nice in the Philippines? I think that’s the one thing that really stood out for me on my recent trip there…

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How To Volunteer Abroad with IVHQ

How To Volunteer Abroad

If you’re a first time international volunteer, knowing how to volunteer abroad can be a tad overwhelming. The good news is, IVHQ takes the overwhelmingness out of the equation.

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Who Should I Volunteer Overseas With?

Who Should I Volunteer Abroad With?

Want to know who should I volunteer abroad with? Follow these simple steps to find out what volunteer abroad organization is best…

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