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Most Accessible Volunteer Destinations


Most accessible volunteer destinations with International Volunteer HQ

For some, juggling multiple connecting flights, stop-overs and confusing airline timetables are all part of the travel adventure. However, others jump at the opportunity to bypass sitting in airports for hours on end and opt for a more direct route to their final destination. As many of our volunteer destinations are within a direct-flight’s reach of major airports around the world, we’re sharing our most accessible volunteer destinations for those IVHQers looking for more direct flight options.

Read on as we uncover five of IVHQ’s most accessible volunteer programs, which you can reach via direct flight from many of the world’s major airports. We’ve also collated this handy cheat sheet of direct flights to IVHQ’s volunteer programs to assist with your travel planning.

And in case you missed it - as of this year, you can now fly direct to our Mexico volunteer program in Merida from Dallas or Milan!

Accra, Ghana

US and UK-based volunteers wanting to volunteer in Africa without the hassle of various airport connections should consider volunteering in Ghana. Grab direct flights from London’s Heathrow airport or JFK in New York, making this trip a breeze! Once you arrive, our local team will be on hand to help with your bags, before taking you on a journey to your volunteer accommodation (taking around an hour from the airport). You’ll thank yourself for the stress-free flight, as you dive into the volunteer projects in Ghana, including Teaching, Childcare, Agriculture, Sports Education, Medical and Construction and Renovation!

Accessible volunteer destination - IVHQ Ghana

I had the absolute best time of my life in Ghana. From the moment I stepped off the plane I had staff waiting for me. Orientation was a lovely way to meet new friends and get familiar with the unknown. My program (Pink) was the perfect match for me. I loved Dodowa and all the people that live there. I WILL be coming back to Ghana! Dillon Lucas

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With direct flights from New York, London and Paris, IVHQers traveling from these destinations can enjoy an uninterrupted trip to Rio de Janeiro. Upon arrival, you’ll settle in quickly to your new home at the volunteer house with the company of like-minded volunteers from all corners of the globe. After your orientation, you’ll be ready to contribute to important community projects, including Teaching English, Community Development, Childcare, Sports Development, or our Carnaval project, supporting local Samba schools in the preparations for the world-famous Carnaval festival. Come to Rio with plenty of enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. During your volunteer week, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the affordable language lessons available. And save your weekends for a trip to Christ the Redeemer and Iguazu Falls, or get amongst the bustling city scene at a local football match, or one of Rio’s iconic beaches.

Accessible Volunteer Destination - IVHQ Brazil

It was wonderful and gave me the opportunity to learn things beyond what I had expected before. I felt very much appreciated by the people at my placement and am convinced that my contribution was valuable. The location and atmosphere were great, the meals were adequate and the staff were lovely! Christoph Popa

Delhi, India

Australian, European and Canadian volunteers looking for an easy and stress-free route abroad should consider becoming a volunteer in Delhi, India. You’ll find direct flights from a handful of major cities, including Paris, Sydney and Toronto. Sure, it’s a lengthy flight, but the rewards on arrival are endless, including incredible cuisine and intriguing history and culture. Take advantage of the organized orientation week, which gives first-time volunteers the opportunity to learn about Indian culture, the local language and visit the famous Taj Mahal! Volunteer projects in Delhi include medical placements for pre-med students, to teaching English in slum schools.

Accessible Volunteer Destination - Delhi, India with IVHQ

The whole experience was amazing. Not only do you get to use your skills in teaching but you also get time off to see the country and meet the people. India is an amazing country and I will miss the people I have come to know. Dee Moore

Lima, Peru

For our North America, European and UK volunteers, the coastal capital of Peru is only a direct flight away! From the moment you arrive in Lima to the moment you depart, you’ll be in the company of experienced volunteer coordinators who are committed to ensuring you feel settled and supported every step of the way - whether you’re volunteering in Healthcare, Teaching or Special Needs Care. With fees starting from just $250 (approximately $250) for 1 week including accommodation, Lima is an ideal destination for volunteer travelers on a tight budget. This means you’ll have more savings to put towards your weekends because chances are you’ll choose to join forces with other volunteers and venture to Machu Picchu or the sand boarding oasis of Huacachina!

Accessible Volunteer Destination - Lima, Peru with IVHQ

I loved teaching English, and my students enjoyed it too. The coordinator for the Teaching English project was awesome! She did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and safe; she was very supportive, easy to talk to, made herself available for volunteers, and you could tell that she really loved the work. Ebony Brown

Bogota, Colombia

Colombia offers a world-class experience for all types of travelers - from hiking through the the Cocora Valley to see the world’s tallest palm trees or exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cartagena, there is no shortage of beautiful locations and exciting adventures to be experienced. IVHQers in Bogota have the opportunity to work in several fields, including Teaching, Feeding the Homeless, Elderly Care, Childcare and Construction and Renovation.

Accessible Volunteer Destination - Bogota, Colombia with IVHQ

Words cannot begin to express all my feelings as I look back on my experience with IVHQ in Bogota. Having the opportunity to volunteer is more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. If anyone is hesitant about volunteering in Bogota, just do it. You WILL NOT be disappointed. You WILL be inspired. You WILL meet lifelong friends. You WILL fall in love with Colombia. You WILL push the boundaries of your comfort zone. And you WILL make a positive impact. Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. Diana Jin

Needing further information on your direct travel options? Take a look at the list we’ve compiled below, detailing direct flights and travel times to IVHQ program destinations from the major airports in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Direct Flights from North America
Direct Flights from the United Kingdom and Europe
Direct Flights from Australia and New Zealand

Direct Flights from North America

Direct flights from Toronto, Canada

San Jose, Costa Rica (5h30m) - Air Canada

Bogota, Colombia (5h55m) - Air Canada

Lima, Peru (8h) - Air Canada

Delhi, India (13h50m) - Air Canada

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (10h20m) - Air Canada

Direct flights from LAX, California

Bogota, Colombia (7h15m) - Avianca

Guatemala (4h40m) and then shuttle (1h - 1h30) to Antigua - Avianca, Delta

Lima, Peru (8h25m) - LAN

San Jose, Costa Rica (5h45m) - Delta, Alaska

Direct flights from Atlanta, Georgia

Bogotá, Colombia (4h50m) - Delta

Guatemala (3h30m) and then shuttle (1h - 1h30) to Antigua - Delta

Lima, Peru (6h35m) - Delta

Quito, Ecuador (5h20m) - Delta

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (9h30m) - Delta

San Jose, Costa Rica (3h55m) - Delta

Direct flights from Dallas, Texas

Bogotá, Colombia (5h25m) - American

Guatemala (3h15m) and then shuttle (1h - 1h30m) to Antigua - American

Lima, Peru (7h) - American

San Jose, Costa Rica (4h5m) - American

Direct flights from JFK, New York

Accra, Ghana (10h15m) - Delta

Bogotá, Colombia (5h45m) - Avianca, Delta

Cartegena, Colombia (5h 5m) Avian, Jet Blue - Avianca, JetBlue

Lima, Peru (8h5m) - LAN

Quito, Ecuador (6h5m) - TAME

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (10h) - American, TAM

Direct Flights from the UK and Europe

Our UK-based volunteers flying out of London have a number of IVHQ destinations within a direct flight’s reach. This means you can leave Heathrow knowing our local staff will be ready to greet you as soon as you jump off the flight - no need for connections!

Direct flights from London

Rabat, Morocco - (3h15m) with Royal Air Maroc or Ryanair

Accra, Ghana - (6h30m) with British Airways

Delhi, India - (8h25m) with Air India, British Airways

Nairobi, Kenya - (8h35m) with British Airlines or Kenyan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -(11h30m) British Airways

Cape Town, South Africa - (11h30m) with British Airways

Colombo, Sri Lanka - (10h30m)with Sri Lankan

Hanoi, Vietnam -(11h15m) with Vietnam

Bogota, Colombia - (11h25m) with Avianca

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - (12h0m) with Vietnam

Direct flights from Paris

Naples, Italy - (2h15m) with Air France

Rabat, Morocco - (2h50m) with Royal Air Maroc or Air France

Bogota, Colombia Air France

Colombo, Sri Lanka - (10h10m) with Sri Lankan

Delhi, India - (8h0m) with Air France or Air India

Nairobi, Kenya - (8h5m) with Kenyan Airways

X’ian, China - (10h25m) with Hainan

Cape Town, South Africa - (11h20m) with Air France

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - (11h40m) Air France

Lima, Peru - (12h 25m) with Air France

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - (12h 50m) with Air France

Direct flights from Australia and NZ

Direct flights to IVHQ volunteer destinations are slightly limited out of Australia and New Zealand, however a quick stopover in Asia can connect you with plenty more options.

Direct flights from Sydney

Bali, Indonesia - (6h25m) with Virgin Australia, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Jetstar

Delhi, India - (12h40m) with Air India

Suva, Fiji - (4h20m) with Fiji Airways

Direct flights from Melbourne

Bali, Indonesia - (6h5m) with Virgin Australia, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Jetstar

Delhi, India - (12h25m) with Air India

Direct flights from Perth

Bali, Indonesia - (3h45m) with Virgin Australia, Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Jetstar

Direct flights from Auckland

Suva, Fiji - (3h5m) with Fiji Airways

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