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QUIZ: Where Should You Volunteer in South America?

Want to volunteer in South America, but unsure where to go? Take this quiz to find the destination perfectly suited to you…

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6 Signs You Should Volunteer In Brazil

Considering volunteering in South America? See these 6 Signs You Should Volunteer In Brazil to see if it’s the right destination for you!

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Volunteering In Costa Rica? Your Day Will Look Like This

IVHQ’s Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship recipient Hannah Pitts, shares her new daily routine, the challenges she’s faced as a volunteer teacher, and her incredible weekend adventures…

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The Perks Of Volunteering In Peru

In addition to the key perk of experiencing a new country and culture while supporting important community development projects, volunteering in Peru offers some additional perks which make this a much-loved destination amongst our IVHQ volunteers.

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QUIZ: Where Should You REALLY Volunteer In Asia?

Want volunteer in Asia but can’t decide where? ** ** Take this quiz to find out where you should really go…

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Why Does Volunteering Abroad Make Good Business Sense?

We know our programs can help organizations to develop critical skills in their people, while also having a positive impact in a community – and that’s something we’re really proud of.

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What's It Like To Teach And Volunteer In Costa Rica?

This week Hannah Pitts, our Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship recipient, shares how she’s settling in to life as a volunteer teacher in San Jose…

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7 Ways Volunteering Abroad Will Change You

It’s not easy to explain exactly how volunteering abroad will change you. But believe me, it does. Here’s why…

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Why I'm Volunteering Abroad On My Career Break

Hola! My name’s Hannah, I’m a 26 year old primary school teacher from Australia, and IVHQ is sending me to San José, Costa Rica to teach English!

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Volunteer Abroad Programs 2016

Interested in volunteering abroad? See these recommended volunteer abroad programs for 2016…

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