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How To Choose Your Volunteer Abroad Program

IVHQ volunteers often ask us “What’s the best volunteer abroad program?” or “Which volunteer abroad program should I choose between this one and that one?"

Surprisingly, these questions aren't as easy to answer as you'd expect. All of our volunteer abroad programs are designed and quality controlled to ensure volunteers are provided with the best possible experience while volunteering abroad, making it virtually impossible for the IVHQ team to recommend one program over another!

So how do you decide?

Try asking yourself the following three questions to choose your IVHQ volunteer abroad program...

"Do I want to volunteer indoors or outdoors?”

Whichever continent you’re looking at, you will find a range of both indoor and outdoor based volunteer opportunities - from Teaching in Tanzania to Marine Conservation in Madagascar. When browsing through the range of IVHQ volunteer abroad programs, consider whether or not you're someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty or putting up with the odd blister and keep an eye out for a volunteer project that jumps out at you. Remember to bear in mind that some of our outdoor projects require more intensive physical work than others, but if you’re someone who likes to see the results of your hard work - you’re bound to find a project like Outdoor Work in Thailand highly rewarding!

“Do I have any particular skills or training that I would like to share with my host community?”

Sports enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards our Sports projects, as do our musicians towards our Music projects and those in the medical field tend to get involved in our Medical projects to help broaden their outlook on medicine. We also have Computer Training volunteer opportunities for IT enthusiasts and Surf projects for those who wouldn’t mind a bit of time at the beach! Not surprisingly, our Teaching and Childcare volunteer projects are always popular, particularly among those IVHQ volunteers with childcare experience, or a passion for educating those with a thirst for learning. From Construction volunteer projects to Wildlife Conservation volunteer opportunities, there really is an IVHQ project to suit everyone - you just need to pick what’s right for you!

"Which country is best suited to me?"

If you're set on Teaching, you'll find you can teach in the majority of countries in which IVHQ offers volunteer abroad programs, so you'll need to decide which country is best for you. Where do you have a burning desire to travel to? Can you see yourself volunteering in that country? Naturally, it's tricky to visualize yourself in a country you've never traveled to, so the best option is to see what past IVHQ volunteers have experienced through the thousands of photos, videos, conversations and testimonials available to you on the IVHQ website, IVHQ Instagram accountIVHQ YouTube channelIVHQ Facebook page and IVHQ Facebook group. Videos like the one below, created by Tanner Flitter (Street Children Work, Ecuador), are invaluable in giving future IVHQ volunteers an overview of our volunteer abroad programs. Plus, networking with past volunteers via our IVHQ Facebook group can offer further insight into the country and culture you're interested in.

Has this answered how to choose your volunteer abroad program? If not, the friendly team at IVHQ are only a phone call or email away - so don't be afraid to contact IVHQ!

Enjoy choosing your volunteer abroad program and we look forward to have you volunteering with IVHQ!

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