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Meet the IVHQ Team

Meet the IVHQ team


IVHQ's Dan Radclife

Dan Radcliffe

IVHQ Executive Director

Dan founded IVHQ in 2007 after volunteering abroad and identifying a need to provide affordable, safe and responsible volunteer programs for international volunteers. Dan oversees the operations of IVHQ, managing all aspects of the company and traveling regularly to visit programs and local teams. Dan also loves getting outdoors and into SCUBA diving, paddle boarding, fishing and any other sports he can try his hand at. Not surprisingly, he is also an avid traveler with his favorite countries being Kenya, Mexico and Sri Lanka. In 2014, Dan was named EY New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year, recognising the impact International Volunteer HQ has made globally.

Ben BrownIVHQ's Ben Brown 
IVHQ Head of Risk and Sustainability

Ben joined IVHQ in 2014 following the completion of some detailed research into responsible volunteering practices. He now leads IVHQ's Risk Management and Responsible volunteering work with a focus on ensuring IVHQ programs operate sustainably, and also on supporting volunteers to make a significant and lasting impact through their work. Ben has spent the last 8 years working with large companies on their sustainability programs and enjoys bringing his expertise to an organization that has the creation of positive social impacts at its heart. Outside of IVHQ, Ben loves traveling extensively and staying fit.

IVHQ's Jamie-lee ReynoldsJamie-Lee Reynolds
IVHQ Head of Africa & Europe Programs

Jamie-lee is originally from South Africa and began working for IVHQ in early 2009. She oversees the Africa and Europe team, working closely with the IVHQ Program Managers and local teams to ensure the programs continue to run smoothly. Jamie-lee loves being at the beach, swimming or surfing, spending time with her family, friends and pet dog, and is also actively involved in Surf Life Saving. Jamie-lee loves to travel, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. She has traveled to 30 countries so far, and can't wait to visit some more!

Chelsea GreenIVHQ's Chelsea Green 
IVHQ Head of Latin America and Pacific Programs

Chelsea began working for IVHQ in 2012 after moving to New Zealand from Austin, Texas. She oversees the Latin America and Pacific team to help volunteers go into their experience excited and prepared. Chelsea is a self-proclaimed plant nerd who enjoys cycling, yoga, gardening, camping, beach time and traveling. Her favorite places she's visited are Colombia, Zambia and Brazil and while traveling, she loves trying new foods, challenging hikes and awkwardly gesturing through language barriers.

IVHQ's William RowlandWilliam Rowland
IVHQ Head of Asia Programs

William joined IVHQ in early 2013 and oversees IVHQ's programs across Asia. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Development Studies and Geography at the University of Victoria in Wellington (New Zealand), William spent some time volunteering in Southeast Asia, before joining IVHQ in his hometown of New Plymouth. William is involved in a number of sports teams, including rugby, cricket and basketball, and enjoys spending time fishing, tramping and anything involving the outdoors. He lists Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania among his favorite countries.

Kirsty JamiesonIVHQ's Kirsty Jamieson 
IVHQ Groups Manager

Kirsty joined IVHQ in 2014 after completing a semester abroad in at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and then traveling through Central America. Kirsty is now the Groups Manager at IVHQ, assisting university, corporate and high school groups with arranging and customizing volunteer trips throughout all of IVHQ's program destinations. She has traveled to over 35 countries, and as a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, does her best to take part in every activity available to her when traveling.

IVHQ's Taylor HaskellTaylor Haskell
IVHQ Groups Coordinator

Taylor completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management at Victoria University in Wellington, where he also spent two years working. Having returned to New Plymouth, he has been able to fuel his love for sport and the outdoors. His favorites include surfing, rugby, basketball and football. When Taylor's not on the sports field, he enjoys mixing it up in the kitchen and lazy days at the beach. With limited overseas travel under his belt, Taylor is looking forward to the opportunities that come with working at IVHQ and has Latin America in his sights.

Claire ChambersIVHQ's Claire Chambers 
IVHQ Program Manager

Claire began with IVHQ in 2013 and is a Program Manager for volunteers traveling to Victoria Falls, Madagascar and South Africa. Claire spent years traveling and living all over the world before returning to New Zealand to go to University and join the IVHQ team after graduation.  Claire enjoys catching up with family and friends, traveling, watching/playing sports and reading. She's also a huge history buff and loves learning, reading, and visiting historical sites - especially WWII (her family thinks she's bordering on obsessed!).

IVHQ's Sarah SutherlandSarah Sutherland
IVHQ Program Manager

Sarah first joined IVHQ in 2011 and became part of the Asia team, helping volunteers prepare for their programs in Sri Lanka, China and Cambodia. In 2013 she moved to London where she lived and traveled for 2 and a half years, before returning to IVHQ in 2015. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, painting, skiing and time at the beach. Sarah has traveled to 30 countries and loves exploring architecture and tasting local cuisine.

Clover StilesIVHQ's Clover Stiles 
IVHQ Program Manager

Clover joined IVHQ after studying Communications and Media at Otago University. She helps volunteers with their plans on IVHQ's Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia programs. Clover has been involved in a range of volunteer and community groups in New Zealand, including animal welfare, human rights and children's healthcare. In her spare time, Clover loves going to the beach, going on bush walks and cooking.

IVHQ's Kaila LeMaitreKaila LeMaitre
IVHQ Program Manager

Kaila, a Canadian born travel enthusiast, joined the IVHQ team in 2015 as a Program Manager for volunteers traveling to Italy, Romania, Ghana, Marrakech and Morocco. Prior to settling in New Plymouth, she traveled extensively, and most recently spent a year backpacking through New Zealand, falling in love with the country almost immediately. Her favorite countries include Italy, Austria, and New Zealand. In her spare time Kaila enjoys spending time at the beach with her Golden Retriever, spontaneous road trips, camping, playing board games with friends, writing music, and volunteering for an organization that provides children with and affected by cancer the opportunity to experience the magic of summer camp.

Ashlee BishopIVHQ's Ashlee Bishop
IVHQ Volunteer Program Consultant

Ashlee started with IVHQ in 2012 and is currently an IVHQ Volunteer Program Consultant. Ashlee is originally from New Plymouth (where the IVHQ head office is based) and has spent several years traveling and volunteering abroad. Ashlee has a background in Sport and Exercise Science and loves to get involved in coaching and playing team sports. She is even trained in Thai massage after studying this in Thailand while Teaching English at a local government school.

IVHQ's Charlotte VerryCharlotte Verry
IVHQ Program Manager

Charlotte started with IVHQ as a Program Manager in the Latin America/Pacific team in 2016. She helps volunteers plan their trips to Ecuador, Peru (Cusco) and New Zealand. She spent four years studying Commerce at Victoria University in New Zealand’s Capital of Wellington and spent time traveling through South East Asia, before moving back to her hometown. She loves a sunny weekend in New Plymouth, making the most of the coastal walkways and beaches with her Labrador and enjoys baking, the outdoors and home DIYing.

Will McBrideIVHQ's Will McBride 
IVHQ Program Manager

Willie joined IVHQ in early 2015 after spending four years down in New Zealand's deep south at the University of Otago. Willie is a Program Manager for the East Africa region which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. He has a passion for traveling and sports, listing his favorite country to travel to as Turkey and favorite sport as Rugby. He enjoys traveling because he loves experiencing different cultures, eating the local cuisine and mixing and mingling with local people.

IVHQ's Dallas BoydDallas Boyd
IVHQ Program Manager

Dallas joined the IVHQ team in her hometown of New Plymouth, after living in Costa Rica for six years, where she worked in tourism and hospitality (a country she originally came to know and love through volunteering!) Dallas has a special love for Latin America, the Spanish language, and life in the tropics. As a Program Manager, Dallas assists volunteers with their enquiries and the planning for their volunteer programs to Argentina, Ecuador and Cusco, Peru. Always up for a laugh and a silly adventure, Dallas is usually out and about ("if you don't go, you don't know.") Spare time is happily spent writing, surfing, playing tennis and visiting friends. 

Louise ScannellIVHQ's Louise Scannell 
IVHQ Program Manager

Louise was the first person to join the IVHQ team in 2016, and is the Program Manager for the India and Nepal programs. Louise has called Taranaki home for a few years now but has traveled to different parts of the world, her favorites being Greece and Austria. This year she's looking forward to checking out Argentina. When she's not at work Louise enjoys spending time with her family, tramping, yoga, and cheering on her native Canterbury Crusaders rugby team.

IVHQ's Chloe LegrandChloe´ Legrand
IVHQ Program Manager

Originally from France, Chloe´ has also lived in England and Australia. She then moved to New Zealand in April 2014 after a 3 month solo backpacking trip throughout South East Asia. She has traveled to 28 countries so far and cannot wait for her next adventure. As a Program Manager, Chloe assists volunteers traveling to Bali. When she travels, she really enjoys sampling the local food (Vietnamese food topping the list), discovering new cultures and meeting new people.

Lynn BlairIVHQ's Lynn Blair 
IVHQ Program Manager

Lynn joined the IVHQ team as a Program Manager for our Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam programs in 2015 after moving from Australia to New Plymouth with her family in 2013. She has also lived in Scotland and has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and South Africa. Her favorite countries to visit are Norway and Thailand – two vastly different experiences. In her free time, Lynn enjoys traveling around New Zealand with her family, running and supporting the local coffee shops.

IVHQ's Lachlan BunnLachlan Bunn
IVHQ Program Manager

Lachlan started with IVHQ in late 2015 and as a Program Manager, he helps volunteers plan their programs in Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala and Lima, Peru. Before recently returning to his home town of New Plymouth, he spent three years studying at University in the Kiwi capital city of Wellington and furthered his travel experience throughout the United States and Europe. Outside of travelling and spending time on his family farm, he strongly enjoys his sports and gets involved in almost anything he can, including snowboarding, motocross, rugby, basketball and golf.

Jessica HughesIVHQ's Jessica Hughes 
IVHQ Volunteer Program Consultant

Jess joined the IVHQ team in 2016 fresh from traveling through Europe and the UK where she fell in love with the food, people and culture. Originally from the beautiful Hawkes Bay in New Zealand, she comes from a background in sales and marketing and enjoys spending free time exploring the walkways around her new home in Taranaki. As Volunteer Program Consultant she helps volunteers with their initial inquiries and can provide information on the many programs on offer.

IVHQ's Jonathan HoskinJonathan Hoskin
IVHQ Head of Technology

Jonathan joined IVHQ in 2016 to lead the digital transformation of the IVHQ platform. He brings a wealth of experience in the technology sector, with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the field. Jonathan has previously worked in senior architecture and engineering roles in SaaS startups and corporate entities, which has seen him travel extensively through the Asia-Pacific region. He has an intense attention to detail for building tech that is delightful to use, secure, and reliable. Jonathan is strongly committed to the open-source software community and regularly contributes his time to open-source community projects. Aside from being a unabashed tech-nerd, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his young family, working out at the gym, paddle-boarding, rowing, fishing, bush walking and interpreting the flavours of interesting craft beer.

Ellen VaroyIVHQ's Ellen Varoy 
IVHQ Head of Marketing

Ellen joined the IVHQ Crew in 2012, coming from a background in social media and destination marketing. These days, Ellen oversees the marketing activities of IVHQ, managing all aspects of growing the IVHQ community online, ensuring IVHQ places a sustainable number of volunteers on our programs year-round. Outside of the office, you’ll find Ellen running, yoga-ing, catching up with friends and family, and writing the odd blog post. After studying French through school and university, Ellen has a soft spot for French-speaking countries, namely Madagascar.

IVHQ's Jordan McFadyenJordan McFadyen
IVHQ Marketing Manager

Jordan came on board with IVHQ at the start of 2014 in the role of Marketing Manager. Each day, he manages the IVHQ online community across our various social media platforms, as well as the IVHQ website and other marketing activities. Jordan describes himself as a travel addict, having traveled to over 25 countries so far, and adding new destinations to his Bucket List daily. He lives with his wife and two children in New Plymouth, and came to IVHQ after working as an announcer on a Breakfast Radio show!

Rose CawleyIVHQ's Rose Cawley 
IVHQ Marketing Coordinator

Rose started with IVHQ in early 2016 as the Marketing Coordinator. She’s a skilled communicator, people person and expert traveler. With a background in journalism she joined the marketing team and manages all aspects of the IVHQ website and social media. She's an avid believer that great things happen outside your comfort zone and practices what she preaches, having just returned from traveling through Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka.

IVHQ's Hailey JurdHailey Jurd
IVHQ Online Education Manager

Hailey started with IVHQ in late 2015 and is IVHQ’s Online Education Manager. Straight out of high school, Hailey went on her big OE living & working in London as well as traveling around Europe. Her favorite country is the Czech Republic, especially the beautiful capital, Prague. Having family in Villingen-Schwenningen, South Germany she has traveled there several times and is a big fan of German Language and Culture. In her spare time you will find Hailey walking with her dog, renovating her house, drawing/painting, designing or blogging.

Sue RadcliffeIVHQ's Sue Radcliffe 
IVHQ Head of Finance

Sue is a much-loved member of the office and has been with IVHQ since Day 1, supporting Dan in all aspects of starting the company back in 2007. Today, Sue oversees the financial operations of IVHQ, managing volunteer payments and transferring these to our local partner organizations to cover the costs associated with hosting volunteers in country. Outside of the office, you’ll find Sue on her farm (probably still working), spending time with her family, and being an all-round Super Mom! Like the rest of the team, Sue is passionate about travel, with Peru, Kenya, Tanzania, Bali, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam topping her long list of favorite countries.

IVHQ's Catherine DostalCatherine Dostal
IVHQ Administration Manager

Catherine joined IVHQ as an Administration Manager in mid 2014. In her role, Catherine supports both the Marketing and Finance teams. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Catherine has recently settled in Okato, New Plymouth. Prior to choosing New Zealand as home, much like the rest of the IVHQ team, Catherine did a lot of travel. Catherine’s travel highlights are: caving in Yorkshire, via ferrata in the French Alps, canoeing the Ardeche River, France, getting lost in the fog in Venice, mushroom picking in Czech Republic and walking the Heaphy Track in New Zealand. Catherine’s favorite things in life are her garden, cycling, summer and campfires by a river.

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