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Our Core Values

We’re a passionate bunch of people and we love what we do. These are the commitments that we live by.

Our Core Values - Responsible


We are committed to providing safe, reliable and sustainable programs that deliver value to both volunteers and host communities. This lies at the core of everything we do.

  • We’re with you from start to finish

    From helping you find the right volunteer project to ensuring you’re well prepared and providing 24/7 support in-country, we’re here for you.

  • We prioritize transparency

    We’re open about how we operate, honest in our communication and ensure that your expectations are realistic from the get-go.

  • We do the right thing

    We put our ethics first and genuinely care about our volunteers and the communities we work within. When we make a commitment, we always follow through.

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Our Core Values - Impactful


We exist to positively impact people, wildlife and the planet. Our programs target the most pressing issues of each region so that volunteers are making a genuine difference.

  • We carefully select local organisations to deliver our programs

    We only work with organisations that genuinely understand the needs of the communities we serve and we regularly audit each program to ensure it’s delivering its intended impact.

  • Our programs are goal-oriented and purpose-driven

    Every IVHQ program works towards sustainable long-term goals that benefit the local economy, environment and its people.

  • Our B Corporation commitment holds us to the highest ethical standards

    Our environmental and social impact is regularly audited and we hold ourselves accountable.

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Our Core Values - Inclusive


Our programs facilitate human connection on levels that you wouldn’t get from your average vacation or backpacking trip. We believe that everyone should get a chance to experience this.

  • We are affordable, accessible and inclusive

    We understand that every dollar is hard-earned and we work tirelessly to deliver maximum value and ensure our trips are accessible.

  • We embrace individuality and diversity

    We bring people from all walks of life together to become a part of our global IVHQ family. Everyone is welcome.

  • We’re here to empower you

    We’re fiercely loyal to our volunteers and work collaboratively with our global community to keep you motivated, connected and inspired.

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Our Core Values - Innovative


We push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Our entrepreneurial approach to making volunteer travel affordable and accessible to everyone has been central to our success.

  • We continue to seek out smarter ways to serve volunteers and communities

    We’re continually evolving, asking for feedback and finding new ways to improve.

  • We’re not afraid to go where no one has gone before

    We’ve opened volunteer programs in parts of the world others haven’t - and we’re always up for a challenge.

  • We love what we do

    You won’t find a more passionate or dedicated bunch of Volunteer Travel Experts. We embrace adventure and we’re genuinely excited to come to work everyday.

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