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Wildlife and Animal Care

Affordable Wildlife & Animal Volunteer Abroad Projects

Do you want experience volunteering with animals, or are you seeking wildlife volunteer opportunities to support animal conservation efforts?

IVHQ’s affordable Animal Care and Wildlife Conservation volunteer abroad projects are the perfect volunteer experience for any animal lover or outdoor enthusiast. Project work varies depending on the local initiative but each program is built around supporting either: the protection of endangered species, saving the natural environment or helping improve the quality of life for rescued animals.

Top projects for animal volunteer opportunities abroad:

IVHQ’s 5 top types of volunteer projects to experience animal volunteering abroad:

Do you have a passion for conservation efforts and want to play a part animal conservation in Africa, Asia, or Europe? Our volunteer projects such wolf conservation and wild elephant conservation are an ideal option for you. You’ll have the unique chance to support the protection of habitats, to learn about wildlife conservation techniques and study and monitor animal behavior.

Or, join one of our animal volunteer work projects in South America or Central America. You’ll be volunteering in animal shelters and dog rescue centers, providing support in feeding, caring for, and playing with domestic animals. If you are looking for marine life conservation or diving volunteer opportunities, then you can learn more here.

IVHQ volunteers work with responsible and trusted wildlife conservation organizations, animal sanctuaries and animal shelters. This means you can take part in a volunteer program with confidence - knowing your volunteer work with animals and other like minded passionate travelers will be rewarding and life changing.

Program Highlight: Victoria Falls Wildlife Conservation

You don’t need to have prior experience or dedicate 6 months to animal rescue abroad to make a difference. IVHQ programs are set up to build on the work of each volunteer, allowing people from all over the world to work together to create a bigger impact. With IVHQ, you have the flexibility to volunteer abroad with animals for 1 week or 24 weeks at any time of the year.

Full range of wildlife and animal care projects

You can discover more about volunteering with animals overseas and the types of volunteer work available in the destinations below.

Volunteer Project Review by Alexis Khoshaba
I volunteered on the Animal Care project in Guatemala and it was definitely suitable to what I wanted to do. My experience there was amazing and I wouldn't have changed it one bit. Each day that I spent at the shelter, I felt as though I was helping and making a difference and that everything I was doing was being greatly appreciated. Being able to experience how another country lives, especially a country like Guatemala was an eye opening experience for sure. Realizing that these people live with so little, yet are so thankful and happy with what they have was so humbling and life changing. Thank you IVHQ for giving me the opportunity to experience one of the best trips of my life.
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 20
Destination: Guatemala

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