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Volunteer in Belize with International Volunteer HQ

Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer in Belize with International Volunteer HQ. Join local marine conservation volunteering efforts and help preserve a fragile reef ecosystem. Our Belize Volunteers are based on a private island 16 miles off the coast of Placencia in Southern Belize and can choose from volunteer programs ranging from 1 to 8 weeks. IVHQ offers safe, responsible and affordable volunteer opportunities in Belize and we are proud to have supported over 113,000 people on our volunteer projects so far. Read more about our volunteer work in Belize below.

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Volunteering in Belize: At a glance

  • Available year-round
  • Incredibly unique Marine Conservation volunteer experience
  • One-of-a-kind accommodation on a private island off the coast of mainland Belize
  • PADI Open Water certification courses offered on the island
  • Affordable programs from only US$720 (approximately AU$974) for 1 week
  • Program fees include island transfer, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support
  • Between 10 and 20 volunteers start in Belize each month

Volunteer opportunities in Belize

Marine Conservation in Belize
Marine Conservation volunteer in Belize with IVHQ
Apply now. The next available start date for this project is May 24, 2021

Protects animals

3-5 hours volunteering per day

Hands-on volunteer experience

Based on a stunning small island in the Caribbean, help local scientists with a range of scuba diving tasks to conserve the environment and protect marine life.

Suited to:
Active volunteers College Students Solo volunteers Animal lovers Environmentalists Scuba divers

Marine Conservation in

Based on a tiny island 45 minutes from mainland Belize, this is a unique volunteer experience that focuses on conserving and preserving the stunning marine environment of the Caribbean. As a Marine Conservation volunteer, you will assist local marine biologists to gather data, conduct surveys and remove invasive species.

The project involves going on at least two scuba dives per day in various locations doing a range of tasks. Those who don’t have current open water diving certifications are able to get PADI qualified on the project, before starting your volunteering in earnest. See below for more details.

Marine Conservation volunteering in Belize with IVHQ

Marine volunteers receive comprehensive training to prepare conducting valuable underwater research. This involves identification training for marine wildlife, including lionfish, corals, whale sharks and queen conch. You will also be taught how to spear fish, collect data, and carry out coral surveying - a key skill in marine conservation as a universal approach to monitoring the state of coral reefs. Volunteers will also participate in a weekly beach clean-up to remove harmful plastics and trash that endanger and kill countless marine life species.

Volunteers can expect to take part in 13 dives each week: two dives on Monday (the first dive is a check-out dive), three dives on Tuesday through to Thursday, one dive on Friday, and at least one night dive. The activities you can expect to be involved in are:

The activities you can expect to be involved in are:

  • Eradicating invasive species from coral reefs: Invasive Lionfish population control and monitoring (spearing and dissecting Lionfish)
  • Queen Conch and Lobster surveys to set sustainable fishing limits
  • Biodiversity (fish and coral) identification dives to enhance your knowledge and understanding of reef ecosystems
  • Monitoring coral reef bleaching and learning how we can protect our reefs from a warming planet
  • Whale Shark Research: Monitoring and reporting on these giants of the ocean (if spotted)
  • Weekly beach and island trash and plastic removal on islands of the Belize Barrier Reef
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An Open Water Dive Certification is required to participate on this project and can be obtained at the start of your project, or in advance of your trip. Belize is a wonderful place to learn with calm clear waters and little current. You will also need to complete an online e-learning course, which is an additional cost, and must be completed prior to arriving in Belize.

The PADI dive certification courses offered in Belize are as follows (USD):

  • PADI Open Water Certification – $150
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Certification – $200
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certification– $250
  • PADI Dive Master Certification – $400
  • PADI Specialty Course: Invasive Lionfish – $100
  • PADI Specialty Course: Coral Reef Conservation – $100
  • PADI Specialty Course: Fish Identification – $100
  • PADI Specialty Course: Deep Diver – $100
  • PADI Specialty Course: Emergency First Response – $100PADI Specialty Course: Underwater Photographer – $175

When you apply for this project, please specify whether you are Open Water Dive certified or whether you will be taking the PADI Open Water Diver certification with the team in Belize. If you are not PADI Open Water certified, this course will be added to your application upon acceptance. Additional PADI certifications can be booked directly through your Program Manger.

All dive equipment is available for hire for an additional US$25 (approximately AU$33) per week, which is paid directly to the local team in-country. Please note, this EXCLUDES mask with snorkel, booties, wetsuits (long or short, 3mm minimum), and dive fins, which volunteers must bring themselves.

Project Highlights
What you need to know
  • Affordable fees from 974 for 1 week
  • Volunteer alongside local scientists, helping to combat climate change and preserve the natural environment
  • Use your scuba diving skills to assist a range of underwater marine life
  • Learn to dive before your project
  • Suited to active volunteers
  • Volunteering for up to 5 hours per day
Destination Highlights
Belize at a glance
  • Unique private island Marine Conservation volunteer experience
  • Based on the small private island of Tom Owens Cay, 26 miles off the coast of southern Belize
  • Program fees include orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support
  • Between 10 and 20 volunteers start in Belize each month
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  • Most affordable fees - as the world leader in affordable volunteer travel, we’re able to keep our fees low by partnering with a local organisation in Belize to support meaningful community projects and local employment.
  • Superior support - your experienced IVHQ Program Manager, teamed with our local team in Belize will ensure you feel supported every step of the way - from planning to volunteering.
  • Responsible projects - we’re dedicated to ensuring that our projects are responsibly run and have sustainable positive impacts that are supporting local needs.
  • Online training - as soon as you register on an IVHQ program, you will gain access to our interactive volunteer training to ensure you’re well prepared for your program.
  • Safety-first - volunteer safety is a top priority for IVHQ and we have clear standards for risk management on each program. You can feel confident that you are placed with trustworthy institutions, organisations and families that have been screened by our local teams.
  • New friendships - as an IVHQer, you’ll always be in the company of friendly locals and like-minded volunteer travellers who will quickly become your life-long friends.
  • Epic weekend adventures - you’ll have your weekends free to explore Belize with your new-found friends.

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