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Corporate Volunteer Abroad Groups

Corporate Volunteer Abroad Groups

International Volunteer HQ’s corporate volunteering programs are an exciting and meaningful opportunity for your team to engage in corporate social responsibility activities and develop competencies that are critical for long-term success.

Our CSR focused volunteering programs enable employees to donate their time and skills to deserving causes and help the development of problem-solving skills, resilience, collaboration and a service mind-set. Corporate volunteering abroad encourages better cross-cultural understanding, stimulates creativity and innovation, and helps to foster engaged and inspired future leaders for your organization.

We only place volunteers on projects that have a need for support, are sustainable, and facilitate skills development and self-sufficiency in communities abroad. This ensures that your group will have a genuine and lasting impact on the local community, while also developing personally and professionally.

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Our Corporate volunteering packages are designed for individuals or groups of business leaders who are looking to bond over a common purpose, deepen personal efficacy, mobilize leadership skills, and deliver on your organization’s CSR mission.

Corporate volunteer programs are fully flexible and can be customized to the needs and goals of your group. Choose from 40+ countries, with start dates available year-round and flexible durations from 1 week to 3 months.

All IVHQ’s volunteer projects align with pressing social or environmental needs in each destination. For example, you could be:

  • Increasing access to education
  • Conserving the environment and protecting animals
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Supporting community development


What do corporate volunteers say about their experience with IVHQ?

“IVHQ were great partners from day one, always responding to our many questions immediately. They helped us build our own program that worked for our company’s needs and were incredibly flexible in the planning process. Everything from accommodation, to food, to transportation, to the program itself ran incredibly smoothly.” Lena Morrison, Oxeon Partners

“This program was by far the most rewarding experience of my career. It was incredible seeing the impact that we could make in our short time on the ground. I enjoyed the opportunity to be challenged on so many dimensions (culturally, language skills, project leadership, strategic thinking in a non-commercial context, etc.)” Deborah Scheele, Deloitte Human Capital Consulting Group

“For all the corporates out there, I highly recommend this type of event through IVHQ – the impact on team culture and personal gratification was well worth the time. More importantly, the social impacts around supporting the local homeless people and providing support for the NGO’s sustainability of operations was appreciated.” David Tein, Microsoft


Volunteering FAQs for corporate groups

IVHQ programs are designed as an inclusive package to facilitate volunteering for 5 days or longer. However, if you are seeking a shorter duration, please contact us to discuss options.

IVHQ can support corporate group sizes from 2 to 50 members and we can design a program to align with your group’s custom size and requirements.

Yes! We believe that no volunteer adventure would be complete without experiencing the natural and cultural wonders of your host country. We can share with you a range of activities and tours for your chosen program and get them booked for you.

IVHQ groups benefit from the opportunity to design a custom program and receive reduced transportation costs. Returning IVHQ groups are also eligible for 10% Registration Fee discounts and referral rewards.


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