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Internships abroad and online with Intern Abroad HQ

Want to take your career experience to the next level, immerse yourself in a new culture and land your dream job? International work experience is a key differentiator in today’s competitive job market, and a global internship is a sure way to set you (and your resume) apart from your peers. So say hello to our sister organisation - Intern Abroad HQ!

Intern Abroad HQ takes away the stress of trying to find an internship by guaranteeing to secure you a placement. Everything is organized for you! Choose from more than 240+ internship programs in 23+ sought after countries across the globe, as well as over 61+ flexible remote internships with organisations overseas that can be completed from the comfort of your home! All internships are available year-round and are highly customizable to your specific experience and career ambitions.

In addition to gaining practical international work experience that will help your resume to stand out, each internship is supplemented by an exclusive experiential learning curriculum, which helps prepare you for future job interviews or college applications.

The Intern Abroad HQ team is committed to connecting you with international internships that enable you to use your professional development as a force for good. Internship opportunities are available across a diverse range of career fields, including Law and Human Rights, Education, Psychology, Social Work, Medical & Healthcare, Physical Therapy, Environmental & Marine Conservation and Marketing, with options to work with NGOs, start-ups and more!

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International internships with Intern Abroad HQ
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What makes Intern Abroad HQ’s internships different?

Intern Abroad HQ’s international internships are specially designed and personalized to enhance your skills, push your boundaries, uncover your competencies and empower you to reach your highest potential.

By interning on real world projects within cutting-edge organisations around the globe, you’ll gain a deep cultural intelligence and international insight that enables you to build the essential soft skills and resilience favored by employers.

  • Guaranteed placement within a cutting-edge organisation in your chosen field: You’ll get to work alongside experienced professionals on high impact, real world projects.
  • More than 240 career-focused options to choose from: We offer a diverse range of remote and overseas internships with year-round availability.
  • Internships with cutting-edge organisations across 23+ countries: gain international work & cultural experience while seeing the world
  • 100% personalized to you and customized to help you reach your goals: We do the leg work of finding the perfect placement to suit your skills, experience and career aspirations.
  • Flexible internship placements to complement your lifestyle: Start when you like, choose your own hours on a remote internship and combine your internship abroad with a gap year or overseas adventures.
  • Exclusive experiential learning curriculum: Our reflective framework enriches your internship experience, helping you develop soft skills, track achievements and articulate your unique strengths.
  • Gain academic credit and an international reference letter: Save thousands in tuition fees by making your internship part of your course and receive a reference from a global organisation.
  • Expert guidance and ongoing support: Personalized orientation and coaching, plus 24/7 in-country support, accommodation, meals and airport pick up for those interning abroad.
  • Affordable and accessible: Our internships are about getting you closer to your dream career, not serving the placement’s interests - yet we remain the most affordable in the industry.
  • Ethical, transparent and responsible: As a certified B Corporation, our impact on interns, local teams, communities and the environment is audited and held to the highest standards.
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What internship abroad opportunities are there?

Interning abroad gives you the opportunity to combine a life-enriching travel experience with a career-enhancing internship placement. Intern Abroad HQ has relationships with hundreds of innovative international organisations abroad and does the leg-work of finding the perfect placement for you, which is personalized to meet your goals.

You can book with confidence thanks to Intern Abroad HQ’s flexible booking policy. This makes it easy to change your internship dates and destination for free should you need to - or if you simply change your mind!

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Why do an internship abroad with Intern Abroad HQ

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider an internship abroad with Intern Abroad HQ:

  • Choose from 240+ overseas internship options with organisations across a wide range of incredible countries in Bali, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Gain experience of working in a different country and fully immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Complete your internship during working hours and enjoy free time during evenings and weekends to explore
  • Build cross-cultural connections and connect with colleagues in-person, as well as making meaningful friendships with other interns
  • Guaranteed placement, with everything in-country organized for you
  • Great value for money as internship fees include accommodation, airport pick up, orientation, 24/7 in-country support and more

“I conducted my Medical internship in Athens, Greece, in a top private hospital with cutting-edge technology. It was one of the most impressive organisations I have ever seen in healthcare. My internship role as a medical trainee was to assist doctors during their clinical activities and observe them during surgery and endoscopy. My favourite memory from my internship was the prostate biopsy that the urologist let me perform under his supervision. It was a challenging, important and new experience. I also had the chance to observe one of the best haematologists in Europe at work, they were an amazing supervisor, teaching me a lot!”

Francesco Conrado, Medical Internship Abroad in Greece

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What remote internship opportunities are there?

If you’re looking to gain practical career experience but aren’t able to travel overseas right now then Intern Abroad HQ’s virtual internships enable you to work remotely within impact-driven organisations around the world.

Remote internships have proved to be a highly effective platform to master your project management and communication skills, practice in-demand skills within a specific career discipline, and make your resume stand out - all from your laptop! You work on real projects and collaborate with local employees, many of whom are also working remotely from home.

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How remote Internships works with Intern Abroad HQ video
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Why do a virtual internship with Intern Abroad HQ

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider a remote internship with Intern Abroad HQ:

  • Choose from 61+ remote internship programs, hosted by organisations in 13+ countries worldwide
  • Complete your internship from your laptop at home, or anywhere in the world
  • Start when you like and choose your own hours for a part time or full time schedule that can flexibly accommodate other commitments, such as studying
  • Grow your global network online and connect with internship colleagues via video calls, instant messenger and email
  • Remote internships are the most affordable investment as you won’t be paying for flights or in-country hosting costs

“From the beginning, I was amazed at how connected I felt to everyone from halfway across the world. My favorite memory was the first interview I conducted with a couple of students. They were so happy to talk to me and seeing their faces over WhatsApp made me realize that I was doing something bigger than myself. This online internship provided an insight into the lives of people in India and opened my mind to things that ordinarily I would not be thinking about, such as poverty, education, and human rights. It also strengthened some of my current skills (such as patience and creativity) while teaching me new ones (such as what it means to be part of a larger community). I really couldn't have asked for a better placement or more meaningful way to spend the summer.”

Naomi Roter, Remote Social Work & NGO Internship out of India

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Who can apply for an internship

Who can apply for an internship?

Intern Abroad HQ offers internship placements to graduates, college students and young professionals anywhere in the world. Most internships are conducted in English, although some do require a basic level of fluency in the local language.

Whether you’re completing your internship remotely from the comfort of home, or abroad in conjunction with gap year travels, studies or other employment, these internships will put your independence and career aspirations in action to enhance your future employability.

To find a global internship to match your global career goals or academic requirements, browse the full range of remote and abroad internships and get started today!

How to secure a global internship with Intern Abroad HQ

How to get started - Apply online in minutes

1. Apply online in minutes

Apply for your chosen internship program online for free – there’s no commitment until you’re ready to lock in your plans. The questions in the application form allow us to understand your personal objectives, background and interests so we can provide guidance, answer questions, and provide you with the next steps to formally begin your internship journey.

For remote internships, we can get you started on an internship within two weeks. For internships abroad, we recommend applying at least 3 months in advance of when you want to start.

How to get started - Secure your internship

2. Secure your internship

We’ll review your application to ensure you are a suitable candidate for your chosen career field and we’ll check availability for the dates you’ve requested. Once we’ve accepted you onto your chosen internship program, you’ll be able to reserve your place by making a deposit payment of US$499. This covers the cost of sourcing, arranging and customizing your internship placement.

How to get started - Get matched with your internship placement

3. Get matched with your internship placement

Once you’ve paid your deposit, we do the legwork to secure the best internship for you by engaging with our network or partners around the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of our placement portfolio and strive to match you with a placement that best suits your skills, experience and career goals. However, if you’re dissatisfied with the proposed placement, we’ll work with you until we find an alternative you’re 100% happy with. To prepare for your internship, you’ll receive your checklist and Internship Manual, as well as ongoing support from your Internship Manager.

The balance of your Program Fee (less the deposit) must then be paid:

  • For remote interns, this is due seven days after your placement proposal has been allocated, meaning you can get started soon after!
  • For in-country internships, this is due 60 days prior to your chosen start date, to ensure that airport pick up, accommodation, orientation and local support can be coordinated.
How to get started - Get started!

4. Get started!

Our internship programs all begin with a comprehensive orientation to get you familiarized with your new role, team, organisation and culture. Whether you’re interning abroad or remotely, we’ll introduce you to your dedicated supervisor within your host organisation, who will welcome you and develop your internship experience. Together, you’ll form a plan for your personal objectives, deliverables and progress tracking for your internship.

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