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VIDEO: Common IVHQ Spain Questions Answered In 5 Minutes!

We take on the challenge of answering the top 10 questions asked by IVHQ volunteers in Spain, in under 5 minutes! Watch now …

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Budget Friendly Volunteer Abroad Programs

Discover a selection of the most budget-friendly volunteer destinations, along with the key in-country costs to assist with your budgeting…

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10 Reasons To Volunteer In Guatemala

Curious about volunteering in Guatemala? Find out why you’ll be packing your bags for IVHQ’s Guatemala volunteer program…

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The Definitive Guide To Volunteering In Ghana

Looking for advice on volunteering in Ghana? This volunteer explains it all - volunteer opportunities, how to spend your weekends and more…

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10 Unforgettable Sights To See In Mexico

Looking for the ultimate travel destination for 2017? Find out why it’s Mexico…

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Volunteering Doesn’t Have An End Date

Volunteering doesn’t need to come to an end when you return home! See how these IVHQ volunteers kept their volunteer work going…

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Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For Grown Ups

IVHQ has thousands of volunteers aged over 30 join our programs each year. Made up of Grown-up Gappers, Career Breakers and Retired volunteers. So instead of asking yourself, am I too old to volunteer? Ask yourself which destination you’d like to volunteer in most…

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The Best Animal Volunteer Projects Abroad

Find the best animal volunteer programs abroad! With project options to meet every animal lovers needs…

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QUIZ: Where Should I Volunteer In Africa?

Interested in volunteering in Africa in 2018, but not sure which program is perfect for you? Take this quiz!

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Gap Year: Why Volunteering Is The Best Teacher

Friends Lisa and Lara took a gap year, volunteering in Zambia for six months. It taught them more than any classroom. Find out why…

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