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Volunteering Doesn’t Have An End Date

Volunteering doesn’t need to come to an end when you return home! See how these IVHQ volunteers kept their volunteer work going…

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The Best Animal Volunteer Projects Abroad

Find the best animal volunteer programs abroad! With project options to meet every animal lovers needs…

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QUIZ: Where Should I Volunteer In Africa?

Interested in volunteering in Africa in 2019, but not sure which program is perfect for you? Take this quiz!

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Gap Year: Why Volunteering Is The Best Teacher

Friends Lisa and Lara took a gap year, volunteering in Zambia for six months. It taught them more than any classroom. Find out why…

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Experience Ecuador: A Volunteer’s Insight

IVHQer Danielle proves why you should volunteer in Ecuador and shows you what to expect…

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How To Plan Your Own Mission Trip Abroad

IVHQer Kirsti shares her tips and tricks to help you plan your own medical mission trip…

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Why Should I Volunteer Abroad?

For those questioning Why should I volunteer abroad?, it’s important to consider that while you set out to make a difference in a community, your experience is sure to have a powerful impact on you personally…

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7 Reasons To Volunteer In The Philippines

Curious about volunteering in the Philippines? Find out why you’ll be packing your bags for IVHQ’s Philippines volunteer program…

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Exactly What You Need To Know Before Volunteering In Morocco

Here’s exactly what you need to know before packing your bags to volunteer in Morocco…’

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Island Vacations For Volunteers

Find out more about these ideal island vacations for volunteers. From Bali to Madagascar, there is a volunteer program for you…

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