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Volunteer Travel Guides - Page 11

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VIDEO: Common IVHQ Mexico Questions Answered In 4 Minutes!

We take on the challenge of answering the top 10 questions asked by IVHQ volunteers in Mexico, in under 4 minutes! Watch now …

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Volunteering In Colombia: Bogota vs. Cartagena

Interested in volunteering in Colombia but can’t decide between Cartagena or Bogota? Here are the facts to help you find the right volunteer abroad program for you…

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VIDEO: Common IVHQ Spain Questions Answered In 5 Minutes!

We take on the challenge of answering the top 10 questions asked by IVHQ volunteers in Spain, in under 5 minutes! Watch now …

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10 Reasons To Volunteer In Guatemala

Curious about volunteering in Guatemala? Find out why you’ll be packing your bags for IVHQ’s Guatemala volunteer program…

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The Definitive Guide To Volunteering In Ghana

Looking for advice on volunteering in Ghana? This volunteer explains it all - volunteer opportunities, how to spend your weekends and more…

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10 of the best activities and sights in Mexico

Mexico has so much to offer travelers from all walks of life, but these are the best sights and activities that you just can’t miss…

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Volunteering Doesn’t Have An End Date

Volunteering doesn’t need to come to an end when you return home! See how these IVHQ volunteers kept their volunteer work going…

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The Best Animal Volunteer Projects Abroad

Find the best animal volunteer programs abroad! With project options to meet every animal lovers needs…

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QUIZ: Where Should I Volunteer In Africa?

Interested in volunteering in Africa in 2019, but not sure which program is perfect for you? Take this quiz!

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Gap Year: Why Volunteering Is The Best Teacher

Friends Lisa and Lara took a gap year, volunteering in Zambia for six months. It taught them more than any classroom. Find out why…

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