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13 Mouthwatering Meals Worth Traveling For

13 Mouthwatering Meals Worth Traveling For

One of the best parts of traveling is sampling the local cuisine, over and over again in most cases! Not just because the memory of an unforgettable meal will transport you back to that place and time for the rest of your life, but because a meal bonds you to the people you shared it with. Maybe it was that unparalleled beef phở that you stumbled across with your travel buddy in Vietnam, or the simple but delicious meal you shared with your host family on your first night in a remote village in Zambia. It is about more than the food. So we’ve collected some of our IVHQers foodgrams to inspire you to not only eat, but travel, explore and make memories that will be with you for life!

1. Lip-smackingly good Gelato in Italy (or Portugal, as IVHQrewer Ellen found out)

Foods That Will Make You Want To Travel - Ice Cream/Gelato

2. Nobody can cook as well as your homestay “Mother” in Thailand, or feed you as much!

Foods Worth Traveling For - Thailand

3. You’ll never look at a curry the same once you’ve tried a Sri Lankian curry

Foods That Will Make You Want To Travel - Curries in Sri Lanka

4. Finish your day in New Zealand off with a platter of cheese and crackers. Oh, and wine!

Foods Worth Traveling For - New Zealand

5. Bali has oodles of noodles and is one of the only destinations that is super vegan friendly

Foods Worth Traveling For - Bali

6. You’ll be in a food coma in no time!

Foods Worth Traveling For - Bali

7. A tantalizing tagine in Morocco? Yes, please!

Foods Worth Traveling For - Morocco

8. When you just want options on mass think Cambodia

Foods Worth Traveling For - Cambodia

9. So. Fresh. Sri. Lanka.

Foods Worth Traveling For

10. And it’s oh so easy to buy local produce when you are traveling in Asia. Pineapple errryday!

Foods Worth Traveling For - Vietnam

11. Naples - the home of pizza! It doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Foods Worth Traveling For - Italy

12. And then sometimes when you are traveling no matter how good the local cuisine is you just want a little slice of home - aka takeaway pizza in India.

Foods Worth Traveling For - India

13. And you can share it with the local team on your volunteer placement like this IVHQer did in Tanzania!

Foods Worth Traveling For - Tanzania

Find out more about living like a localand experiencing the culture, customs and of course cuisine of a country on one of our volunteer projects. With more than 50 destinations and over 200 projects to choose from you could eat your way around the world!

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