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Volunteer Overseas Blog

How to volunteer abroad as a group with IVHQ
Whether you're a group of like-minded friends looking for an adventure, or a team of university or high school students, find out how you can volunteer together with IVHQ! 
Posted on: 25 Feb
By: Jordan McFadyen
Where should you volunteer abroad in 2015?
Where in the world should you volunteer abroad in 2015?
Posted on: 23 Feb
By: Ellen Varoy
Volunteer on a Medical Project Abroad with IVHQ
Organized electives are expensive, right? Not when you go with IVHQ...
Posted on: 20 Feb
By: Dallas Boyd
Why volunteer travel with IVHQ is the best way to travel
Every year, thousands of travelers choose to volunteer abroad with International Volunteer HQ. Why? Because they've worked out that volunteer travel is the best way to travel. If you're not convinced, read on...
Posted on: 17 Feb
By: Ellen Varoy
Should I Use a Backpack or Suitcase when Volunteering Abroad
Discover what type of luggage is best suited to your volunteer abroad destination, with the help of International Volunteer HQ Program Managers...
Posted on: 12 Feb
By: Hannah Hill-Parker
Volunteer abroad in Transylvania with IVHQ
Discover a volunteer destination fit for an adventurous soul, a history buff or a foodie...
Posted on: 05 Feb
By: Kate Pilon
Volunteer Abroad Tips and Secrets
Passed down from one IVHQer to the next, here are the top volunteer abroad tips and secrets to ensure your upcoming volunteer program is memorable and impactful.
Posted on: 31 Jan
By: Hannah Hill-Parker
A IVHQ volunteer abroad teacher in Bali
At the end of 2014 we updated and refreshed the training that we offer to IVHQ volunteers. We wanted to make it more comprehensive, more interesting and more useful.
Posted on: 23 Jan
By: Ben Brown
With the world's largest range of affordable volunteer abroad programs, we understand that picking a single IVHQ program can be tricky (which probably explains why we have so many returning volunteers every year)!
Posted on: 18 Jan
By: Ellen Varoy
We’re thrilled to announce that our new volunteering program in Italy signifies the first step of an exciting plan that we have to change the face of international volunteering.
Posted on: 12 Jan
By: Ben Brown