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Student Volunteer Abroad Projects 2017
Discover the top reasons to volunteer abroad for college students and IVHQ's recommended volunteer abroad opportunities...
Posted on: 24 Oct
By: Hailey Jurd
Why Should I Volunteer Abroad?
For those questioning Why should I volunteer abroad?, it's important to consider that while you set out to make a difference in a community, your experience is sure to have a powerful impact on you personally...
Posted on: 19 Oct
By: Ben Brown
Interested in volunteering abroad over Christmas? See these recommended volunteer programs...
Posted on: 18 Oct
By: Ellen Varoy
Curious about volunteering in the Philippines? Find out why you'll be packing your bags for IVHQ's Philippines volunteer program...
Posted on: 11 Oct
By: Lynn Blair
Here's exactly what you need to know before packing your bags to volunteer in Morocco... 
Posted on: 07 Oct
By: Sydney Estill
Quiz: Which Island Volunteering Destination Is Perfect For You?
Want to know which island destination is the perfect fit for your next volunteer vacation? Take this quiz!
Posted on: 26 Sep
By: Rose Cawley
What To Expect When Volunteering In Kenya
Curious to know how to volunteer in Kenya? Read IVHQer Sara Pashaei's guide to what you can expect when volunteering in Kenya...
Posted on: 21 Sep
By: Rose Cawley
Island Vacations for Volunteers
Find out more about these ideal island vacations for volunteers. From Bali to Madagascar, there is a volunteer program for you... 
Posted on: 21 Sep
By: Rose Cawley
10 Things You Need To Know About Volunteering In Costa Rica
Want to know how to volunteer in Costa Rica? Check out this cheat sheet with everything you need to know about how to volunteer in Costa Rica with IVHQ...
Posted on: 10 Sep
By: Clover Stiles
Check out these recommended summer volunteer programs abroad and how to travel with meaning this summer break...
Posted on: 06 Sep
By: Jordan McFadyen


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