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Volunteer Overseas Blog

Couples Volunteering with IVHQ
Speaking from experience, IVHQer Ashley shares her tips for couples volunteering abroad...
Posted on: 06 Jul
By: Jordan McFadyen
Teen volunteer abroad programs
Discover IVHQ's safe and affordable volunteer abroad programs perfect for teens...
Posted on: 19 Jun
By: Jordan McFadyen
Which volunteer vacation destination needs to be on YOUR Bucket List? Take this quiz to find out!
Posted on: 11 Jun
By: Ellen Varoy
Volunteer abroad in Laos with IVHQ
Laos is incredible. Follow my journey as I capture the IVHQ Laos volunteer program for the IVHQ Video Tour...
Posted on: 10 Jun
By: Andrew Ahmed
Visiting the markets in the Philippines while volunteering with IVHQ
How is everyone so nice in the Philippines? I think that’s the one thing that really stood out for me on my recent trip there...
Posted on: 04 Jun
By: Andrew Ahmed
How to volunteer abroad
If you're a first time international volunteer, knowing how to volunteer abroad can be a tad overwhelming. The good news is, IVHQ takes the overwhelmingness out of the equation. 
Posted on: 04 Jun
By: Jordan McFadyen
You want to make sure you choose the right volunteer organization, right?
Posted on: 22 May
By: Ellen Varoy
Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Winners
International Volunteer HQ is proud to share that Armando Wunsch of Brazil and Hannah Pitts of Australia have been voted our Teach & Volunteer Abroad Scholarship winners for 2015.
Posted on: 19 May
By: Ellen Varoy
Where should you volunteer abroad this summer?
As summer approaches, many of you are turning to IVHQ to ask where you should volunteer abroad this summer. So we've developed this quiz to point you in the right direction...
Posted on: 10 May
By: Ellen Varoy
How You Can Help Nepal Digitally
Here’s a list of simple ways you can make a digital contribution to help Nepal recover from the recent earthquake.
Posted on: 30 Apr
By: Ellen Varoy