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Volunteer Overseas Blog

It's not easy to explain exactly how volunteering abroad will change you. But believe me, it does. Here's why...
Posted on: 29 Aug
By: Ellen Varoy
Where should you volunteer abroad in 2016? We know it's not the easiest call to make when you have over 30 destinations to choose from!
Posted on: 28 Aug
By: Ellen Varoy
Why I'm Volunteering Abroad On My Career Break
Hola! My name's Hannah, I'm a 26 year old primary school teacher from Australia, and IVHQ is sending me to San José, Costa Rica to teach English!
Posted on: 26 Aug
By: Hannah Pitts
Volunteer abroad programs 2016
Interested in volunteering abroad? See these recommended volunteer abroad programs for 2016...
Posted on: 18 Aug
By: Ellen Varoy
Looking to combine volunteering with studying abroad? Take this quiz to find the best study abroad program for you...
Posted on: 07 Aug
By: Ellen Varoy
Following the advice of a careers advisor to gain some life experience before progressing on to the next stage of his career, Craig Puttnam made the decision to backpack and volunteer abroad for 9 months. Follow Craig's journey, as he shares some valuable advice for aspiring international volunteers...
Posted on: 05 Aug
By: Craig Puttnam
Volunteering in Guatemala with IVHQ
After getting to know everyone at the project and settling into Antigua, everything becomes exciting as you start to realize your importance to the project and the students' lives...
Posted on: 04 Aug
By: Armando Wunsch
IVHQ Scholarship Winner shares his experience from Guatemala
Follow my journey volunteering in Guatemala as an English teacher...
Posted on: 22 Jul
By: Armando Wunsch
Couples Volunteering with IVHQ
Speaking from experience, IVHQer Ashley shares her tips for couples volunteering abroad...
Posted on: 06 Jul
By: Jordan McFadyen
Teen volunteer abroad programs
Discover IVHQ's safe and affordable volunteer abroad programs perfect for teens...
Posted on: 19 Jun
By: Jordan McFadyen