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Volunteer Fundraising

Volunteer fundraising with FundMyTravel and IVHQ

At International Volunteer HQ, we do our utmost to ensure our volunteer programs are affordable, however we realize that the total cost to volunteer abroad can still be expensive by the time that flights, insurance, and all fees are paid. Every volunteer traveler is different and while some volunteers have access to funds for their volunteer trips, there are many volunteers that need to fundraise to obtain sufficient funds to finance their trips.

To help offset this and assist volunteers with their fundraising efforts to volunteer abroad, IVHQ has developed a partnership with the crowd-funding website Go Get Funding which provides IVHQ volunteers access to professional fundraising services. Go Get Funding allows you to create a fundraising page, tell your story (letting your family and friends know what you are doing and why they should support you), use social media platforms to notify your friends and family of your fundraising efforts, and provides financial tools for you to receive payments and tracks your progress. The system is incredibly effective and over the past year, IVHQ volunteers have raised over $700,000 for their volunteer abroad trips through crowdfunding.

Fundraise your volunteer abroad experience with Go Get Funding and IVHQ

If you would like to explore other forms of fundraising in addition to Go Get Funding, see our Volunteer Fundraising Tips page to pick up some more fundraising ideas from previous IVHQ volunteers.

Your IVHQ Program Manager can also provide you with a verification letter that you can use to help legitimize your fundraising efforts, which helps when approaching individuals or companies that do not know you. Once you have registered on an IVHQ volunteer program, simply email your IVHQ Program Manager and request a verification letter.

If you have any questions regarding fundraising for your IVHQ volunteer abroad trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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