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IVHQ Scholarships

IVHQ's Travel Blogger Scholarship 2016

At IVHQ, we believe that travelers should be empowered to make meaningful contributions to the communities that they are visiting, wherever in the world they choose to travel. And we're proud to make this happen in over 35 countries around the world.

IVHQ's Travel Blogger Scholarship gives one lucky recipient the chance to blog their way to winning the opportunity to volunteer abroad and share insights, tips and stories which in turn will provide a valuable resource for future volunteer travelers.

The Travel Blogger Scholarship includes a sponsored 2-week IVHQ volunteer program, plus a $1500 travel voucher from the team at StudentUniverse. The scholarship recipient will also be equipped with an Advanced Travel Writing certification from Matador U Travel Media School before departing to volunteer in the destination of their choice. In their spare time, they'll be blogging for IVHQ, sharing their volunteering experience and valuable insights for IVHQers planning to volunteer abroad.

Sponsors of the IVHQ Travel Bloggers Scholarship

Meet Our Judges:

IVHQ Travel Blogger Judge - Suzy StrutnerIVHQ Travel Blogger Judge - Elana GoldbergIVHQ Travel Blogger Judge - Jessie Beck

Suzy Strutner is a Lifestyle editor at The Huffington Post, with a special focus on travel and wellbeing. Volunteerism and travel are major priorities: During her time as a student at UCLA, Suzy took volunteer trips to develop businesses in rural Panama and improve a medical clinic in Mexico. Her most recent editorial initiative, Take A Break, encourages readers to use their vacation days for mental health, physical wellbeing and personal growth. 

Elana Goldberg is the Editor in Chief of, a web magazine that connects people from around the world with opportunities for doing good. She's passionate about creating and promoting creating crisp, sparkling content, and has a background in online journalism and informal education.

Jessie Beck is the Editor / Content Marketing Director at Go Overseas, a listings and reviews site for studying, teaching, and volunteering abroad. When not at her desk, she can be found biking and eating her way around the Bay or exploring a new corner of the globe.

Meet Our Finalists:

IVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship - CarmenIVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship - GeorgeIVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship - LaeticiaIVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship - LauraIVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship - RobertIVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship - Tracy

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