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IVHQ Scholarships

IVHQ's Volunteer Abroad Scholarships

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International Volunteer HQ and Intern Abroad HQ are teaming up to give away the ultimate Alternative Break Scholarship. This is a life-changing opportunity to break away from the standard-issue Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter Break and join forces with other travelers who are passionate about creating positive change through meaningful travel experiences.

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Why take an alternative break?

The Alternative Break Scholarship offers the chance to set off on a meaningful experience abroad with flights, travel insurance, registration fee and program fee all paid for!

What does an alternative break look like?

Alternative breakers are empowered to get out of their comfort zone, experience new cultures and deliver positive impact to communities and organisations around the world.

Volunteering abroad with IVHQ
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Join International Volunteer HQ on an alternative spring, summer, fall or winter break by volunteering in any of IVHQ’s 50+ destinations. You can support volunteer projects focused on education, healthcare, animal care and environmental conservation, and building better communities for the world of tomorrow.

Taking an internship with IAHQ
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Maximize your break with Intern Abroad HQ - the experts in planning and delivering internship programs abroad for university students and young professionals looking to increase their cross-cultural competency and set themselves up for an exceptional career. Choose from 14 programs and 80+ internship opportunities.

What others are saying…

Discover the motivations of those who have lived their dream alternative break with us and see what’s possible.

“It was truly life changing. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 10 and to finally get the courage to go was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”
Michelle | Ghana
“The people (now my friends) that you meet there are FOR LIFE! And, the adventures that we had are going to be with me forever.”
Marili | Bali - Ubud
“Going abroad for an internship was one of the best things I could have done for my personal growth. It opened me up to a new environment.”
Cora - Tanzania
“I have to say that seeing the immediate impact this project has in the community has been one of the best parts of this experience.”
Andres - Sri Lanka

Here’s what one of our finalists will win:

2 weeks either volunteering or interning abroad $1,000 flight voucher from IVHQ Flights Travel insurance (to the value of $150)

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How does it work?
It’s simple. Just tell us why you’re motivated to volunteer abroad or take an internship for your alternative break when you submit your scholarship entry form. We’re looking to help one worthy person to live their dream alternative break, with a free 2-week volunteer abroad or internship experience. Entries close November 20, 2019. Voting ends on December 12, 2019.

Who’s eligible to win?
We encourage anyone who is motivated to volunteer abroad or take an international internship to enter. Keep in mind that you will need to ensure that you meet the requirements to support the project or internship that you want to take part in.

I’ve submitted my entry for the Alternative Break Scholarship, but do I still need to apply for an IVHQ volunteer program as well?
Entering the ‘Alternative Break Scholarship’ is different to applying to volunteer abroad with IVHQ. To enter the scholarship, you need to submit what motivates you to volunteer abroad. If you win, we’ll then guide you through the application process.

I’ve already applied to volunteer with IVHQ, should I register now?
Yes. If you register within the scholarship period and win the ‘Alternative Break’ prize, your Registration Fee will be refunded to you. However, if you choose to wait until the campaign finishes and you’re not selected as the winner, you might miss the chance to secure your spot on your chosen program.

I’m already registered for an IVHQ program, am I eligible to enter?
Yes. In order to be eligible to win the ‘Alternative Break’ prize, you simply need to tell us why you’re motivated to volunteer abroad.

Will my Registration Fee be refunded to me if I win?
Yes. If you register within the scholarship period and win the ‘Alternative Break' prize, you will have your Registration Fee refunded to you.

When does the campaign finish?
Entries for the scholarship run from October 03, 2019 until 7pm PDT on November 20, 2019.

Is travel insurance included in the prize?
Yes. The ‘Alternative Break Scholarship’ winner will receive travel insurance up to the value of US$150.

I am registered to volunteer with IVHQ, should I pay for my flights or wait for the ‘Alternative Break Scholarship’ to finish?
Yes, you should book your flights. As a general rule, the more organized you are, the cheaper your airfare will be so once you’ve registered for your IVHQ program, we recommend booking through IVHQ Flights as soon as you can. This means that if you’re not the winner of the ‘Alternative Break Scholarship’ prize, you’ll still have secured the best flight price possible. And, if you’re the lucky recipient of the ‘Alternative Break Scholarship' prize and have booked through IVHQ Flights, we will refund the cost of your airfares up to the value of US$1,000.

How do I book my airfares with IVHQ Flights?
Once you have registered for an IVHQ program, simply request a flight quote using the booking tool in your MyIVHQ Profile. We work with a team of expert humanitarian flight agents to make the process of booking your volunteer trip easy and budget-friendly.

Does the ‘Alternative Break' prize have to be used for IVHQ Flights?
Yes. A Flight Credit valued at US$1,000 must be put towards flights booked via IVHQ Flights to participate on the IVHQ program of your choice.

Does the Flight Credit expire?
The prize winner must travel and begin their IVHQ program before October 03, 2020 and the flight booking must be confirmed with IVHQ Flights at least 3 months before their IVHQ program start date.

Do I have to travel directly to my IVHQ program?
Yes. Flights must be the most direct route to the IVHQ program destination. Additional layovers or transport costs are at the winner’s sole discretion and expense.

Do I lose my Flight Credit if I have to cancel my volunteer program?
The winner must travel and begin their IVHQ program before October 03, 2020, and the flight booking must be confirmed with IVHQ Flights at least 3 months before their program start date. If the winner is, for whatever reason, unable to travel before October 03, 2020, whether the failure was due to reasons beyond the winner’s control or otherwise, then the winner will forfeit the prize.

I’m traveling with a friend/family member, can we use half of the prize each? Or can I gift it to a friend?
No. The ‘Alternative Break Scholarship’ prize can only be used by the winner and cannot be transferred to, or used by, another person.

Can I redeem my voucher for cash?
No. The Flight Credit cannot be refunded, transferred, substituted or redeemed for cash.