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IVHQ Scholarship Winners

Meet the winners of IVHQ Volunteer Abroad Scholarships

Throughout the year, IVHQ Scholarships give multiple recipients the opportunity to experience and contribute to an IVHQ program of their choice for 2 weeks. These scholarships include:

  • Medical Volunteer Abroad Scholarship
  • Travel Blogger Scholarship
  • Volunteer of the Year Scholarship
  • Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

Meet the worthy recipients of the previous IVHQ volunteer abroad scholarships below and discover how you can apply by visiting the IVHQ Scholarships page.

Teach & Volunteer Abroad 2017 Recipient - Luiza Boguszewski

IVHQ Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship winner 2017

Luiza Boguszewski is a professional photographer, who has spent two years teaching English in her hometown of Curitiba in Brazil. Having spent time living in Europe and travelling through Asia, Luiza’s own travels have inspired her to volunteer and teach English abroad.

“I hope to make a difference in the students’ lives through teaching a universal language, because I know how many opportunities were given to me because I spoke English” - Luiza Boguszewski

The scholarship is allowing Luiza to realize her dream through a volunteer trip to support IVHQ’s Teaching English project in Sri Lanka.

Medical Volunteer Abroad Scholarship 2017 Recipient - Tenzin Palmo

IVHQ Medical Scholarship winner 2017

Our guest judges were awed by Tenzin’s story and we are excited to see how Tenzin will apply this opportunity to her medical career. One of the judges commented, “Tenzin understands the power of higher education and is committed to giving back and making a difference globally.”

“As a Tibetan refugee, I not only know how it feels to be disfranchised politically but I know the struggles of being a stateless individual who has suffered from inadequate health care. I aspire to become a helping hand for the needy and impoverished individuals. Now that I am graduated from community college and I am acquiring my nursing bachelor degree, my family is in a stable enough position that I can finally pursue my dreams beyond the classroom.” - Tenzin Palmo

IVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship 2017 Recipient - Carmen Liberatore

IVHQ Travel Blogger Scholarship winner 2016

Carmen addressed a question all travelers face when they return home in her scholarship winning blog ‘What Happens After’?. Our guest judges from The Huffington Post, Goodnet and Go Overseas raved about her well crafted writing.

“I enjoyed how this author was honest about her feelings of disheartenment and disappointment during parts of her journey — it made me relate to her and keep reading.” - Suzy Strutner from the Huffington Post

The scholarship allowed Carmen to travel to the IVHQ Amazon Jungle Conservation project in Cusco, Peru where she documented her journey in a blog titled ‘The Magic of Volunteering in the Jungle’.

Teach & Volunteer Abroad 2016 Recipient - Taylor Franks

IVHQ Teach & Volunteer Abroad Scholarship winner 2016

Taylor Franks of New Jersey is a special education teacher who spends her days in an American classroom, but knows volunteering abroad will push her outside her comfort zone. Taylor had the opportunity to gain a TEFL certification before traveling abroad to support a Teaching English project in Bali in 2016.

“I enjoy learning about different cultures, and appreciate the challenge of bridging a connection to learning a foreign language,” - Taylor Franks

Taylor documented her journey in Bali while sharing why she is addicted to volunteering abroad.

Teach & Volunteer Abroad 2015 Recipient - Hannah Pitts

IVHQ Teach & Volunteer Abroad Scholarship winner 2015

In 2015, Hannah Pitts was the recipient of the first IVHQ Teach and Volunteer Abroad scholarship! A teacher from Australia, Hannah chose to travel and volunteer as a teacher in Costa Rica.

“I’ve learned so much, made lifelong friends and had some amazing experiences along the way. There have been plenty of challenges but it has absolutely been worthwhile!” - Hannah Pitts

Hannah shared her journey to Costa Rica with us across a series of blog posts, starting with reasons why she volunteered on her career break.

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