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Who Should I Volunteer Abroad With?


If you’re wondering who should I volunteer abroad with? and what volunteer abroad organization is best? you’re in the right place. Rather than telling you that International Volunteer HQ is the best volunteer organization because over 113,000 volunteers say so, we’re here to share the important factors you need to consider when asking the question who should I volunteer abroad with?

Of course you want to ensure that your international volunteer experience allows you to make a valuable contribution to a community, and engage in meaningful exchanges with local people in a safe and supportive environment. As a volunteer traveler, you need to feel confident that your volunteer organization has the best interests of its volunteers and the local communities it serves at heart, and that volunteering with this organization is affordable.

To decide who you should volunteer abroad with, it’s important to:

  • Ensure that an organization’s projects are community-driven and are focused on building skills and capacity within the community.
  • Have a clear understanding of what the program fees are and where they are going,
  • Understand how the organization can provide you with opportunities to apply your existing skills and experience to make the most impact.
  • Be satisfied with the level of support provided by the organization pre-departure, in country and post-program.

While Google may appear to have all the answers, a quick search for “volunteer abroad organizations” will bring you thousands of results, giving you an overwhelming number of options to consider, so here are the steps you can take to find a volunteer organization that will to provide you with the best possible experience abroad.

How to choose a volunteer organization infographic

1. Find out where your fees are going

Ensuring that you have clarity around how your volunteer fees are going to be allocated is one of most important steps to take in identifying whether a volunteer organization is worth further consideration. So check the fees are affordable, and that the organization can explain how these fees are allocated. This is important if you’re fundraising to support the cost of your volunteer trip, so you can provide your supporters with a breakdown of what they will be supporting. When choosing to volunteer with International Volunteer HQ, you know that you’re paying a registration fee starting from US$329 which covers the costs associated with arranging your program (see the fee breakdown here), as well as a program fee (which varies depending on the duration and destination of your program). Your Program Fee covers the in-country services associated with your program, including your airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals, and 24/7 in-country support.

How to choose a volunteer organization

2. Ensure the programs are community-driven

Community involvement is an important aspect of effective international volunteer programs. It is important to ensure that projects are led by local people as locals are in the best position to identify where support is needed within their own communities. Ensuring that the volunteer organization is placing volunteers in projects that have been developed by people who understand the social or environmental needs of a community is key. IVHQ works with independent local organizations in every program destination to host international volunteers, and place them in projects in genuine need of volunteer support. These include a range of social and environmental-focused projects, including Teaching, Medical, Community Development, Childcare, NGO Support, Turtle Conservation and Wildlife Conservation. IVHQ volunteers can feel confident they are contributing to important projects, working alongside local people on projects have been developed by community members who know the area and its people.

How to choose a volunteer organization - ensure the projects are community-driven

3. Go for experience

When researching volunteer organizations over the internet, keep in mind that anyone can build a website overnight, but it takes years to build a reputation as a respected organization, and gain the trust of volunteers as well the communities in which these volunteers work. Do you research to ensure that the organization behind the website has extensive experience in hosting international volunteers, providing mutually-beneficial exchanges for volunteers and local communities. Having supported over 113,000 people to volunteer abroad since 2007, IVHQ has 8 years of experience in hosting international volunteers in important social and environmental development projects in 40 countries.

How to choose a volunteer organization - experience

4. Read up on the reviews

As well as reading the reviews posted on an organization’s website, cross check the reviews on external websites, such as volunteer abroad review sites and social media. Volunteer communities like the International Volunteer HQ Facebook group are ideal for finding real time feedback from like-minded volunteers who have first-hand experience with the volunteer organization you’re considering. If you have any questions that you want answered from a volunteer’s perspective, these groups have been created to help you.

How to choose a volunteer organization - volunteer in India

5. Consider the volunteering opportunities

Considering whether the volunteer organization has suitable project opportunities to match your unique skill set can also support you in choosing the right organization. If you’re not sure which type of project to choose, or where you should travel to, there are handy resources available to help to point you in the right direction. Consider which type of volunteer work you’re best suited to with this quiz, or explore which country you should volunteer in here. If you have university course requirements to meet as part of your volunteer program, contact the volunteer organization to find out how the projects available can support you in meeting these requirements. Also, make sure that the time you have available to participate in a volunteer project matches up with the program durations that the volunteer organization can accommodate. IVHQ volunteers can choose to participate in projects ranging from 1 week to 6 months, and some projects have minimum project durations to keep in mind.

How to choose a volunteer organization - consider the opportunities

6. Look at what support will be provided

You want to know that you’re going to be well supported before and after departing to volunteer abroad, and feel confident that the organization can deliver on providing adequate pre-departure and in-country support services. Will you be connected with a member of that organization to answer your questions before departing? Will be provided with additional support services upon registering? Will you have access to support once you arrive to your program? All registered IVHQ volunteers are connected with an experienced Program Manager to guide them through the pre-departure process and ensure they have all the information and support they need to prepare properly. All IVHQ volunteers are also granted access to a MyIVHQ account which provides registered volunteers with access to three interactive training modules, pre-departure checklists, and a downloadable information booklet.

To sum up how to choose the best volunteer organization for you, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Remember like all forms of travel, volunteering abroad does costs money, but costs can vary greatly between organizations. Make sure the fees are affordable and you know where they’re going.
  • Ensure that the projects have been developed with and among the community, and are focused on building skills and capabilities within that community.
  • Research reviews for the volunteer organization, using social media to support your research.
  • Think about how you can apply your existing skills and experience to make the most impact, and choose an organization that provides the type of projects that will allow you to do so.
  • Ensure you are satisfied with the level of support you will receive before, during and after your program. If in doubt about what support is offered, contact the volunteer organization for clarification.

If you have any questions about volunteering abroad with International Volunteer HQ, you can contact our team of Volunteer Travel Specialists here.

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