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Volunteer Vacations Abroad

Top Inexpensive Volunteer Vacations Abroad

Volunteer vacations are a meaningful way to travel. Whether you have 1 week or 24 weeks to offer, you can take a volunteer vacation in over 40 destinations at any time of the year with International Volunteer HQ. Our inexpensive volunteer vacations are available for families, singles and seniors and you can choose from a wide range of volunteer project opportunities.

Here are the volunteer projects you can join for a volunteer vacation:

  • Childcare
  • Teaching
  • Medical and Health
  • Wildlife and Animal Care
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Construction and Renovation
  • Arts and Music
  • Sports
  • NGO Support
  • Community Development
  • Elderly Care
  • Special Needs Care

With International Volunteer HQ, you’ll pair your passion for exploring the world with a volunteer opportunity abroad, immersing yourself in a culture and being part of authentic, worthwhile experiences. That’s volunteer vacations summed up!

Volunteer vacations not only allow you to discover new countries, but are also a rewarding experience for both you, and the community that you will be immersed in. International Volunteer HQ has supported more than 80,000 travelers on inexpensive volunteer vacations. We know that it’s important for you to match your skills and passions with a volunteer project, and you can trust IVHQ has a volunteer opportunity that’s a good fit for you. So if you want to set off in confidence, keep reading our collection of the best volunteer vacations abroad…

Which statement fits you best?

Affordable volunteer vacations for adults

Volunteer Vacations For Adults

IVHQ’s volunteer vacations for adults are an awesome option for anyone looking to explore the world and add meaning to their travel experience. Opting for volunteer vacations for singles also means that you won’t need to pay a single supplement fee. IVHQ’s accommodation works so that you’ll be housed with other like-minded volunteers from around the globe. Typically, you will find yourself in a dormitory-style volunteer house, so you can say goodbye to that looming headache of having to find someone to room with you and split the cost! You’ll also skip that awkward phase of being alone while abroad, as your those volunteers starting at the same time as you will quickly become your close friends. As a group you’ll make the most of your time abroad and quickly arrange weekend activities. The following IVHQ programs are recommended for solo travelers, but no matter which program you choose, you’ll have a life changing experience and the chance to work alongside local people on community-led projects.

Vacation in Bali:

  • 6 meaningful project options
  • Accommodation in volunteer houses
  • Between 40 and 80 volunteers start in Bali each month
  • Breathtaking beaches, vast views across rice fields and a harmonious mindset

Vacation in Sri Lanka:

  • 8 meaningful project options including Temple Renovation and Wild Elephant Conservation
  • Accommodation in volunteer houses and homestay
  • Between 10 and 40 volunteers start in Sri Lanka each month
  • Adventure, epic train journeys and tropical seas

Affordable volunteer vacations with animals

Volunteer Vacations With Animals

Animals, travel and giving back - it’s the perfect combination. And, a volunteer vacation can give you all that! Animal lovers can work in shelters and provide support in feeding, caring for, and playing with the animals, as well as helping with cleaning and facility maintenance. If you have a passion for environmental conservation, you can play a part in improving the protected natural habitats of wildlife around the globe. The possibilities are endless. Here are two of our animal focused programs to consider for your next volunteer vacation….

Vacation in Mexico:

  • Meaningful Animal Care/Animal Rights project
  • Working alongside the limited staff at an animal shelter to bathe, brush, train, walk, and play with the cats and dogs to prepare them for adoption
  • Between 5 and 15 volunteers start in Mexico each month
  • Tropical temperatures, impressive Mayan ruins and crystal blue waters

Vacation in Victoria Falls:

  • Unique Wildlife Conservation project
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience in conservation management activities and assist with on-going research in a private game reserve
  • Between 10 and 40 volunteers start in Victoria Falls each month
  • A natural wonder of the world at your door-step, awe-inspiring wildlife and thrilling adventures!

Affordable family volunteer vacations

Family Volunteer Trips

Volunteer vacations for families expand global awareness and appreciation for different cultures, while teaching you and your children valuable life skills, including how to travel responsibly and work effectively as a team. IVHQ offers a range of volunteer abroad programs suitable for parents who would like to volunteer abroad with children as part of a family volunteer vacation. IVHQ recommends that families with children under the age of 15 look at programs which offer home-stay accommodation, rather than those which offer dormitory-style accommodation. This provides families with greater privacy and the opportunity to be accommodated together in private rooms. Our friendly Volunteer Program Consultants are happy to support you in selecting the volunteer abroad program best suited to the ages and abilities of your children and your family travel desires so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise, here are two volunteer holidays for families to consider…

Vacation in China:

  • Separate accommodation can be arranged for your family
  • Ability to arrange projects that are the perfect fit for volunteering overseas with children, ensuring volunteer work hours are suitable for younger ones.
  • Terracotta Warriors, fascinating markets and a dynasty show dinner being popular free-time activities for family volunteer groups

Vacation in Ecuador:

  • Your family will be accommodated together in a homestay with a local family
  • There are a number of volunteer projects suitable for families in Ecuador, with the top recommendation being the Street Children Support project
  • Explore the Galapagos Islands, colonial towns and local markets

Affordable senior volunteer vacations

Volunteer Vacations For Seniors

With age comes experience, knowledge and patience; skills that will hold you in good stead for volunteering abroad. At IVHQ, we are seeing an increase in seniors taking volunteer vacations abroad, and this is making a positive and powerful impact on the local communities in which we operate. Combining your interest in travel with your energy, skills and need to give-back makes taking charity holidays abroad an easy decision. And, your contribution will be highly valued by local communities, as are the skills you bring to the volunteer group dynamic. IVHQ’s programs cater to everyone, with a growing number of seniors deciding to go further and see more as a volunteer.

Vacation in South Africa:

  • Offers peace and tranquillity for the conservation-minded volunteer
  • Accommodation in a friendly and comfortable volunteer house
  • Stunning landscapes, endless opportunities for weekend safaris and travel
  • Not to mention language barriers won’t be a problem for English speakers

Vacation in Peru - Cusco:

  • Home-stay accommodation offers an immersive and personal experience
  • 10 meaningful project options so you can find the right program for you
  • Endless opportunities to interact with, and learn from, other cultures and people
  • Easy access to incredible sights and unlimited weekend activities

To continue researching your volunteer vacation, be sure to browse all of IVHQ’s volunteer abroad programs, or start your volunteer journey by applying below.

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