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7 Reasons To Volunteer In The Philippines

Keen on the Philippines? You can now volunteer here with International Volunteer HQ!

Living and working within the Calinan District of Davao, IVHQ volunteers can choose from a variety of projects, including Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Special Needs, Working with Hill Tribes and Construction and Renovation. 

Why should you join IVHQ in the Philippines? Here are our Top 7 reasons...

1. The People

The Filipino people are friendly, happy and exceptionally welcoming. From the moment you arrive at Davao airport, you'll be greeted by beaming smiles from our local team. During your one week orientation, you'll be introduced to local facilities, weekend travel opportunities, and the staff you'll be working with at your volunteer placement. You'll quickly learn that all the locals you meet are just as welcoming as the IVHQ staff, and you'll feel at home within a matter of days!

Meet the friendly locals as a volunteer in the Philippines with IVHQ


2. Authentic Experiences

As an IVHQ volunteer on the Working with Hill Tribes project, you'll experience total cultural immersion in a hill tribe community. You'll live and work within a local village and learn and live the culture of indigenous Filipino hill tribes.

If you're open to a challenge and enjoy variety in your working day, this is the project for you! Daily tasks can include everything from farming and renovation work, to teaching and childcare!

Volunteer in a Philippine Hill Tribe with IVHQ


3. The Natural Beauty

The islands of the Philippines are simply stunning. Nothing compares to the pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that offer incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities, along with the awesome hiking adventures up any of the Philippines' 37 volcanos! Add to the mix - sparkling waterfalls and a diverse range of wildlife (including the cute Philippine Tarsier - the smallest monkey in the world). Over your IVHQ weekends, you're sure to discover why nature lovers love the Philippines...

Discover the natural beauty of the Philippines as a volunteer abroad with IVHQ


4. Insightful Medical Opps

The IVHQ Philippines program offers special opportunities to Medical volunteers of all backgrounds to immerse themselves within a small hospital in the Calinan community. Despite the small size of the hospital, it still serves around 100 patients per day, in a community of over 70,000 people.

The local medical staff are well trained in working with international volunteers, and can offer you a privileged insight into Filipino medical practices. 

Become a medical volunteer in the Philippines with IVHQ


5. Weekend Adventures

In and around the community where our volunteer program is based, you can tempt your taste buds at the local markets, conquer the Philippines' highest peak (Mt Apo), or battle the rapids on a rafting tour!

If time's on your side, you can head to Davao City to go shopping, chill on the beach or enjoy a night out! Plus you're able to take a small boat ride from Davao City to explore Samal Island with more yet beaches, beautiful waterfalls and a water fun park! 

Air travel is also relatively cheap in the Philippines, so why not jump on a flight to the bustling Manila (and visit the largest mall in Asia!), or any of the dozens of stunning locations that the Philippines has to offer? If this all seems a bit overwhelming, just wait until you arrive in the Philippines, where our local staff will be happy to introduce you to all of these fabulous weekend options during your program orientation.

Visit the beaches in the Philippines during your weekend as a volunteer with IVHQ


6. It's Cheap!

The Philippines are extremely affordable to visit and volunteer (thanks to IVHQ's affordable volunteer program fees). In the Philippines, you can buy four bottles of water for US$1.60, grab a selection of three pastries from a local bakery for around $USD0.50, try a local coconut treat called a Buko Halo-Halo for US$2.20, or treat yourself to a coffee just like you're used to at home for only US$1.30!

Remember that your accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are covered in your program fees, meaning you're in for a very cheap stay!

Shopping affordably at the markets in the Philippines as an IVHQ volunteer


7. No Language Barriers

The majority of the population in the Philippines speaks English, and it is the preferred language for government documents and schooling. If it's your first time volunteering or traveling abroad, this is a major advantage in ensuring an easy stay! The locals still appreciate your efforts in practicing the Filipino language (a simple greeting of 'Kumasta' should score you some points!), but locals will commonly use English in day-to-day conversations with you.

As a Teaching or Childcare volunteer in the Philippines, you'll have the opportunity to assist the local children in developing essential English skills at an early age, which in turn will assist them throughout their education and as they enter the working world later in life.

Volunteer as a teacher in the Philippines with IVHQ


Visit our volunteer in the Philippines page, photo gallery or view the short video below for more inspiration and information on becoming a volunteer in the Philippines. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the friendliest countries in the world!

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