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Volunteer Certificates

Enroll in the Certificate in International Volunteering

Are you confident you understand your role as a volunteer?

Do you know what responsible volunteering entails, and how to be an effective and responsible volunteer?

To help you upskill before you go, International Volunteer HQ has partnered with Global Travel Academy to offer affordable online training. The Certificate in International Volunteering is a fun and informative online course, it’s the quick and easy way to ensure you know how to handle the challenges you’ll face while abroad. With 80% of IVHQ volunteers taking part in this course, we have had amazing feedback from the projects on the ground who appreciate the extra effort our volunteers have gone through to get prepared.

So sit back, watch some epic travel footage, and let Global Travel Academy teach you everything you need to know to ensure your volunteer abroad trip is a success.

The Certificate in International Volunteering is a 3 hour online course, compatible with all devices and highly recommended for all IVHQ volunteers.


Are you a first time, solo or nervous traveler? Then go one step further and take the Travel Health and Safety course. This course is online, takes 2 hours and will teach you the knowledge needed to stay healthy and safety while traveling abroad.


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