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Volunteer Abroad Reviews

Alondra Corona
Nationality: American
Age: 20
Program: South Africa
Project: Childcare
Date: June 2013 - 6 weeks

I traveled to SA in 2013. I was 18 years old and traveled alone. It was one of the best things I've ever done. I volunteered in the childcare program for 6 weeks and I got to spend time with the cutest little kids. They were very welcoming and as the weeks flew by I got to know each one individually. It was really sad when I had to leave :( The volunteers were very friendly and outgoing. I made life-long friends while coming here. I really do recommend South Africa. I promise you wont regret it. I also recommend shark cage diving in the great white shark capital, and bunji jumping Africa's highest bridge!!

Paige Wheeler
Nationality: American
Age: 26
Program: Laos
Project: Construction and Renovation
Date: March 2015 - 2 weeks

I feel that my time fixing chairs at the School for the Deaf and Blind were appreciated and worthwhile. Many students would hang out with us while we worked and some even pitched in to help us fix the chairs. The accommodation was fine, the room had good air conditioning and was not cramped. The beds were firm, but good. The food was tasty. The best parts were riding a bike along Ave Lang Xang in the evenings when this main thoroughfare is mostly empty.

Nikisha Smith
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21
Program: Fiji
Project: Turtle Conservation
Date: February 2015 - 3 weeks

The local staff were outstanding and so friendly and welcoming. I created close bonds with all of them especially at our placement. The accommodation was amazing. I was so happy to be living in the local community and we had lovely beds, storage and toilets that flushed - what's not to like! I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. There was not a dull moment. I loved the waterfalls, the schools, going to town, lobo, turtles and helping in the community.

Maaran Michael Rajah
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 23
Program: Italy
Project: NGO Support
Date: March 2015 - 3 weeks

I got exactly what I wanted from the NGO support project. I learned a lot about the local community and I felt that I had a positive impact. The accommodation was great. Our host was wonderful. The rooms were very comfortable. The highlights were hanging out with the other volunteers, meeting friendly locals and going out on outreach trips through my NGO Support placement organization

I really enjoyed my time in Italy mostly because of the wonderful people I got to work with. Sara was a wonderful supervisor; she was always accessible and she really went out of her way to make sure my placement and accommodation was comfortable. The people at my placement were also wonderful people and I really enjoyed working with them that I extended my trip by a week. My only regret was that I could not stay longer.

Tyrone Harriett
Nationality: British
Age: 23
Program: Brazil
Project: Community Development
Date: January 2015 - 10 weeks

I think both IVHQ and their partner organisation in country we were fantastic. Every question I had was answered almost straight away with the best advice. I do feel that our placement appreciated us. The children were amazing. I felt that we learnt a lot from them as they did from us! Carnaval week in Rio has be the highlight of the trip. I will certainly be back next year!

Chris Carroll
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 20
Program: Argentina
Project: Childcare
Date: December 2014 - 8 weeks

The project was definitely good for the community and I think I became almost a part of the community after my two months. Food was nice, accommodation was good. The best part was becoming near fluent (by the end) in the language and thus becoming very close with the children and locals working at the project. 

Sonika Singh
Nationality: Indian
Age: 21
Program: India - Dharamsala
Project: Teaching English
Date: March 2015 - 2 weeks

The host family took us as children of their own. My wisdom teeth grew in the first weekend and even with the pain, I could not stop smiling. The home stay is beautiful, the village is beyond explanation and the monastery is magical.

Macy Helm
Nationality: American
Age: 20
Program: India - Dharamsala
Project: Teaching English
Date: March 2015 - 2 weeks

This experience has been life changing. The monastery are incredible and teaching has been beyond rewarding. The monks are absolutely brilliant and want to learn. The home stay was incredible. I have never been treated with such gracious open arms. I have done 3 other home stay in the past and this is easily the best one. The family is unbelievably caring and I have never felt so at home. I would return to Bir in a heart beat and I'm beyond grateful for what IVHQ has set up here.

Katelyn Rowland
Nationality: American
Age: 28
Program: India - Delhi
Project: Health
Date: February 2015 - 6 weeks

Where to begin? It was such a good experience! My host family was the best I have ever stayed with so sweet, kind and helpful. They treated me like family and were always looking out for me. We were provided all we needed at the wonderful apartment and three delicious meal a day. On the health project we were given a chance to see many sides of Indian healthcare system and all of our questions were answered answered. I was so impressed with each placement and learned so much. It was very good that for as a brand new nurse with so little clinical experience I was given a chance to learn so much. Overall I had a wonderful experience with IVHQ in Faridabad and wish I could have stayed longer.

Chandupa Abeyratna
Nationality: American
Age: 19
Program: Sri Lanka
Project: Teaching
Date: March 2015 - 2 weeks

I spent 2 weeks in Kandy doing the Teaching project, in the preschool and the girls' orphanage, and I loved every minute I was there. In the mornings, I would work in the preschool. Here, I would help the teachers conduct their school activities, and made sure that the children were paying attention and taking part. They are only 3-4 years old and there's about 30 of them, so there are times when they become a little uncontrollable and you would have to help to make sure they behave. But they're very sweet and love asking questions. Then, in the afternoon, I would go to the girls' orphanage. Here, I worked on sewing projects with 4 of the girls. I don't know how to sew, but that wasn't really a problem, because the girls are very good at it. We made a lot of things together. The accommodation was way better than I was expecting. Every room had a bathroom (yes, there's hot water!), the house was neat, the food was excellent, and the staff and coordinators were always extremely helpful.