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Volunteer Abroad Reviews

Heather Sinclair
Nationality: Australian
Age: 20
Program: Fiji
Project: Kindergarten
Date: March 2016 - 5 weeks

I went over to Fiji to do kindergarten as a very nervous 19 year old and had the most amazing experience of my entire life! Everything I read about Fijians being the nicest people in the world was true I didn't have a single problem the entire time. The staff went out of their way constantly to make sure everyone was happy and I met some outstanding people from all over the world. I would recommend this to anyone who loves being hot 24 hours of the day, beautiful beaches, loud music, happy people and the cutest kids in the entire world.

Bridgitte Rueda
Nationality: American
Age: 22
Program: Portugal
Project: Food Rescue
Date: May 2016 - 1 week

Volunteering in Portugal led me to meet the most amazing people with similar ideals to me and travel a beautiful country. The work I did was so beneficial to the neediest people in Portugal and I am proud to say that I contributed to that.

Francesca Fiennes
Nationality: British
Age: 20
Program: Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh
Project: Special Needs/Childcare
Date: April 2016 - 5 weeks

I overall really enjoyed volunteering in Ho Chi Minh. I loved my daycare placement, and it was really rewarding making activities for the children and​ seeing them progress over time. I had several special moments and​ cried with the staff when I left. I would recommend being​ realistic about the impact you can have if you are only going for​ two weeks or three. Consider at least a full month so that you​ can get to know your placement before you can see yourself making​ a difference. The orientation week was very interesting, the​ restaurant way above my expectations and nice hostel-like​ accommodation. I made friends for life, really bonded with the​ local staff and enjoyed staying in a Vietnamese only district.​ Vietnam, it's not goodbye!!!

Wilma DeLongchamp
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 66
Program: Victoria Falls
Project: Wildlife Conservation
Date: April 2016 - 2 weeks

Highly worthwhile endeavor! Couldn't have asked for a better team to work with!

Anita Andrew
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 22
Program: Brazil
Project: Childcare
Date: May 2016 - 2 weeks

I thought the team was amazing, they were always there to support you and help you in anything that you needed. If there was something that you needed they would always do their best to accommodate you. My favorite part was definitely just being in the favela with my placement. Everything about it was amazing. I learned so much about not only Brazil but about myself and it is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. The children are so amazing and lovely, they are so compassionate and the staff there are so supportive through everything that you do.

Catarina Duarte
Nationality: Portuguese
Age: 32
Program: Mexico
Project: Childcare
Date: May 2016 - 1 week

Volunteering abroad and having the chance to immerse in the country's culture is a wonderful experience. It has been very rewarding to work with children and to meet new people. I only regret not staying longer! I'm looking forward to my next volunteering experience! 

Joanne Leung
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 25
Program: Guatemala
Project: Medical
Date: April 2016 - 3 weeks

I packed my backpack, left the comfort of my little bubble in Canada, and traveled 6200 kilometres away to a land that spoke an unfamiliar language and worked in a clinic that is far too underfunded for the services it provides. The 3 weeks I spent volunteering were the most memorable of my life thus far and I have to thank International Volunteer HQ, their local team in Guatemala, and all the staff at my placement for everything they've done. I've made life long friends and discovered a new part of myself.

Elizabeth Fuller
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21
Program: Vietnam - Hanoi
Project: Teaching English
Date: April 2016 - 2 weeks

As cliche as it is to say, volunteering in Vietnam was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being in a country that spoke an entirely foreign language with its own set of cultural norms was initially challenging and intimidating, however my program coordinator was extremely supportive and helped me resolve any concerns regardless of how big or small they were. The program that I was involved in was teaching English to university students in Hanoi, as well as nurses and doctors at a local hospital. As a third year university student myself, spending time with the students provided me with a local insight into an alternate way of life / education system, cultural values and first-hand perspective on Vietnam that I couldn't possibly have garnered from a tourist experience. The students' enthusiasm for learning English and warmth towards the volunteers was very humbling (after lessons, they often invited us to join them for lunch or dessert!!) and allowed me to see the real impact of my work, as English skills directly impacted on their job prospects of employment in a incredibly competitive job market. I cannot recommend this program enough - being immersed in a country as culturally rich as Vietnam was eye-opening, challenging and infinitely rewarding. I wish that I could relive my experience all over again!

Sarah Carriere
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 21
Program: China
Project: Special Needs Care
Date: April 2016 - 4 weeks

The local team was excellent in every way - above and beyond expected. Food was always prepared in a clean environment and was tasty to eat. Meal times were laid out and easy for volunteers to understand and attend, they worked well with the schedule. My favorite moment of the trip was spending time with the students. After teaching the students for a few weeks it was amazing to see what they were learning from myself and other volunteers. The students were so lovely. The staff at the school made me feel very welcome and comfortable always. The staff would literally run to get things for you. Overall China has been a live changing experience and I can not wait to go back to China and explore other parts of the world though IVHQ. I think it would be helpful for other volunteers to learn some of the local language. It may also be useful to research tourist sites they wish to visit before hand.

Lauren Zibura
Nationality: American
Age: 29
Program: Bali - Ubud
Project: Healthcare Education
Date: April 2016 - 2 weeks

I have to say that I am beyond words for my gratitude and the appreciation I have for my opportunity in Ubud. It was amazing learning about the culture and language the first week and participating in some major Balinese ceremonies. It was beautiful. The volunteer time at the schools was also great. Thank you for this opportunity to help others and grow and learn so much personally.


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