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Online Volunteering Certificate with the Global Travel Academy

Take a virtual volunteering course from home to prep for your next adventure

Get a Certification in International Volunteering with this online volunteering course

The Certificate in International Volunteering online course from the Global Travel Academy is a virtual volunteering experience that you can take part in from home in preparation for your next volunteer abroad trip.

This will enable you to experience the world and be immersed in new cultures from your laptop, while learning about responsible volunteering and getting a taste of what’s to come before you go abroad!

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Why do an internship abroad with Intern Abroad HQ

Why do the Certificate of International Volunteering?

The aim of this course is to kickstart your journey before you leave home and ensure that you have a safe, impactful and inspiring experience.

  • Get exclusive insider info - Global Travel Academy courses are curated by travel industry experts and experienced professionals sharing their insider knowledge and untapped resources.
  • Build confidence as a traveler - Learn how to solve common challenges, develop a traveler’s mindset and get the most out of your volunteer experience.
  • Be a safe and responsible volunteer - The course arms you with advice, techniques and tools to ensure you are a safe, healthy and responsible traveler.
  • Learn skills for life - Nurture invaluable communication, leadership and problem-solving skills that will stick with you and are transferable to other areas of life!
  • Gain professional development - Develop skills favored by employers and use your certificate to boost your resume, LinkedIn profile or job applications.
  • The research is done for you - Receive links to trusted organizations within the travel and volunteer industries so you don’t have to start your research from scratch.
  • Get inspired for future adventures - The virtual volunteer experience features real-life travel situations all over the world, showing you what life on the road is like.
  • Flexible and accessible - The course can be completed on any device at your own pace, and you’ll receive access to an online resource center to help you plan trips.
What you can expect on the International Volunteering course

What to expect on the international volunteering online course

The Certificate in International Volunteering is a 3-hour interactive course priced as low as US$149. Through this online certification course, you’ll join travel gurus Reuben and Chloe on their volunteer journey through twelve countries, immersing yourself in new cultures and gaining a fresh global perspective. You’ll feel as though you’re right beside them throughout this virtual training experience, as they share their knowledge on international volunteering best practice, while interviewing travel experts and demonstrating how to handle real-life challenges on the road.

Upon completing the course, you’ll receive a Certificate in International Volunteering, which you can add to your resume, job and college applications!

Why get certified with Global Travel Academy?

Why get certified with the Global Travel Academy?

The Global Travel Academy uses a mix of immersive videos, interactive quizzes, reflective learning activities and downloadable resources to give you a virtual tour of volunteering abroad. The aim of the training is to kickstart your journey before you leave home and ensure that you have a safe, impactful and inspiring experience. The course was created by responsible travel experts and presents you with real world situations, so that you can learn how to best handle the challenges you may face when volunteering abroad.

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