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Everything You Want To Know About Volunteering Abroad In Latin America

Interested in volunteering abroad with IVHQ but missed our latest webinar? Don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to view our latest webinar Everything You Want To Know About Volunteering Abroad In Latin America.

During our webinar, we covered the most frequently asked questions from IVHQ volunteers and addressed the following topics:

  • How to choose your volunteer destination and project
  • What to expect when volunteering in Latin America, including accommodation, WIFI access and food
  • What clothes should you wear at your placement
  • An overview of the weather in Latin America
  • The requirements of becoming an IVHQ volunteer in Latin America
  • Why you need travel insurance as a volunteer in Latin America
  • An overview of the visa and vaccination requirements for traveling to Latin America
  • How to connect with other IVHQ volunteers and prepare for your trip
  • Where to find IVHQ reviews online
  • Ideas on how to spend your freetime and weekends while volunteering in Latin America with IVHQ

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