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Free-Time Experiences & Tours for IVHQ volunteers in the Galapagos Islands

IVHQ Free-Time Experiences & Tours In the Galapagos Islands

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and take your volunteer program in the Galapagos Islands to the next level? You won’t want to miss out on these experiences - available exclusively to IVHQ volunteers as add-ons.

If you’ve already registered for an IVHQ program, these must-do experiences and tours can easily be added to your trip via your MyIVHQ profile.

No experiences or tours in Galapagos Islands, yet...

No experiences or tours for Galapagos Islands, yet...

How to book IVHQ experiences

How to book IVHQ experiences

  • You need to apply and register for an IVHQ volunteer program before you can book IVHQ experiences and tours.

  • Once you have paid your Registration Fee to secure your place on your chosen IVHQ volunteer program, you’ll be able to book your experiences and tours in your MyIVHQ account.