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Diploma in International Volunteering

Diploma in International Volunteering

Are you planning a volunteer abroad trip but would like to add academic recognition? Or would a formal qualification in international volunteering help you pursue a career in this field?

International Volunteer HQ will soon launch a new Diploma in International Volunteering, developed in partnership with the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies. This is an accredited international credit-bearing qualification that combines volunteering with academic study for an immersive service learning experience abroad.

At just $850 USD for the entire course, this is the most affordable, exciting and immersive way to gain additional college credits! Register your interest now to be among the first to be invited to apply when we launch later this year.

Centre for Global Citizenship Studies
International Volunteer HQ

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Key benefits

Gain internationally recognized academic credits while you volunteer abroad

Stand out to employers with an accredited diploma qualification on your resume

Understand the cultural, social, political and religious impacts of volunteering

Understand the implications and responsibilities of local laws, and the rights of the individuals in the country of your volunteer placement

Identify relationship issues due to workplace culture, language, workload and cultural norms

Study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world while following your volunteering journey

Course overview

Diploma in International Volunteering

This is a UK accredited level 3 qualification that offers:
  • 41 academic credits in the UK
  • 10 academic credits in the United States
  • 20-21 academic credits in Europe


Learning outcome
Complete by
Module 1 Learn about how to prepare for an international volunteering placement 6 hours Online before your volunteer trip
Module 2 Explore how to plan for selection as an international volunteer 8 hours Online before your volunteer trip
Module 3 Focus on fundraising 8 hours Online before your volunteer trip
Module 4 Undertake and complete your volunteering abroad placement 26 hours 6 hours online study plus minimum 20 hours volunteering experience
Module 5 Reflect on your placement 8 hours Online after you've returned

Academic credits in other countries will vary according to the local system - contact your educational institution for guidance. Read more on academic credits here.

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Register your interest now in the form below to be one of the first we invite to apply for our new Diploma in International Volunteering. Provide us with your name and email and we’ll send you more information when we launch the program later this year.

Why get a Diploma in International Volunteering with IVHQ and the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies.

Why get a Diploma in International Volunteering

A Diploma in International volunteering is a great way to give back to local communities while getting academic recognition for the personal development and service learning journey you’ll go through as a volunteer with IVHQ.

Gaining academic credit is always beneficial, but doing this while volunteering can deepen your service learning experience on many levels. The diploma combines academia, travel, sustainability, global citizenship, project management and life experience - a unique combination of skills that will not only impress, but be formally recognized by universities and employers alike.

Regardless of your age and stage in life, a Diploma in International Volunteering is a globally-recognized and valuable asset you’ll have on your resume for the rest of your life.

How to achieve the International Volunteering Diploma qualification with IVHQ.

How do I earn an International Volunteering Diploma?

The Diploma in International Volunteering is an online course any IVHQ volunteer can complete virtually. The course will assist you before, during and after your volunteering journey with IVHQ. Upon completion, you’ll be able to gain academic credit and an accredited diploma-level qualification.

The course is comprises five modules:

  1. Learn about how to prepare for an international volunteering placement (6 hours)
  2. Explore how to plan for selection as an international volunteer (8 hours)
  3. Focus on fundraising (8 hours)
  4. Undertake and complete your volunteering abroad placement (6 hours online content + 20 hours minimum work placement)
  5. Reflect on your placement (8 hours)

The course requires students to volunteer abroad for a minimum of 2 weeks, and takes approximately 36 hours of additional study time to complete. It is designed to be flexible, meaning you can start and finish each module at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Each module has a combination of course notes, videos, recommended readings and compulsory assignments. Ideally the first 3 modules should be completed before you leave for your volunteering trip. The 4th module is completed during your volunteering abroad trip, and the 5th is done when you return. All five must be completed to receive course credit. Check out the course details summary above.

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Transfering your Diploma in International Volunteering acaedmic credit with IVHQ.

How can I transfer my academic credit?

Around the world, academic course credits are measured in different ways.

The International Volunteering Diploma is a level 3 diploma, accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN). While the course is based out of the UK, all credits are transferable internationally regardless of where you are from and what university or college you attend.

The NOCN Level 3 Diploma in International Volunteering is a 41 credit (TQT) qualification, including 173 Guided Learning Hours (GLH).

In Europe, this qualification would equal 20-21 academic credits*.

In the US, this qualification would equal 10 academic credits*.

For the rest of the world, the number of academic credits you’ll earn will vary across countries but the academic value of the diploma should still be recognized and accepted by your university.

*For US and European students, please check with your home university’s credit system to determine the credit transfer. The calculations above have been based on industry averages, but every institution is different and may have its own credit matching criteria.

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