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IVHQ Booster Grant Recipient - CRIA
IVHQ Booster Grant Recipient - CRIA

Project: Working with Children
Program: Mexico

What do IVHQ volunteers do at this placement?
CRIA is a facility for young men in Merida, Mexico, who for a variety of reasons cannot live at home with their parents. CRIA is a place where young men are provided with a place to live, an education, and a safe environment where they can grow and develop life skills until the age of 18. CRIA is an independent facility that relies on the goodwill of dedicated volunteers and donations of food and clothing to operate. The young men are supervised by a team of permanent volunteers who perform a variety of daily duties with the assistance of IVHQ volunteers to ensure the students are provided with life’s necessities. They also mentor the young men, empowering them to build a fulfilling life despite their challenging upbringing.

Who runs this placement?
CRIA was established by a psychologist, Dr. Joaquin Manuel Torres Aburto, in 2010 and is currently run by the director, Wilbert Solis, who is also a full-time volunteer at CRIA.

IVHQ Booster Grant Recipient - CRIA

How will the IVHQ Booster Awards money be used to benefit this placement?
The money from the Booster Awards will be used in multiple ways. A portion of the money will be used to provide the young men with clothing and shoes and assist with the daily operating costs of the home, including the purchase of food. Any remaining money would be invested in funding a long-term project focused on building another facility to help more young men in the Yucatán.

What is the long-term vision for this placement?
The long-term vision of CRIA is to collaborate with other local organizations working with at risk youth in the Yucatán area and build facilities to accommodate this collaboration and provide assistance to more youth in Mexico.

IVHQ Booster Grant Recipient - CRIA

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