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IVHQ Booster Grants

IVHQ Booster Grants

This year, the IVHQ Fund is awarding a total of US$12,000 in Booster Grants to support projects that our volunteers are placed on to achieve long-terms goals. The Booster Grants help projects to invest in initiatives that will ensure they thrive and grow in the long-term.

We are seeking volunteer proposals that are focused on supporting existing projects to address community issues, such as education, healthcare, economic development and conservation. These proposals must be focused on bringing about long-term and sustainable positive outcomes for projects and local communities in which IVHQ volunteers are placed.

All IVHQers are eligible to submit a proposal for a Booster Grant of up to US$3,000 by outlining how it could be utilized to give their project a boost.

Whether you are placed in an school, childcare center, community clinic, or NGO, IVHQ is accepting proposals for all projects in need of a sustainable boost.

Every three months, IVHQ will select one proposal to receive a Booster Grant of up to US$3,000 from the IVHQ Fund to be invested in the proposed initiative.

Visit our Booster Grants Recipients page to see how the grants are being invested.

IVHQ Booster Grants Selection Criteria

  • Proposals can only be accepted from previous or current IVHQ volunteers.
  • Proposals must be approved by IVHQ’s partner organization in the relevant country to confirm the feasibility of the proposals.
  • The decision regarding the IVHQ Booster Grants recipients depends on the need of the project, the number of people supported, and the sustainability of the proposal.
  • IVHQ Booster Grants can not be allocated towards paying salaries or operating costs of projects.
  • The level of the Booster Grant (up to US$3,000) will depend on the costs involved in the particular proposal, as confirmed by IVHQ’s partner organization in the relevant country.

All payments for the IVHQ Booster Grants are made to IVHQ’s partner organization in the country in which the winning projects are located, to ensure the money is invested in the proposed initiatives.

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