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Charity Work Abroad

Charity work in Brazil

Every year over 15,000 people choose to do charity work abroad with IVHQ. Here’s why:

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) offers affordable, safe and responsible charity work opportunities in over 50 different destinations including, Bali, Costa Rica, South Africa, Italy, Peru, Nepal, Kenya and Greece.

Participating in charity work abroad enables you to immerse yourself in a foreign culture while supporting charitable initiatives that make a difference within your host community. You can take a charity trip abroad with IVHQ to over 50 destinations across Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and the Pacific.

With highly affordable program fees and over 16 years of experience in hosting international volunteers, IVHQ is proud to be the organization of choice for individuals and groups looking to do charity work abroad.

You can take a charity trip with IVHQ for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks and choose from a variety of projects, including Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Community Development, Construction and Renovation, Turtle Conservation and Wildlife Conservation. Projects are available year-round, so whether you want to take a charity trip in summer, during winter, or over spring break, IVHQ has an affordable charity trip for you.

Charity work abroad in Kenya

With volunteer program fees starting from $20 per day including accommodation, you will not find a more affordable and trustworthy charity work organization. But don’t just take our word for it, read these recent reviews from other IVHQ volunteers:

I felt very suited to the work I was doing, and left feeling very fulfilled. I felt that the locals who I was working with were appreciative of my time and effort. I could see how my physical presence and assistance was helping the community. I have learned so much about the world, people, different cultures and lifestyles and my horizons have definitely expanded. I returned home with a newly found sense of confidence in myself and a stronger sense of direction for my life. My trip with IVHQ transformed me and absolutely changed me for the better, I feel like I’ve become the person I want to be. Ella Capek, 21 (Volunteer in Kenya)

I recently returned from a great trip to Sri Lanka. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I was extremely lucky with my home stay and lived in the jungle next to the longest river in Sri Lanka. The family were extremely welcoming and took good care of me. The food was fantastic and the family did everything possible to keep us well fed. I chose to help in a disabled childcare center and because I am a therapist I was able to do physiotherapy with the babies and small children. I was so happy with the project I stayed the entire 3 weeks. All in all I had a wonderful, and sometimes challenging experience. As a mature volunteer I felt prepared for whatever experiences life brought up and I was well prepared and well travelled. I would recommend this type of trip to anyone who wants to travel alone. Ruth Cartwright, 62 (Volunteer in Sri Lanka)

My experience in Ecuador was great and it exceeded all my expectations. Volunteering opened my mind to several things and changed my perspective about many subjects. The help we gave to the children was very valuable, and I feel the connections we made with them really made a difference. Juan Hurtado, 19 (Volunteer in Ecuador)


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