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Group Volunteer Abroad

Group Volunteer Abroad

Taking a group volunteer program abroad is easy with IVHQ! We’re experts in creating customized group volunteer trips for 8 or more individuals with student-led, faculty-led service learning, high school, corporate or specialist groups (such as medical students), as well as families and friends.

We plan and deliver programs that allow volunteering groups of 8 or more to make positive contributions to community projects, foster cross-cultural learning, develop team-building skills and expand personal perspective. Taking a customized approach to each group enables us to work with you on an itinerary that suits your plans and is backed by over 15 years of expertise in group volunteer travel.

You have the opportunity to choose from over 50+ programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Middle East and the Pacific. Work with our expert Volunteer Groups Team to find the right program for you.

At IVHQ, we create customized itineraries that provide a safe environment for group members to learn, grow and bond as a team. Groups that volunteer abroad with IVHQ choose us because of our affordable fees, tailored approach, unrivalled support and safety and our commitment to ethical and responsible volunteering.

We’re proud of the university, high school and corporate groups we’ve worked with in the past and the relationships we hold today. Looking for group volunteer ideas? Check out IVHQ’s Group Alumni and the reviews they’ve left.

Student-led volunteer groups

Our expert Volunteer Groups Team have been guiding student-led group trips since 2007. In that time, we’ve facilitated over 1,000 trips across our 50+ destinations - see a list of the student groups we’ve hosted here and read their reviews.

We work with you on your group’s preferences and use our expertise to guide you towards the volunteer program that’s best suited to your skills. We’ve worked with a wide range of student volunteer groups with specialist interests and skills, ranging in size from 8 group members up to 100.

Want to find out more? Make an inquiry today, so that we can provide you with all the necessary estimated budgets and itineraries, in order to secure the best possible option for your group. Once your plans are secured, we support your group every step of the way in the lead up to your program. We offer the full package, meaning we assist with flights, insurance and in-country tours.

Planning this experience couldn’t have been easier. IVHQ was fantastic to work with - they were proactive in their approach, insightful, had quick responses, and never tired from our many, many questions and sometimes last-minute changes within our group. If you’re looking to arrange a group, you will have peace of mind working with IVHQ. University of Michigan Honors Group Leader

Faculty-led volunteer groups

Every year, hundreds of faculty members trust IVHQ to deliver their volunteer programs around the world. Our tailored approach to meeting faculty needs allows us to deliver the safest programs, backed by a schedule that enables tangible learning outcomes and full immersion in a new culture, enhancing global perspective.

Check out IVHQ’s Faculty-led Group Alumni here and read the reviews they’ve left.

Our tailored approach starts with understanding the needs of your faculty by providing detailed estimates and itineraries that allow you to move forward with confidence in your planning. Our affordable fees and flexible payment schedules mean programs are attainable for students and we can work with you on package options.

From the moment you make an inquiry with IVHQ, our Volunteer Groups Team offer you full support in your volunteer planning, including:

  • Putting together weekly schedules (volunteering, accommodation and meals)
  • Booking flights and insurance
  • Organizing transport
  • Booking tours

If you’re seeking a hassle-free way to provide your students with a life changing experience, send us an inquiry today today.

Our group of 27 students all absolutely loved volunteering in Ecuador through IVHQ and we would strongly recommend that other colleges and university groups volunteer with IVHQ! Our students were able to actually make an impact in another part of the world, and our volunteers were so moved by the experience that many are planning on returning to Ecuador through IVHQ once again! University at Albany, SUNY group to Ecuador

Medical volunteer groups

Volunteering abroad on a group medical campaign with IVHQ.

IVHQ’s Medical Campaigns provide groups with an opportunity to get outside hospitals and clinics to work within local communities that require much needed healthcare services. These campaigns are offered to groups with 8 or more members that have relevant experience in healthcare. The minimum requirement for group members is that they are in the early stages of training (pre-med, pre-nursing, pre-dental, pre-health, etc) with the exception of our Ghana program, which anyone can join.

Facilitated by our local teams, each group will be taken on a campaign that suits their specific skill sets, that contribute the greatest impact to the host community. We offer medical campaigns in the following destinations:

High school volunteer groups

Group high school volunteer programs provide students with a once in a lifetime opportunity - through immersion in another culture and giving back to community projects that match students’ skills or area of study.

Our high school programs require a ratio of one guardian to every 8 students. Guardians can be teachers/staff or parents that wish to take part in the program. Our team of volunteer travel experts have created customized group options for high schools from across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

Volunteers under the age of 18 are required to provide IVHQ with parental/guardian consent and two satisfactory character references in order to participate.

Send us an inquiry to discover what we can offer your high school group.

Corporate volunteer groups

Corporate volunteer opportunities with IVHQ enable organizations to develop critical skills, foster a culture of sustainability and widen CSR initiatives. Packages are designed with your expertise, skills and outcomes in mind.

With safe, responsible and affordable programs in more than 50 locations around the world, and expertise in employee engagement and corporate social responsibility, IVHQ can design bespoke international volunteer opportunities for corporate groups or individuals that deliver tangible value to your business while also having a positive impact in communities.

This program was by far the most rewarding experience of my career. It was incredible seeing the impact that we could make on these heartfelt organizations in our short time on the ground. I enjoyed the opportunity to be challenged on so many dimensions (culturally, language skills, project leadership, strategic thinking in a non-commercial context, etc.) while working with high-achieving, down-to-earth peers and leaders. Such a refreshing experience that I will always hold near and dear! Deborah Scheele, Deloitte Human Capital Consulting Group

Organizations that volunteer abroad see consistent benefits within their teams, key pillars include:

  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Develop essential skills and team culture
  • Foster creativity and innovation
  • Demonstrate your community impact

For all the corporates out there, I highly recommend this type of event through IVHQ – the impact on team culture and personal gratification was well worth the time. More importantly, the social impacts around supporting the local homeless people and providing some support for the sustainability of the operations for this NGO was appreciated. David Tein, Microsoft

Family volunteer groups

Not every family is cut out for a volunteering trip abroad, but you’re not like every family - you’re seeking a meaningful experience that allows you to give back to social causes, experience a new way of living, and provide your family with a refreshed global perspective.

When it comes to planning group volunteer trips for families, we guide you every step of the way and tailor our approach and recommendations based on your family dynamic. Whether you have young children or teenagers, we’ll find the perfect program to fit your skills and interests.

We take a budget-friendly approach to family trips and we can customize to suit your group based on the destinations you’re interested in.

Small volunteer groups (less than 8 people)

Looking to volunteer as a small group of less than 8 people? We can provide you with program recommendations for your group and help you to organize your dream volunteer trip!

Booking your volunteer trip as a group of 7 or less is simple:

  • Once you’ve chosen a volunteer destination, one person from your group will need to apply online first - this is free, takes a few minutes and there is no commitment needed at this stage.
  • Once someone from your group has applied, they will be able to invite others to join the group. This ensures that we can accommodate your group together.
  • Every group member will need to submit their own personal application. This enables members of the group to choose different projects from one another if desired and ensures that each individual meets the volunteer requirements of the program.

Best group volunteer programs abroad

Volunteer groups can participate in any of our 50+ programs from the regions below. You can find out more about the latest Covid-19 entry requirements here.

How to volunteer abroad as a group

Applying to volunteer as a group is simple! Once you have decided where to volunteer and which project your group would like to join, you can apply online. It’s free, only takes a few minutes and there is no commitment needed at this stage.

  • Large groups of 8 or more can get program recommendations from our Groups Team who will support you through the application process and help you plan your group trip.

  • Small groups of less than 8 can get program recommendations here. One person from the group needs to apply first to create the group. Then they can invite the rest of the members of their group to complete an application.

Contact our Groups team

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