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Why Does Volunteering Abroad Make Good Business Sense?

Corporate volunteering with IVHQ - Microsoft Group

“For all the corporates out there, I highly recommend this type of event through IVHQ – the impact on team culture and personal gratification was well worth the time. More importantly, the social impacts around supporting the local homeless people and providing some support for the sustainability of the operations for this NGO was appreciated.” - David Tein, Microsoft

Innovation. Cross-cultural understanding. Teamwork.

These are three of the key reasons that companies and other large organizations choose to offer their employees volunteering opportunities with IVHQ. We know our programs can help organizations to develop critical skills in their people, while also having a positive impact in a community – and that’s something we’re really proud of.

One of the things I love about working for IVHQ is the constant change that our organization goes through. We never sit still, and the volunteers and communities we work with continuously inspire us to evolve – they help us to do more for communities all over the world, and they push us to consider new ways of providing benefits to each and every volunteer that joins one of our programs.

A change we’ve made recently is to start working with a wider range of businesses, corporations and other large institutions. We are always being asked about how we can support groups of volunteers from these types of organizations to engage in meaningful volunteer experiences both at home and abroad, and we’re always excited to find new and innovative ways to support these groups to make a positive and sustainable contribution to one of our projects.

Large companies often approach us because they are looking for an opportunity for a group of employees to volunteer as part of a conference, for a personal development exercise, for a staff reward, or as part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. We have specialist expertise in these areas and we love helping organizations of all types to find value and purpose in volunteering.

We design customized projects that help organizations develop critical skills in their people, and to foster cultures of innovation and entrepreneurialism. Volunteering often requires people to work together in an unfamiliar setting to achieve great things, and the value of this experience for the people involved and for a community cannot be underestimated.

We recently supported a large group from Microsoft Corporation to undertake a one-day volunteer project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as part of a sales conference. The group supported our ‘feeding the homeless’ project by purchasing, preparing and serving more than 400 hot meals to local people living in poverty. Their contribution also enabled the project to continue employing local homeless people and funded the purchase of important ingredients for the project – enough to last it for a month.

If you’re interested in learning more about how IVHQ can help your organization to benefit from volunteering, contact our dedicated group volunteering team today:

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