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Volunteer Vacations for Seniors


There’s a whole world of opportunity for senior travelers yearning to get off the beaten track. Unbeknown to most, volunteering abroad can provide senior volunteers with a unique, enriching experience whilst exploring the most amazing places, and International Volunteer HQ is proud to offer a wide range of volunteer vacations for seniors.

We currently have senior travelers volunteering in some of the most fascinating and revered locations in the world - these volunteers are immersing themselves in foreign culture, all while having the constant and friendly support of the world’s most affordable and trusted volunteer organization, International Volunteer HQ.

A senior Turtle conservation volunteer in Bali with IVHQ

You may ask yourself, ‘What can I do to assist a community abroad?’ and the answer is, potentially more than you could when you were 20. With age comes experience, knowledge and patience; skills which our younger volunteers admire. At IVHQ we are seeing an increase in senior volunteers joining our volunteers programs abroad, and this is making a massive difference to the local communities in which we operate.

On many of our programs, you can choose the level of accommodation you would prefer, and whether it’s private rooms or homestays, you are always catered for with delicious local cuisine. Free-time travel options are vast and well organized by the local team around your volunteer work hours. Maybe now is the time to pull the trigger, kick start life and get involved in our volunteer vacations for seniors?

One of my greatest life experiences. My placement at a local school was even more than I could have hoped for. The staff there were fantastic and so appreciative. My homestay with Mama Julia was the best, I would only want to stay there with her if I was to return to Tanzania. I loved meeting the families of the children, receiving their gratitude, working with such appreciative staff and of course, the beautiful children that I got to know. Glenda Bernstein, 55 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Tanzania)

Senior IVHQ volunteer with International Volunteer HQ

Top Volunteer Vacations For Seniors


With famous breath-taking temples, fertile plains dotted with rice fields, and a history unlike any other, Cambodia is one of the most compelling volunteer locations in the world. Teaching English, Working with NGOs, Childcare and the Computer Support Program are projects that IVHQ offers in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the surrounding provinces, ensuring that you are volunteering in the cultural and historical heart of Cambodia.

The children love their school and would be on the streets if it was not for IVHQ and their partner in Cambodia. Seeing smiling faces each day and the children running to meet you made my day. Book your place. You will love it. Fiona Legge, 55 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Cambodia)

Costa Rica

One of the most bio-diverse countries in the world littered with volcanoes and surrounded with a beautiful coastline, and an unattainably long animal check-list, Costa Rica is a volunteer destination not to be missed! IVHQ’s projects extend from coffee production nestled in the tranquil mountains of Monteverde National Park, to Turtle Conservation on the stunning beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula. The vibrant capital city of San Jose is home to our Childcare, Construction and Renovation, Teaching English, Healthcare and Special Education projects.

The best aspect of our trip was the home stays, the family took very good care of us. The people were extremely warm and hospitable. I think the sea turtle project brings many benefits to the local community and I find the project work through IVHQ personally rewarding. Sarah Tenney Sharman, 54 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Costa Rica)

Senior IVHQ volunteers teach english volunteer abroad with International Volunteer HQ

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is filled with romantic landscapes, grafted by rising mountains, lush forests, gushing waterfalls, and postcard-like golden beaches, Sri Lanka really is the gem of the Indian Ocean. Kandy is home to IVHQ’s Teaching, Childcare, Elderly Care, Temple Renovation, and Medical projects, while the incredible Wild Elephant Conservation project is based in the Wasgamuwa National Park.

The local team were first class and Temple Renovation was perfect for me, meeting the monks and working with my fellow volunteers was absolutely fantastic. I will always remember it as one of the best times of my life. Paul Hyder, 53 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Sri Lanka)

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a magical city complete with history and beauty, nestled high in the scared valley and home to spectacular churches, Inca ruins and of course the launching pad for the ever majestical Machu Picchu. Volunteer projects are located in and around Cusco’s historical center with Teaching English, Childcare, Medical, Construction and Renovation and Special needs volunteer projects available. The Amazon Jungle Conservation project burrowed in the Amazon rain forest, offers peace and tranquillity for the conservation-minded volunteer.

I am so pleased with how organized, helpful, everyone is. Life is spectacular here and I enjoyed everything. I´m learning and love teaching some lovely girls! I am just SO grateful that IVHQ exists. Susan Erdman, 54 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Cusco - Peru)

IVHQ senior volunteer in Peru, Cusco


Argentina has a massive continental extension, comprised of exceptional natural beauties, home to a diverse territory of mountains, coastline and plains with all climatic variations, this makes Argentina is a fantastic volunteer destination all year round! Cordoba, the second largest, most European and modern city in Argentina, is the location for IVHQ’s Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Construction and Renovation, Sport, Community and Special Needs projects.

My experience in Argentina was truly amazing. I learned so much about myself and so much from the other volunteers and local Argentinians at the projects. Every day was exciting and enlightening. I had plenty of time on the weekends to travel to Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls. Please consider Argentina for your volunteer adventure, no matter what age you are! You won’t be disappointed! Carol Rummel, 56 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Argentina)


Ghana, regarded as one of the safest and most stable countries in Africa is ever popular among senior volunteers. Ghana is rich in culture, has amazing beaches, and has diverse wildlife, but the real pearl of Ghana is the incredible people. The greater Accra region is the location for IVHQ’s Teaching, Childcare, Sports Education, Medical and Construction and Renovation projects, allowing volunteers to constantly reap incredible views every day!

The reception of the children and support of the staff was certainly the high points of my experience. I also enjoyed the opportunity to do some sightseeing it is a beautiful country with some very historic sites especially for me. Carol Head, 68 years (IVHQ Volunteer in Ghana)

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