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The Top 10 Questions Asked By IVHQ Volunteers Heading To Morocco

Question 1 : Where is the Morocco program located?

The Morocco program is based in Rabat, but we do have placement locations in Sale which is a neighboring community, as well as Casablanca which is about an hour away.

Question 2 : What’s the difference between the two IVHQ Morocco programs?

Marrakech is inland, where Rabat is on the coast. You get beautiful coastal views, there’s lots to do in the area in terms of activities on the coast, including surfing. That’s a big distinguishing factor.

Question 3 - Can you combine the the Morocco programs?

Unfortunately you can’t, simply because they start on different start dates and it’s difficult administratively to make them connect. If you want to participate on both, you just need to sign up for each of them separately and then you can do them consecutively.

Explore Rabat as an IVHQ volunteer in Morocco

Question 4 - What should I pack when volunteering in Morocco?

They’re definitely conservative in Morocco. I would recommend you make sure that your shoulder are always covered and if you’re at your placement ensure your knees are covered as well. In your spare time, you can wear whatever you want, but on your placement it’s really important that you remain conservative.

Question 5 - Is it safe to volunteer in Morocco?

I have never had an issue and have never heard of any issues from volunteers. We have a really great local team and at orientation they talk to volunteers about safety precautions and common sense before they head out into the community. For the most part, it’s a really safe area and if there are any concerns they have a multitude of levels they can speak to. They can talk to IVHQ, they can talk to their host family and they can talk to local team. There will always be someone there to support them.

Question 6 - What type of person does the Morocco program suit?

It’s a really good program for experienced travelers, as it can be a bit of a culture shock when volunteers arrive. That being said, volunteers who are first time travelers or first time volunteers have the support of the local team and the homestay family. There’s always going to be someone there to help them if they need assistance, however the most part, we get experienced travelers on this program.

Teaching volunteers in Morocco

Question 7 - What language is spoken in Morocco? Can I get lessons?

Arabic and French is primarily spoken in the area. Some people do speak English but it depends on where you are. At most of our homestays there’s at least one person who can speak some English. A lot of volunteers take either Arabic or French lessons when they’re there, they can take both or they can take them separately and our local team can help to arrange that.

Question 8 - What’s the food like in Morocco?

The food is amazing. Volunteers are provided three meals a day, it’s cooked by the homestay family but they’re welcome to go out and eat as well. There are lots of food stalls in the area, so you get a nice variety of different food. Volunteers will not go hungry on this program, it’s pretty much you eat until you’re full and then you keep eating! It’s really fun!

Question 9 - What’s the accommodation like in Morocco?

Volunteers are accommodated in a local homestay with a family. They share a room with volunteers of the same gender and then they’ll share western style bathrooms, showers etc…

IVHQ volunteers in a market in Morocco

Question 10 - What do volunteers do in Morocco do during their spare time?

There’s lots to do, surfing is readily available there. There is a surf school not too far from most of the accommodations. The Medina is also a really popular area with market stalls and food stalls. You can go back everyday, several times a day and find something new each time. If volunteers want to go a bit further afield on weekends, they can go to Casablanca or Marrakech. There is no shortage of things to do and often some volunteers will take a long weekend and do a tour of the Sahara Desert as well!

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